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message 1: by Peregrine 12 (new)

Peregrine 12 (peregrine12) | 75 comments REH Days starts tomorrow, Friday, June 7 and continues through Sunday morning, June 9.

Is anyone going? I'll be there - I'm taking off from work early tomorrow and want to know if any of my online friends will be there. (Hey, I'll bring Shiner Bock... you guys in?)


message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 542 comments Congrats! Enjoy!!! I won't be there. Too much to do here since we've had plenty of rain.

message 3: by Todd (new)

Todd | 23 comments I'm here this weekend. So far it's been excellent.

message 4: by Ó Ruairc (new)

Ó Ruairc | 169 comments I'll be missing the event this year. Would that I could be there. Please tell us how it went.

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