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message 1: by Layton (new)

Layton (thunderinourhearts) | 86 comments I have a little bit of money on my hands leftover from my birthday and I really want to buy a good horror novel. I'm a huge fan of Jack Ketchum and I have always wanted to read Off Season by him, but at the same time I really want to try the Blackwater series by Michael McDowell. Which do you all think is the better choice?

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony I just learned yesterday that Centipede Press is going to re-release Blackwater in 2014.

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 3520 comments Offseason is amazing.

message 4: by Layton (new)

Layton (thunderinourhearts) | 86 comments That's awesome Tony!

message 5: by Erica (new)

Erica (bookpsycho) | 256 comments That is a tough choice. Both are really good. Go for Off Season.

message 6: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments As much as I love Blackwater, I'd go ahead and get Off Season. It's not like you can't read Blackwater later.

message 7: by Mehmet (new)

Mehmet | 1217 comments i got off season recently for my kindle. i read ketchum's the woman and enjoyed it so much want to read the first book. so my opinion get off season :-)

message 8: by Zombette (new)

Zombette | 545 comments Off Season is great.

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