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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments The sun grazed over the misty morning of lit leaves, turning the green chloroplast into golden sheaths of fire, gleaming on the European Mountain Ash leaves which were thin and not plump seeming like some. Cedars speckled the none existent road. Bassewood and horse-chestnut, so many which chortled in the early morning wind.

By the sheer yellow of the sky mixed with such sweet unpolluted air so cold, it was very early morning.

A girl let her hands tug down their arms and leave that touch. She looked like a greek nympth, oddly crowned and billowing in white robes that did not fit the landscape in the slightest, it was too steps from taiga.

"You are safe here," she said, "Safe in a place where you will not be watched."

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((Who is she talking to? I think I'll delete the other topic so we can make topics like this.))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((To the two of them and I said that we should probably keep the earlier topic because eventually they will get there. A few stops are needed on the way.))

After a quick glance beside him, Remy spoke up, "Where are we?" It was a simple question but it brought to light how little they knew of the current happenings. From having not yet asked who the nymph like greek was, it was clear that Remy hadn't detected any signs malintent in her empathy.

Sticks snapped under their feet. "You will be safe for now," the person continued, brinding them to a ridge in the forest, "I do not know if this plot is of Sinister but I intend to figure the other components of this malicious trepidation," the person said, grave voiced, "Now make yourself presentable for the natives and hed towards the setting sun. I will meet you when I can."


She eyed them both, as if measuring their coffin sizes, "Welcome to British owned Colony, 1807.... Do not worry," she said with a quirk of something that may have been a very dry smile, "Nothing ever happens in Canada."

She bowed to them with willowy arms outspread to form a hallow and with a flash of light and sound, dissapeared out of existence.

Remy said in discomfort and confusion, "Uh, dey are kiddin`, right?" Speak of the Devil, far off in the distance was the smell of woodfires and a native call.

Genius, stick two southerners five years before the war of eighteen twelve in the smack middle of the wilderness with nothing but the close on their backs and their wits. The time traveller might as well have said `Lalala, hope you can speak Iroquois`.

Well great.

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Rogue looked to Remy surprised and stunned. She didn't know what to say at all.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Devotion to the rising sun in a forest, springtime perfuming the air with lilacs of all shades of purple and white, they lay at the bottom of the hill where Rogue and Remy could see deer grazing, unfrightened.

It was sometimes easy to forget that roads didn't just appear out of nature and cars weren't natural inhabitants near man like dogs were. The deer were unafraid because loud sounds were barely usual occurrences.

"Extreme camping, I like it," Gambit said, a gleam in his eye.

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Rogue smiled a Gambit. "It is nice." She had to agree, it was actually very nice to see the world this calm. She then dropped the smile, furrowing her brow. "Umm...correct me if Ah'm wrong, but did Ah hear that we're in Canada?"

Her thoughts suddenly went to Logan, she had heard that he had been alive for centuries and knew he once lived in Canada.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments "It's not x'actly de bayu's," he agreed, seemingly amused by the new sight or maybe he was just bringing familiarity to a time where the usual person would panic their pants off. "Guess it's great no one reads Canadian history, den," he said, "Dis'll all be a surprise... 'specially fo' Wolfie ... if we meet him," Gambit added, already he'd continued their pace like they were still down in the streets. Gambit knew no other pace but 'explore'. Speaking about Logan, that man was dinosaur, no one knew when he began only that he never left any fossils. So although the chances of meeting him were slim, nothing was impossible.

"Bien, my adventurer in trainin'. We should pro'bly start a campfire or sometin'. Act like we're in Lost."

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Rogue laughed at him. "Should Ah start it or do yu want to?" She smiled at him. "'Cause if Ah'm startin' the fire yer gatherin' the wood."
She then smiled some more. "It would be funny to see Logan."

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((Oh and Gambit is going to be an Uncle in this rp. Rue is pregnant.))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((This is why y'should wait for marriage, kids. You might end up like the Lebeau family.
Anyway, Pazdravlayu tebya. I know this sounds weird given my abnormal obsession with keeping him single and away from a 2nd marriage (view spoiler) but I think Gambit would love being an uncle. There's something magical about meeting your blood relative for the first time after being an adopted child for your whole life.))

His eyes grew wide and Gambit backed away from her like she'd lost her mind.

