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Head Ache
Jojoengland Jojoengland (last edited Jun 06, 2013 04:07PM ) Jun 06, 2013 04:05PM
I got really bad head aches from these books, any one else? I started reading the book and when I stopped I kept on thinking about the series. I thought about it so much it gave me headaches, when I went to sleep I had dreams about, first thing I thought in the morning was about this series... I would get up and read, good thing it was during the summer, I don't know what I would do if it was over a school period! I read non-stop, I literally tuned out the whole world. I finished every book in less than 2 days! When I went to go hang out with family I ran into the door walking in because I was reading and I got yelled at for not talking to anyone because all I did was sit there and read when it was my time and every one else's time to see me since I don't hang out with them a lot. Please tell me I'm not alone! I feel so alone because this has never happened before, thank goodness I'm done with the series meaning no more headaches from this series any more (: I loved this series way too much!

Team Derek :)
I know what you mean though. I have done that. Not with this series even though it was very good.

Lol i've done that a couple times at work school home hell even on a date lol Team Lucas. I can't wait for the spin-off though I wonder if they'll do a spin-off for Derek too though? It also would be kinda neat for Miranda to have her own little novella see what happens with her an Perry. Oh and I would love to hear more about Holiday and Bennett's baby:)))

Dude, the only reason I read this book (and finished the series) was because of Burnett and Holiday. They were the only characters I gave a crap about. But I completely agree on the head ache thing.

Christine really? you weren't interested in any of the other characters? ...more
Jun 12, 2013 07:35AM

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