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message 1: by Gabs (new)

Gabs  | 282 comments Mod
Okay, I do like both. But I have to admit that I like physical copies better. :)

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (WENDY3636) | 61 comments I have not experienced reading a book on an e-reader, but I do prefer a physical book which is why I have put off buying an e-reader.

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie Matousek | 9 comments I have both, at first the immediate switch is a little disorienting, you can get used to either. Personally I like to feel accomplished when I see how far I've read in an actual book and it is easier to flip back and read a certain part of the story again. But, ereaders are more convenient for travel and taking places.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) I do both. On my iPad I like how I can get free e-books. But I do prefer a physical copy. I find it part of the reading experience. Flipping the pages.

message 5: by Gabs (new)

Gabs  | 282 comments Mod
I agree with you! The free books are the only reason I read on my kindle so often xD

message 6: by Riya (new)

Riya Physical no question!!! I do read ebooks sometimes, but I definitely prefer the physical ones!

message 7: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 29 comments I love reading the physical copy, but because of portability I decided to get an eReader.And let me say this; I LOVE my Kobo Glo! I can adjust the font, it's light, and I can read in the dark! I am starting to like this better than the actual book!

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