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E M M A (())

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I finish my shower and can't find any clothes in the bathroom. "Great." I mutter. I wrap a towel loosely around myself and step outside the door. "Hi." I say softly. I still feel different. Not like myself, but like someone different.

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E M M A Gabe: "hey," I smile. "what's up? " I get up from the couch and lumber over to Ari. "well, hey, I've already seen you so you don't have to be so bashful, " I teased. "fine, ill close myetes." I turned around and closed my eyes.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I roll my eyes, smirking at his gentleman-like manners. "I don't recall asking you to oh Prince of Wolves."

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E M M A Gabe: "prince? I'm the king!" o laugh, and turn back around. "go on, get your clothes, queen of angels...?" I tried. honestly, I did.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I shrug and stride back to my room. "You really need to get some more original comebacks my friend."

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E M M A Gabe: "I caaant!" I complained, trailing behind her like a dog. I waited outside her door for privacy.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I snort as I pull on my shirt. "I'm sorry my wit is so hard to combat. I'm just good at what I do."

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E M M A ((I think Ari should be first to read the note!!))
Gabe: "hurry up! stop being such a girl, " I sucked in my cheeks to make a fish face.

message 10: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) ((Yeah)) Ari: I step out out of the room and do a little spin. "Ta da!" I've changed into a form hugging pair of jeans and a black razorback tank, and threw my beanie on over me wet hair.

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E M M A ((yarrghh! Beanie over me wet hair, eh matey?))
Gabe: I give a low whistle. "c'mere, you fine thing, " I nearly suffocated her with a bear hug. "I'm hungry, lets eat? " offered.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I press my face in his chest and breath him in. "Yeah. We can get Phil to make something." ((That's what I'm wearing right now. The beanie anyway))

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E M M A Gabe: we walk slowly to the kitchen and I notice a folded price of paper. "here, you read it. probably cooking instructions," I tossed the note t Ari, and took premade plates of breakfast sitting in the oven."aww yes!"

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I open the note and my heart breaks in my chest. "Gabe..."
This was the note:
Dearest Ariella and Gabriel,
It pains me greatly to say that Mari will never be safe in your care. I have sheltered her with me where she is in a temporary coma, and resting on sacred ground. With her blood spilt, you and I will regain our humanity Ariella. How much pain do you want to put this hold through? Ask yourself- what is the right thing to do?

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E M M A Gabe: "h'm?" I look up from pouring a glass of OJ. "what's wrong? " I frown.

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E M M A ((ok. prepare for Gabe to go crazy. I mean crazy ass crazy))

message 17: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) ((Okay?))

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E M M A ((is Ari gonna say anything))

message 19: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) Ari: ((sorry misse the comment)) I shake my head slowly and hand him the letter. "Read it. And stay calm."

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E M M A Gabe: I put them glass down and swiftly grab the note. I reread it seven times, different emotions each time. tears well in my eyes, a stabbing pain in my heart. I sink to my knees. "no.... no!!!" I sob, crying my heart out. I had one job, to mmke sure Mari wouldn't get hurt. and I had failed! I let a girl get in the way. "NO!!!" I roared angrily, bristling. I morphed into the biggest nastiest wolf, teeth bared. "PHILIP! " I growled.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I back away slowly, realizing after that is was a bad decision. "Gabe. We can't find her if you can't get yourself under control." ((He should hurt her))

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E M M A ((Okkkk))
Gabe: "shut up!" I snarled, leaping on top of her forcefully. "where is this sacred ground?" I spat, my eyes a fiery red. my sharp claws scratched at aris throat, my weight crushing her.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I struggle to get him off my throat but his weight is too much for me. I can't breathe, so I have to do what I hate. Share thoughts. I force my way into his mind and show him. "If he sacrifices Mari on sacred ground, which is a place where the dead and living mix, he will regain a human body, and I will be chained in Hell. He lied to make you hurt me." I think at him.

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E M M A Gabe: I can't even think straight with my emotions scattered. "get out of my head!!! where is she?! " I roared in her face. I had become a completely different being now.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I roll him off and gasp for air. "I'm not sure. But she can only be in three places. New Orleans, Miami, or Phoenix." I croak as blood leaks from the corner of my mouth. I crawl away slowly and put some distance between us.