"An' take de chances of bein' killed again? Non merci. If we meet him, it'll be you doin' de talkin," he wasn't completely serious but it raised an excellent point. If they met The Wolverine again, would he accept them the second time? Would they ruin the space-time continuum? Would anything in there lives be the same?

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"Ah doubt we'll see him, Sugah. Besides he's said so many times that he can't remember much of his past, just little bits of it. But if we do spot him, let's not encounter him just in case." She said smiling and kissing his cheek before starting to gather some wood.

((Dude, I can't wait for his reaction now when he finds out he's an uncle.))

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Rogue went to go get the wood, picking up large pieces when she heard some shuffling through the foliage. She looked up to come face to face with a younger Logan.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Face lighting up at the kiss, he turned only to see her ambling away in the direction of the woods. He could bring this girl anywhere, she seemed to be much more resourceful than anything he could be right now. It was probably better not to distract her (given their current predicament).
Gambit had been at her heels seconds before but now--well, let's say the gape between men was a helluva lot longer than needed.

He resisted the innate urge to smile and say 'hey, he's actually kinda cute' or 'Rogue, can we keep him? I always wanted a dog'. Knowing Logan in his 'old' age didn't make his young age seem so promising.

((Who's roleplaying Logan? And what age is he? XD I'm imagining a twelve year old but that's probably not right.))

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Kendra (madamejade) ((Rohan had Logan, but he's sort of unofficially left. I can send Dusty if you like.))

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((No, it wouldn't make sense. I'm sorry Maniac the Braniac but this RP is totally us. The key to it is Anya, my character. Otherwise Rogue and Gambit would be in the normal with the others, fighting who knows what villains you've created. It was meant to be the safe zone.))

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((I'm Logan Rohan was Jason!!!))

Logan looked at Rogue who suddenly dropped the branches and ran for Gambit. "Remy! We just... we need to go. What if Logan remembers this?" She was in a panic.

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((Oh and Logan is about in his mid to late twenties))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Whispering at a frequency Logan could probably only half hear, Rémy spoke in Rogue's ear. "If anything about Logan is true, I doubt he even answers to 'Logan' and non, chère, he's not gonna remember this," nonetheless, curious still but unable to quench his curiosity, he creeped up to Logan and did exactly what he'd told Rogue he wouldn't do.

Rémy stepped into the swaying clearing, fixing Logan with his gaze. It had taken him a moment to mirror Logan's impassiveness so Rémy could hide his creeping caution). "Heya. D'you happen to know any camps or towns 'round here? We both are time travelers and we're both ... lost," having Logan's narrowed gaze on him, Remy put up his hands in mock surrender, "No joke."

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Logan raised a brow. "Time travelers?" His curiosity was peaking about the two. "If you say so. There is but its about ten miles away. I have a cabin close by though. Who are you two anyway and where are you from?" His voice wasn't as rough as the Logan they knew, and he seemed a lot less moody.

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Rogue looked at Gambit wondering if he was going to say something, but since he didn't say anything she spoke. "Ah'm Anna Marie and he's Remy LeBeau. We're from the future obviously."
Logan snorted. "Well I could tell that much. But where are you two from. To explain the accents."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments "Nowhere dat exists now," Remy said shortly, seeming to want to skip over the question. "Look, we're supposed to meet our chance back to da future by following the setting sun. Is there anythin' dat way?" He pointed, "Like yo' cabin or a town." The tone was clear. As much as he'd love to be acquainted, there's still panic over missing their chance at seeing current time America again.

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"My cabin is two miles west, so yes. Here, I'll show you kids." Logan started heading west, sniffing the air as he went to make sure there weren't any dangers.
Rogue looked at Gambit and then followed Logan. She was surprised at how calm the younger Logan was. He seemed much kinder, but still held the habit of calling people younger than him 'kid'.
She looked around at the surroundings, enjoying the quiet of nature before highways, cities, and smog filled the air. The sounds were soothing and simple and she could see more deer than she ever had as they walked into a clearing.
"Here's my cabin." Logan showed them a rustic view of a log cabin and a clear field just behind it, leading to the North some before going out into the West. There was also a small barn that a horse could be heard whinnying from the inside.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments When things came too easy, it was usually a good time to start worrying. Especially when your ante-friend had a history of paranoid delusions, memory loss, feral lashing and cold blooded murder.

Gambit made sure to make a great perimeter check. Maybe Rogue was right, they were supposed to meet Logan in the past like this. The Time Traveler certainly had pointed them in this direction without prior warning.

