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<.b>{Middle Name}<./b>
<.b>{Last Name}<./b>



<.i>{Hair Color}
{Eye Color}
{Skin Color}
{General Style}
{Distinguishing Markings}<./i>

<.b>{Animal Appearance}<./b>

<.b>{Personality}<./b>6+ Sentences
<.b>{History}<./b>9+ Sentences



<.b>{Relationship Status}<./b>


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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) {Name} Wallace
{Middle Name} Gray
{Last Name} Wilson
{Nickname} Wally

{Age} 18
{Birthday} April 11th

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Hair Color} Brown
{Eye Color} Green
{Skin Color} Caucasian
{height} 5'11
{Weight} 152lbs
{General Style} Same as the pic
{Distinguishing Markings} none

{Animal Appearance} FUCKING WEREHORSE!!!!

{Personality} Wally is really outgoing and gets along with everyone. In fact he makes it a point to get along with everyone. He is always smiling and people really like him. He is sarcastic every once in a while, but mostly because it's part of his charm. Wally likes to be silly and he's always glad to put a smile on someone's face.

{Talents} cheering people up, painting, sketching, patience
{Hobbies} Painting, sketching
{Interests} Art, music, skateboarding
{Likes} Art, music, painting, sketching, skateboarding, girls, people, no actually just girls.
{Dislikes} Bullies

{Friends} Everybody!
{Family} He doesn't know, he grew up in a foster home.

{Crush} None
{Relationship Status} Single<3


SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 16 comments {Name} Diabhal
{Middle Name} Fathach
{Last Name} Zekiah
{Nickname} Di

{Age} 14
{Birthday} August, 18

{Gender} male
{Sexuality} straight


{Animal Appearance}

{Personality}Diabhal keeps to himself, never engaging in any confrontation or talking to people. He usually hides in places others cant get to or reach. He spy's on people and doesn't usually get angry. He only talks to people who talk to him or he has something to say to them. He is very shy. He will try to help people without talking to them.
b>{History} Diabhal was born in a jungle and lived with his mom for about 3 months, when she was killed by hunters. A band of gorillas found him and raised him after that. They found him hurt after the hunters thought they had killed him after hitting him with a stick several times. The gorillas nurtured him and raised him where he learned to climb and fight for himself. He was in the jungle when a bunch of people came and took him to the school, where he currently resides.

{Talents} He is a great climber and can climb almost anyone
{Hobbies} climbing
{Interests} watching from a distance
{Likes} climbing, bananas
Dislikes mean people

{Friends} none
{Family} dead, gorillas in the jungle

{Crush}no one
{Relationship Status} single

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 27 comments {Name} Christie
{Middle Name}
{Last Name} Bind

{Age} 16
{Birthday} October 31

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Straight

{Hair Color} jet black with a small stroke/ highlight of aqua.
{Eye Color} one eye is green the other is blue
{Skin Color} very pale
{height} 5'5
{Weight} she unsure
{General Style} She loves to wear dresses and skirts
{Distinguishing Markings}

{Animal Appearance}

{Personality} Christie is very kind person once you get her, but is most often very shy and quiet.
{History} She doesn't know.

{Talents} She can run really fast and hear really good.
{Hobbies} loves to read
{Interests} She loves creepy things. Like ghosts and death.

{Friends} None
{Family} Everyone is dead except her little brother. He is only ten.

{Crush} open
{Relationship Status} Single

{Other} She loves creepy things. Like ghosts and death.

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Astig0921 {Name} Apalla
{Middle Name} Chloe
{Last Name} Hawthorne
{Nickname} A, Pally, Sunshine(only by her parents)

{Age} 15
{Birthday} September 12th

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Straight

{Appearance} description

{Hair Color} Blonde
{Eye Color} blue
{Skin Color} white
{height} 5'3
{Weight} 140lbs
{General Style} pretty much everything
{Distinguishing Markings} her big boobs and her swirl birth mark on her upper left leg.

{Animal Appearance}

{Personality} She is feisty some times and is a flirt but doesn't even know it, She is a goodie too shoes, She is very sporty and is very musical and talented in everything she does, don't get on her nerves or be mean to her cause she will make your life miserable if needed. Also don't ever talk bad to her about her friends family or anything like that or she will hurt you. Also she is a smartie pants everyone always ignores her because she will always come up with a quote or something that she learned that is relevant or non-relevant to the subject.

