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<.b>{Middle Name}<./b>
<.b>{Last Name}<./b>



<.i>{Hair Color}
{Eye Color}
{Skin Color}
{General Style}
{Distinguishing Markings}<./i>

<.b>{Animal Appearance}<./b>

<.b>{Personality}<./b>6+ Sentences
<.b>{History}<./b>9+ Sentences



<.b>{Relationship Status}<./b>


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Moriko Drakas (morikodrakas) {Name}Tsuneo
{Middle Name} Enimu
{Last Name}Kliel

{Birthday} February 23rd

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Straight

{Appearance}Medium length hair. Wears dark sunglasses.
{Hair Color}Black
{Eye Color} Yellow
{Skin Color}Faintly tanned
{height} 6'1"
{Weight} 150lbs
{General Style} Wears black leather pants, and a black leather jacket. He also wears black leather boots. (He REALLY likes leather)
{Distinguishing Markings}Covered in scars

{Animal Appearance}

{Personality} Tsuneo is a bit of a punk. He likes causing harm to others, as long as it proves that he's strong. He's competitive with everything he does, and he has a major temper. But if someone manages to befriend him, he'll defend them with his life. Despite his tough-guy act, he's actually a bit of a softie. Although that side of him can be pretty hard to find at first...
{History} Tsuneo lived on his own his whole life, fighting in the streets for survival. He ran into Kishiko once, and he nearly killed her. Feeling bad about it, he led Moriko to find her. After that he felt responsible for Kishiko's health, so he kept an eye on her. He lost track of her when Moriko's family moved. He began fighting in the streets again, and discovered his shifting ability. He then left the village, and began living in the wild. He lived like this for a while, before he found out about the academy. He agreed to come out of "sheer boredom", but in truth he was very lonely.

{Talents} Fighting, hunting, tracking
{Hobbies} Battling whoever is willing to fight him
{Interests} Strength of all kinds
{Likes} Being the best, people who think he's tough, Kishiko (although he'd never admit it)
{Dislikes}Being weak, getting beat, people who hurt his friends

{Friends} None
{Family} None

{Crush} Kishiko
{Relationship Status} Single

{Other}One of his fangs is chipped.

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