En plus, the smokey smell from the warm cabin beckoned them to abandon the autumn wind. Nyah, what's cookin' doc?

If he squinted, Remy could see a couple more piles of smoke billowing up from the forest. He could even smell the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Remy snickered. Logan still fished his colour schemes out of the mire. "You haven't changed a bit, Wolvie," he patted him on the back, "Here, for this I'll see what you have to cook with. You look like you could use a decent supp--" he noted the sky, "Breakfast."

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Logan glanced at him. "What do you mean 'haven't changed a bit'? Do you know me in your time?"
Rogue looked at Remy and then shook her head. They were in for a lot of explaining now.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments "Surprise~ You're immortal," Remy said, shimmying his glowing fingers. "I think it's the mutant gravitational pulse that brought us here. That don't exist, by the way," he said, no longer paying attention to the two. He crouched low to peer into the kitchen pantry, eyes actively scanning, probing for something remotely spicy. But this was Canada. The spiciest thing to be in these shores was wild garlic.

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Rogue sighed at Gambit and looked at Logan. "You know us and we know you."
Logan raised an eyebrow but went along with it. He opened the cabin door for the two but stopped abruptly sniffing the air. "Get inside and stay put." He growled nearly running for the barn.

Rogue watched him leave, but she had a bad feeling something was about to happen. She took off after Logan.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments "Rogue--wait!"

He could run into the line of fire after her and potentially lose some flesh or... Gambit took a pot from the pantry. He slid the ladle in his sleeve and armed himself with a cast iron pan. After all, flying off after the two immortals was not very sensible for a guy who's bullet dodging days weren't bonus-ed by insta-heal and interpenetrable skin. And what nice skin it was, he thought idly as his foot hooked onto the first branch of a nearby tree, skin so creamy and soft and lips like peaches. As well as the punch of five elephants and the careless-do-da-day personality of a six year old.

Perched up behind the foil of blood red maple leafs, Remy tried to get a good scope of what was marring Logan's senses. He felt a little silly being armed with cooking utensils but these pans had to weight at least ten pounds (one had to pity the poor ba****d who decided to shoot up this tree). Remy looked strait down, hair flushing over his cheeks and shook his head. His eyes glowed a dangerous red.

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Logan went into the barn, Rogue nearly at his heals. He growled at Rogue and turned to her. "Kid, I told you to stay in the cabin."
"Ah' don't think so. You may need mah help." She crossed her arms when the sound of shuffling came from inside a stall for the horses.

Logan went over putting his hand up to Rogue. "Willow? Are you alright?"
A strawberry blonde with green eyes limped out. "James? My ankle is broken."
Logan picked her up. "Looks like we don't need you kid."

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Rogue wrote: "Logan went into the barn, Rogue nearly at his heals. He growled at Rogue and turned to her. "Kid, I told you to stay in the cabin."
"Ah' don't think so. You may need mah help." She crossed her arms..."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments From up in his tree, Gambit raked his fingers in his hair and sighed. The tenderness of emotion was far from the crisis zone Logan siren called earlier.

Slipping soundlessly down from the tree, Gambit leaned against it and waited for them to pass.

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Willow's eyes clouded over. "James, they're coming back!" She announced, her accent was a Scottish accent, but not too heavy. Rogue looked at Willow and then looked to Logan.
"Hey! Remy or what-ever your name is! Come get Willow and take her inside! Now!" Logan yellled a snarl escaping his throat.
"A mile south!" Willow was now in a panic.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Remy pushed himself off the resting post and gathered her in his arms. Once comfortably cradled he found a handkerchief in his coat and wiped her brow.

"S'okay, petite," he soothed in a low, chocolatey tone. "Y'got nothin' to fear, Remy and Rogue's here."

He carried her to the house and found Logan's cot in the corner of the one room home. Little was to say about that thing except it smelled of pemmican, wood fire, wet hay and pine trees. The cot itself weas placed between many ropes and stuffed to mild comfort.

Gambit layed her head first, making sure it didn't crash into the bed and lowered her rest.

Stepping back, he called out to Logan, "She injured?"

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Rogue ran in as Logan yelled back. "She has a broken ankle!!" He shouted as he headed south.