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E M M A Gabe: the smell of blood triggers something. a part of me becomes thirsty for blood, but I shale off the feeling. "how long would it take!" I growled. I knew it was wrong to come here, to let a stupid girl get between me and my sister.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I shake off the weakness and stand up. "He won't do anything to her until the new moon of the next lunar cycle." I say sharply. "New Orleans is having a festival of spirits that night. That's where she'll be."

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E M M A Gabe: "well whenthe hell is that?! answers! now!!" I pinned her against the wall in human form, my eyes still ablaze.

message 29: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I match him toe to toe. "I won't say any more until you back up and calm down." I know he's hurting, and so am I, but he needs to get a handle on his emotions.

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E M M A Gabe: "tell me! " I yelled, smashing my fist into the wall behind her with such force it punched a clean hole through. every time I yelled at her, a part of me felt like I was being stabbed. even though it hurt so much, I couldn't control my anger.

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E M M A ((how long you gonna be up?))

message 32: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) ((Summer break started today. I'm up all night)) Ari: I flinch slightly at his anger. How could this be the same man who loved me and hour ago? "I will not. Take three steps away before you possibly kill me, and calm down. "

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E M M A Gabe: I seethe, breathing heavily and muscles taut. "FINE!" I growled, turning around and smashing ablamp. in anger frustration and heart torn, I took the lamp and bashed it against the ground repeatedly, tears streaking endlessly down my face. with each hit, I imagined Philip. smash. smash. smash! dropping the lamp, I slowly fell to my knees. I clenched my jaw to keep from crying.

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E M M A ((k imma go in ten min))

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Olivia (olivejean) ((K)) Ari: when I see Gabe in pain, the tough girl facade fades. I sink to my knees and cry silently. "Gabe." I sob.

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E M M A Gabe: I feel like I've been punched in the stomach when I look over and see Ari, blood on her face, as well as the destruction around me. I choke on hot tears, and I run over to Ari. "I'm sorry! oh my God I am soo, so sorry!! Ari...!I - i- I-" I broke off crying, tears drenching aris shirt.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I sob into his chest over everything we have to deal with. Over the things that happen to us, and the things we can never be. "I never should have let this happen."

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E M M A Gabe: "a-ari...! I'm sorry about what I did, about how I went crazy like that - I - are you - I'm sorry!" I hugged her head tightly to my chest, my vision blurred by tears.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I wrap my arms around his neck and hold on tight. "It's okay Gabe. I get it"

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E M M A ((I'm obsessed with this song. keeping it clean, its like a Hollister remix and I love it. makes me think of a day at the beach :3 heh. okay well....))
Gabe: "no its not! I mean, look at you! look what I did! " I gently touched her cuts, and I winced as if they were my own.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I put both of my hands on his face. "If someone had kidnapped you, I wouldn't hesitate to kill them." Saying that honestly should help him through this.

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E M M A Gabe: I stay quiet for a while, pain nd grief in my eyes. "what are we gonna do..?" I whispered, my voice cracking.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I grimace slightly, but strengthen my resolve. "We're gonna go get here." ((ROAD TRIP!))

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E M M A ((lol. where are they right now? ))
Gabe: "what if we get there and-and she's gone???"

message 45: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (olivejean) ((Idk Canada?)) Ari: I shake my head. "She'll be there."

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E M M A Gabe: "how do you know for sure...? and will we make it in time before... before she- " I chocked.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I shake my head stubbornly. "He won't do anything until the new moon of the next lunar cycle. That's... 6 days from now."

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E M M A Gabe: "six days! we need to leave now then, if were gonna get to the states AND find her! " I said exasperated, pacing around the room.

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Olivia (olivejean) Ari: I stand up with him. "I know. I can have us flying out of here his afternoon." ((OMG the whole gang should go! I've been to New Orleans like 20 million times so I know places and streets))

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E M M A (whatever! but they should visit Malibu! I know this one part so well! but dude Malibu canyon is scary af!!! this one tuck was going too fast and swerved off the cliff 100 +ft above ground!))

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