{History} She was raised in a small town. She went to a one room school house till she was 10. the town was very small. Then they moved out into the woods far away from people. There Apalla was home schooled by her mother who was a stay at home mom. Her mom loved her very much... Her dad told her that they moved due to his work. Apalla didn't exactly know what his work was, but she never asked. Only day she was sleeping and she heard a scream and she woke up from the scream. She ran out to go see what it was to find her mother dead on the middle of the living room floor with blood everywhere. Her dad wasn't home and she didn't know what to do so she just cried and laied there with her mother. While she was crying she fell asleep only to be waken up with a hand petting her. it was her father. She noticed that he was very big and she seemed to be very small. Then she noticed that she was no longer a little girl anymore, but a Fox. Ever since then she has kept it a secret.

{Talents} She can find just about anything, amazing singer, she is a very athletic girl, and she is very bright and cunning.
{Hobbies} Singing, sports, family, friends, and reading.
{Interests} Singing, meeting new people, partying, having fun, and gummy worms.
{Likes} Singing, drawing, playing around, eating, sleeping, partying.
Dislikes Spiders, the dark, bugs, being alone, and mean people.

{Friends} none at this moment.
Dad- Daniel Hawthorne
Mom- Lilly Hawthorne (dead)

{Crush} not yet ;)
{Relationship Status} Single and looking ;)

{Other} nothing

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) All approved, Wren, please refrain from swearing in the character threads

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 27 comments Clare♪ wrote: "All approved, Wren, please refrain from swearing in the character threads"


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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 6 comments {Name} Vipera
{Middle Name} Boa
{Last Name} Kent
{Nickname} Viper, Boa, and Chompers

[image error]

{Age} 16 years old
{Birthday} March third

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Hair Color} A rich chocolate brown that flows long past her shoulders
{Eye Color} Cocoa Brown, although she sees it as a dirty mud coloring
{Skin Color} A naturally tanned tone
{height} 5'4
{Weight} 112 pounds
{General Style} Preferably snug clothing that conforms to her frame and she almost always has on her tough pair of boots.
{Distinguishing Markings}
Etched along the side of her left arm are the puncture wounds given by a wild Red tailed Boa as she was not expecting it to strike so suddenly.

{Animal Appearance}


<.b>{History}<./b>9+ Sentences



<.b>{Relationship Status}<./b>


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Violent Vi (violetk) | 6 comments {Name} Kaliope
{Middle Name} Valentina
{Last Name} Martin-Finch
{Nickname} Kali

{Age} 15
{Birthday} October 18

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Hair Color} Chestnut Brown
{Eye Color} Light Gray
{Skin Color} fair, ivory skin
{height} 5'6"
{Weight} 146 lbs.
{General Style} hipster with a dash of boho

{Distinguishing Markings}
little tattoo on her right wrist

{Animal Appearance}

{Personality} Kaliope is shy and quiet around strangers. When she makes a friend though (which she rarely does) she is very bubbly and kind, a friend that will last forever. She is quickly angered when pushed around is not afraid to lash at people who bully her. She is rather a bookworm and loves sitting in an oversized sweatshirt and watching a season of Doctor Who or Sherlock whenever overwhelmed or frightened. She isn't really into relationships, but when she finds one, she keeps it for a long time. Overall she is a shy, nerdy hipster who would rather date a book character than some real guy on earth.
{History} Kaliope discovered her shape-shifting powers at an early age. Her parents explained to her that she couldn't tell or show anybody what she could do. When she was 7, her parents and she were driving home from a movie when a drunk driver hit their vehicle. Her parents were killed on impact and she was in a coma for a year of her life. When she woke up all she could remember was her power and her name. It took 6 months to recover her memory. School was tough on her, people picking on her bullying her. She would always fight people, resulting in many trips to the principal's office. For about 7 years of her life she lived in a foster home with 15 other kids until one day she got a letter in the mail inviting her to Animal Academy. She 30 stole dollars from her foster mom and hired a cab to take her there. All she had was the clothes on her back and a picture of her two parents.

{Talents} She can play the piano quite well, and a good singer.
{Hobbies} Writing songs and music to play on the piano, reading, and watching Doctor Who
{Interests} Doctor Who, reading, and Music
{Likes} Lilacs, Sunrises, Doctor Who, Chocolate Milk, and Springtime
Dislikes "Popular" girls, pink nail polish, Fall, and public shows of affection

{Friends} N/A
{Family} N/A

{Crush} N/A
{Relationship Status} Single

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Kaliope approved. :)

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