Willow sat up, her eyes still clouded. "Someone keep to the doors, and hand me a knife." She demanded. "And Monsieur LeBeau, do not call me Petite. I am far older than you see me as."

Rogue grabbed a knife and handed it to Willow before heading to stand near the front door with her gloves removed.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((There's a character from I book I want to add but he's a bit... different. XD I'm uncertain if I should add him to this group. He's certainly no super hero but he could be great help in the future. He's also 800 years old.))

Usually when a tiny girl spoke to you like she was the mighty Queen of England, it was okay to feel a little downtrodden, but not Remy. In his day, when someone acted the way she did, it was most likely because she was exactly what she said.

Gambit flipped a pan and caught it, the sleeve beginning to glow.

"What x'actly's comin'?"

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"The Seekers. They have been hunting people like me for hundreds of years. For me though, it has been since a bit before the Anglo-Saxon times. They like to hunt down people with the gift of seeing the Future for their own gain when in battle." Willow explained as she tucked the knife into her sleeve. "Give me a few hours and this injury will be no more."

Rogue looked out the window. "Remy, Ah think Logan may need help. There's about a dozen or so of those men."

Willow looked up, her eyes clouding over. "You go out there and you will be too injured to get to the lake for tomorrow's sunset."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Battle against what? He thought, frowning to himself. It wasn't a protector's place to question such things.

Willow's words made him grimace. "Rogue... we shouldn't. It isn't our time. Remember that we're guests here," and this girl can see the future. "If what she's sayin' is true--and I'm not sayin' it is," he raised his hands in mock surrender, "W-we might regret walkin' out of that door."

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Rogue nodded but stood ready to fight if they came through the door.
Willow looked to Gambit. "Trust me, what I see always comes true. But what I see is not always the future."
Rogue didn't know how to respond, she looked out the window and saw Logan standing there breathing heavily, blood covered his knuckles. "Is that everyone?"
Willow nodded. "Yes, the other Seekers are in England still."

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Wolverine walk in like an animal, teeth gritting. Bones that had protruded from muscular wrists now left only the nightmare of someone's blood. Someone who'd went down kicking and screaming.

Gambit looked away, shielding his eyes in the most conspicuous way possible. He knew that all that blood would someday not effect him. The Gambit from that day was one he'd never want to shake hands with. He knew the journey of life was one that was never returned on living. Mortality was just fine but sometimes Wolverine reminded him of what he'd known all along.

"Good, so I can do groceries," Gambit said, palming some currency he'd found under Logan's mattress. That man was so cliché it hurt. "Hey, Wolvie! You got no food in yo' kitchen. It's a disgrace to the saints of Southern Hospitality. Complete blasphemy," he said at the corner of his smirking lip.

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Logan glanced at him, eyes dangerously narrowed seeing as how he was in a very bad temper. "I'll go hunting in a bit. Put the money back or I'll make you." He growled.

Willow put a hand on Logan's arm. "James, calm down. He is only trying to help lighten the situation." Logan took a deep breath and then bent down to look at Willow's ankle. "Sorry, its the third time those b***ards tried to get Willow."

Rogue walked in and stood next to Gambit.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments "I don't want yo' skinned animal. I want their skinned animal," Gambit pointed to the smoke stacks in the distance. "Rogue, y'comin'?"

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Logan chuckled at Gambit. "You always like this kid?" He asked.

Willow snickered, her eyes clouded but quickly turned back to green. Rogue raised a brow at Willow, ignoring it she nodded to Gambit. "Yes, Ah'll go with you, Sugah."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments Glad to finally leave the stink of a bloody, sweaty Logan. Remy pointedly ignored the mish-mash of bodies who looked like potatoes on thanksgiving. Logan's poor attempt at a garden was dead and ugly enough as is.

Food wasn't on Remy's mind, it was the obligated journey. They didn't know how far they were from the meeting spot. If it was nearby, they could return to Logan's cabin and walk back at sunset. Logan's cabin felt like a test, a sinful beckoning to lead them off track. Remy tried not to think of how paranoid that sounded.

He slid his hand into Rogue's, squeezing it.

"There we go Rogue. We are officially Time-Travelers."

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Rogue smiled looking at Gambit, just so she wouldn't have to look at the bodies and because she enjoyed looking at him. She squeezed his hand back and put her head on his shoulder.
"So we are." She smiled, not only because she was with him but because she was with him in a beautiful place.

