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message 1: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Here is the thread. Do you want me to post my ideas or did you have a few?

message 2: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments nope you can post yours

message 3: by Rinji (last edited Jun 06, 2013 11:49PM) (new)

Rinji Idea for this RP thread:

Long ago a war broke out between the angels. Males vs. Females. Since then the angels have been divided. The males built a new city while the females took over the other. To survive, the females have captured the males at times and made them have sex with them to get pregnant. The females they have kept to raise on their own and the male children they have sent to the males city once they were old enough to live without their mothers care. One day the queen of the female angels sends her best warrior to spy on the males and see what they are planing. The king of the male angels' best warrior catches her spying on them and captures her. He is put in charge of her care and getting information from her. She starts falling in love with him even though it is against her training and laws that her queen had placed over them.

message 4: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments the third one is good but if you want to make five more topics we could do all. those were great

message 5: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments could I be girl if possible

message 6: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Sure you can be the girl for that idea but if we are going to do all the ideas I would like to be the girl for a couple of them if you don't mind.

I will work on my male character for this idea. And work on creating the threads for the other ideas as well if you want.

message 7: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments sounds good

message 8: by Rinji (new)

Rinji All the threads have been made.

message 9: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments that was quick thanks

message 10: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Name: Andrew
Age: Looks 25 but is acutally 134 ((Which is young for an angel))
Sex: Male
Appearance: description
Personality: Rough around the edges. He has a good heart just does not show it very often. He is the quiet type and listens more than he talks. He also prefers to be alone.
History: Unknown ((It will be developed in RP))
Other: Enjoys flying by himself

message 11: by Rinji (new)

Rinji ((Hello?))

message 12: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments name: ruby
age: looks 20 but is 110
gender: f
appearance: long blond hair deep blue eyes and snow white wings
personality: tbrp
history: to be found
other: loves the forest

message 13: by Rinji (new)

Rinji ((Do you want me to start or do you want to?))

message 14: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments ((can you?))

message 15: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Andrew sighed as he flew through the air one beautiful morning as he looked for anyone getting near the males city. It had been too quiet lately and he did not like it and did not like the fact that it had been so quiet. He was not against the female gender of his race he was just following orders.

message 16: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments ruby had time before the big meeting so she flew into the big forest that connects the males to the females city

message 17: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Glancing around he spotted something moving into the forest. Trying to get a better look he saw that it was a female. Shaking his head he sighed. His orders were to capture any woman he saw and bring them before his king. Swooping down he landed gently and started to slowly and carefully walk up behind her.

message 18: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she drops to the ground and turns and hits someone hard in the chest

message 19: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Grunting Andrew grabbed her arm and pulled her up against his chest, pinning her there before taking to the sky once more.

message 20: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments "oww" she yells and trys to get away

message 21: by Rinji (new)

Rinji "You keep struggling I am going to drop you and I don't think you will have time to open your wings before you hit hit the ground!" he said as he continued to fly. He turned and started to head toward the city of the males.

message 22: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she sighs and just trys to get into a comfortable position

message 23: by Rinji (last edited Jun 16, 2013 12:23PM) (new)

Rinji Once over the city of the males, Andrew lands and throws her over his shoulder so that she can't fight him any longer. He then walks toward where his leader lives.

message 24: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments "please put me down" she says it was custom for them to wear short shorts and only a sports bra. she hoped no one could see her underwear

message 25: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Chuckling softly Andrew shook his head. "Sorry, I can't trust you not to struggle and escape." he replied as he continued to carry her over his shoulder.

message 26: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments "well then please put me in a more comfortable position?"

message 27: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Stopping Andrew could not hide a smile. Taking a deep breath he schooled his expressions again and shifted her so that she was in his arms and held her against his chest. "Better?" he asked with boredom.

message 28: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she nods and puts her arms around his neck.

message 29: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Sighing Andrew rolled his eyes and carried her to a room. Putting her down he turned and looked her over.

message 30: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she looks at him

message 31: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Andrew was trying to decide what to do with her. He knew he was going to have to tell his king about what he found but he still had to figure out what to do with her until he talked to his king.

message 32: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she watches him then stood up

message 33: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Sighing he realized he was going to have to leave her alone in this room for a time while he went and talked to his king. He knew that if he placed a guard outside the door to keep her in and locked the door. "You are going to have to stay here. I have someone to talk to." he said and turned away.

message 34: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments "no" she says crossing her arms "im going with you."

message 35: by Rinji (new)

Rinji He sighed and shook his head. Turning to her he saw the way she was standing and knew she was going to be a stubborn one to deal with. "It doesn't work that way. You are a prisoner now and the person I have to speak with won't like me bringing someone along." he said crossing his arms as well.

message 36: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments "please" she says gigving him an innocent look

message 37: by Rinji (new)

Rinji "I just know I am going to regret this!" he grumbled and shook his head. "Fine, just keep your mouth shut."

message 38: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she smiles "thank you." she says opening her wings then shutting them

message 39: by Rinji (new)

Rinji He took her arm and headed out of the room once more. He did not trust her enough to walk without taking of. He headed farther into the city.

message 40: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she yanks her arm out of his hand

message 41: by Rinji (new)

Rinji He stopped and looked to her. "Behave!" he said irritated. "And don't think you can get away."

message 42: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she giggles and jumps into the air spreading her wings she started flying to the castle

message 43: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Cursing under his breath, he opened his wings and went after her. How did she know he was heading to the castle? He caught up with her and looked to her. "What the hell do you think you are doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

message 44: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she flaps her wings harder and zooms upward right as she was about to hit the castle "might as well have some fun"

message 45: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Shaking his head he moved after her. He had known taking her with him to see the man he needed to talk to was a bad idea and he now regretted it. He cursed softly once more and caught up with her. "This is no time for games, girl!" he said irritated.

message 46: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she giggle ssome more "yes it is" she looks behind her

message 47: by Rinji (new)

Rinji He caught her by the arm and pulled her against his body once more. He made sure that they did not start falling to the ground as he steadied them with his own wings. "You are a prisoner. Get used to it!" he said angrily. He brought them back down to the ground and threw her over his shoulder once more as he started walking into the castle.

message 48: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she growles at him

message 49: by Rinji (new)

Rinji He shook his head and ignored the sound she made. He knew she was angry or upset but he had a job to do and he could not go chasing after her every time she wanted to have fun. She was a prisoner in a time of war after all. He looked to a guard and put her down on her feet once more. "Hold her. And be careful she is a feisty one." he said as they entered the throne room.

message 50: by MERP GIRL (new)

MERP GIRL  (merpgirl) | 1085 comments she growles again and struggles

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