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DL (dlgardner) | 40 comments Mod
Authors with Hydra Publications, please introduce yourselves! Let us know your genre, your book titles, and what you think about the world!

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DL (dlgardner) | 40 comments Mod
I'll start. I'm Dianne Lynn Gardner and I write YA adventure fantasy. I like to call it Family Friendly Adventure Fantasy because my experience is that kids ages 7 to 109 are enjoying my books! Targeted mostly for boys but there are adventure loving girls that enjoy my Ian's Realm Saga as well I'm hoping to create a series that will get the guys reading. My books are on the shelf. Deception Peak, The Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers are the novels while The Tale of the Four Wizards are four short stories that weave in and out of the Ian's Realm Saga like a golden thread. Thanks for reading.

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Brick Marlin | 10 comments Hello. I'm Brick Marlin and I write horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy. Throughout the years I've attempted to capture more of a Twilight Zone atmosphere in my books - especially in my Sectors series . Hydra Publications republished Raising Riley a few months ago and I have another book forthcoming called Shadow Out of the Sky, due out in August. (Not sure if Frank is still using this book's design of its front cover, but you get the jest of it.) You can find my bio, as well as my books, on my author page.

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Bertena Varney Hi everyone. I am Bertena Varney known as the Vampire Professor. I write non fiction vampire books such as
Lure of the Vampire: Revamped Edition.
Lure is a quick reference guide for anyone who likes vampires- there are sections including history, mythology, television, movies and even a section where I interview vampire lifestylers. Take a bite of it and see what you think.

I love talking vampires and other creatures of the night with people. My bio and links are on the Hydra page.

Welcome and I look forward to speaking to you.

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Erin Danzer | 3 comments Hello everyone! I'm Erin Danzer. I write YA SciFi/Romance. My novelInto the Spiral is my debut with Hydra Publications. The second book is in the works and I HOPE to have it out some time this year. :) I also have a prequel short story Defending the Spiral that is now available. When I'm not hanging out in my SciFi world, I love writing YA paranormal and have a NA Urban Fantasy in the works. I love anything supernatural, even the things that scare me. LOL! You can learn more about me on my author page. I look forward to meeting you!

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Marian Allen (marian_allen) | 4 comments Hi! I'm Marian Allen http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/... . I write just about anything except erotica and gritty violence. My main genres are, as my website/blog (http://MarianAllen.com) says, Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes.

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Tony Acree (tonyacree) | 10 comments Howdy folks! I'm Tony Acree, author of The Hand of God, a supernatural thriller set in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Do you like action? Adventure? Romance? Hellhounds? Yes. Hellhounds. Then I have the book for you. I enjoy writing thrillers with a sometimes dark sense of humor. I'm the father of twin girls and they will tell you I'm nuts. Could be. You can find my Goodraes page here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17... and follow me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/tony.acree?r...

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James Gillen (jamescgillen) | 1 comments James C. Gillen here, author of the Paul Isaac Vampire Series and other twisted pieces of horror. One rule you need to remember with my books, vampires should never, ever EVER sparkle. Find me at www.jamescgillen.com as well.

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Rachel Hunter | 1 comments Greetings! I am Rachel Hunter, author of the Llathalan Annal Series, beginning with Book One:Empyreal Fate. Although I delve into many genres with my writing, thus far, Hydra Publications has graced bookshelves with my fantasy tales. I adore the fantastical/science fiction/steampunkesque realms -- as well as anything that is psychologically-based and mentally stimulating.

Interested in discovering more? Feel free to visit my website: http://www.rachel-m-hunter.yolasite.com

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Jenn Hi everyone! I'm Jenn Nixon, a Jersey Girl through and through, and I'll be sharing the epic story of Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian with all my Hydra friends. It's a Sci-Fi/Fantasy which I like to call Final Fantasy meets Star Trek. Glad to meet you all, please feel free to stop by: www.jennnixon.com

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Eric Garrison (ecgarrison) | 4 comments Hello! I'm Eric Garrison, author of the Hydra Publications book Reality Check: A Tale of Quantum Entanglements. My short pitch for it is that it's a dimension-hopping science fiction / steampunk adventure. There's a lot more to it than that, but I hate throwing out spoilers!

My intent is to write a sequel (working title: Sanity Check) within the next year. I've also got a series of supernatural fantasy books coming out through Seventh Star Press called "Road Ghosts". The first book, Four 'til Late will be out within a month, with others in the series following a few months apart after that.

You can find my blog and social media contact information on my author page here on Goodreads. Click my name. Go ahead, click it!

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Tasha Turner (tashaturner) | 30 comments It's ok to put links to your author pages & websites here. It's great getting to know you all. I didn't realize Hydra published in so many different genres. I've sent friend request to all of you if we weren't already friends.

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Jim Miller | 2 comments I'm Jim Miller, a local Hydra Hydra author suffering from a writing compulsion that began with a series of Military-Historical action adventures and has now morphed into Horror with a regional touch Following "Terror on the Tundra," came "Terror in Appalachia" and shortly "Terror in the Smokies."
It's great fun to let my giant wolves roam through out-of-the- way locales and scare the local people - sort of a travelogue with bloody encounters. Fellow writers, please feel free to look at jimmillerbooks.com and feel free to offer any comments or suggestions.

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Jim Miller | 2 comments I'm starting a new novel titled, "Werewolves Don't Cry" and having a lot of fun with it.

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Rak Nay (raknay) | 1 comments Great

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