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Willow sat in the cabin, rolling her ankle after it healed over. It was a slow and painful process, but part of her mutant genetics. She watched Logan as he cleared off a newly handcrafted bed in the remaining bedroom. The other one Willow slept in for the time being.

Willow got up and looked out the window, deciding to look into the two strangers' futures, her eyes clouded over. She frowned at Gambit's future and rubbed her temples. "Dear Lord he is going to need to be warned."

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((Time for the Grand Dérangement.
Il [Smarh] allait dans les bois et il écoutait la pluie tomber sur le feuillage, les oiseaux qui roucoulent sur la haie fleurie, et les insectes qui bourdonnent dans les airs et qui se jouent dans les rayons du soleil; il regardait la neige tomber, il écoutait le vent mugir. Flaubert, Smarh,1839, p. 108.))

They heard the voices before they saw the town.

- Écoutiez donc, j'ai de la morue à vous vendre, pas de la peau de braconnier. {{Listen here, I have cod to sell you, not the hide of a poacher.))

- Votre morue me coûterait ma peau si vos prix continueraient de monter comme la marée, comme le leurs.
{{Your cod will cost me my skin if you insist on upping the price like the sea level mounts, like there's.}}

- Joseph, c'est un dimanche, ne discutons pas de nos achats. Le Seigneur nous écoute.
{{Joseph, it's a Sunday, let us not discuss our soon to be bought. The Lord is listening.}}

Two men and their bonnet wearing wives clattered through the woodland brush. The wives smelled of flowers but otherwise, the crisp air continued to waft with its usual orders of hemlock and pine. They walked hand in hand, preferring to discuss the ever mounting price of fishermen masts. It felt like a scene in an old movie or visiting actors dressed head to toe for 'The First Thanksgiving'. Of course, they were speaking french, not the American pioneers preferred language but the rest didn't change.

A little girl with a basket ran up to her parents and their friends, her tiny hands gripping what looked like a bowl of shortbread. She plucked a leaf off the nearby maple tree and examined it. Remy half wondered if she was going to eat it. This was a foreign place after all. Who knew what weird customs they had.

"Excusé moi," Gambit ventured, making the entire group of five swerve around. "Nous sommes des coureurs-de-bois de simples familles. Saviez-vous par curiosité notre temps ? Je ne reconnais pas ce village."
{{Excuse me. We are 'coureurs-de-bois' of simple families. Do you happen to know, by curiosity, our time? I don't recognize this village.}}

"C'est un dimanche en Acadie," one of the men said. Remy was doing his best to keep his hair over his eyes. Doubtlessly, there was no such thing as mutants here.
{{It's a Sunday in Acadia.}}

Acadia... why did that sound so gosh darned familiar?

The women pursed their lips sourly at Rogue with contempt and soft confusion. Rogue wasn't wearing a dress and her makeup was nothing of this time.

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Rogue watched Gambit, unsure what she should do. She glanced at the women and then at her clothes. She felt so out of place, and the most French she knew was greetings.

She walked up to Gambit. "Remy, Ah shouldn't have left without seeing if Logan's friend had any clothes." She whispered.

Willow came into the area and nodded to the women. "Bon jour. Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? Ne vous occupez pas mon amie Anna, sa culture est très différente. Elle reste avec moi et James juste un peu en arrière au bord du lac. Si vous pouviez avoir la gentillesse, pourriez-vous me vendez une robe pour elle?"
' How are you today? Do not mind my friend Anna, her culture is much different. She is staying with me and James just a bit back by the lake. If you could be so kind, could you sell me a dress for her?' Willow wore a green celtic dress and white celtic cloak with a red design on the hem. She held out some money for the women.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 909 comments ((The French was nearly perfect! I understood all of it!
And do you see why it's so important that it's a Sunday? Sunday is a holy day. People are rendered completely work-less and it is the day of Church.))

"Don't worry none. You look much better," Gambit whispered back, smiling with his eyes.

-- Une paienne, alors? C'est un dimanche, one woman huffed, nous ne vous venderons rien. {{A pagan, then? It's a Sunday. We will sell you nothing.}}

As if heard by God, the bells chimed handsomely from the village down from them. People filed out of their homes hand in hand. They brought their children while wearing their Sunday dress.

Gambit tilted to Rogue and whispered, "Don't worry, we'll find you somethin'. If y'want m'coat..."

((The bells! Don't go to the bells!))

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