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What did you want to do?

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Something realistic with lots of drama? Do you do doubles?

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That sounds perfect.
Not usually. They get tricky.

message 4: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Office romance? Would you want to try doubles or not?

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Hmmm, never done that before.
I'd rather not. But we can, I suppose.

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Yes or no then?

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'Tis up to you.

message 8: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Doubles will make the rolpelay have more drama. Wanna be the boys or girls or do one of each gender?

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Depends which gender you like best. I prefer being the girl.

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Dan  | 5143 comments Can you play both of the girls and make one of them flirty? Or both maybe?

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Dan  | 5143 comments ?

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Yeah, sorry.
Um...Okay? That's not usually what I'd do but alright.

message 13: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Just one would be fine. Or none. Whatever you'd like to do.

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Whatever. New experiences. :)

message 15: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Can you use pics if possible?

Name: Ben Williams
Age: 22
Looks: Tall brown hair blue eyes

Name: Kyle Johnson
Age: 24
Looks: Tall brown hair blue eyes

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Yeah, course.

Name: Ecka Thea Woods
Age: 21
Appearance: description
(view spoiler)
Personality: To be honest, Ecka is kind of awkward. She's dangerously obsessed with almost every good book that's worth being obsessed and is what a lot of people call "nerdy" or "geeky". She's also very funny and somewhat shy.

Name: Riven Aninori Dare
Age: 24
Appearance: description
Personality: Riven is really nice, but also very funny and incredibly outgoing. She's somewhat of a flirt but not overly so.

message 17: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Can you start?

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((Sure. :) ))

Ecka slowly made her way into work, humming to herself under her breath. This job was practically a nightmare for her. It was dreadfully easy, just simple computer work and payed well enough, so usually Ecka did her work quickly and optimized the resources given to her at the office, working on her novel.

Riven was ever so slightly late. She jogged into work quickly, apologizing profusely to her supervisors.

message 19: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 5143 comments Ben was already at work and looked over at Ecka, who's office was right across from his. She was cute but he felt uneasy about asking a shy girl like her to go on a date with him. His friends would think he was weird, even though they agreed that she was beautiful.

Kyle was already at work and smiled at Riven as she came in. He had had a crush on her ever since she began working in the office a year ago. He had recently decided to ask her out but wanted to wait until later in the day to do so.

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Ecka sat down at her desk, sighing softly and readied her hands on her keyboard, beginning her insufferably boring job. She opened another tab with her playlist of music and slipped on her headphones.

((I have to do Riven later, sorry.))

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Dan  | 5143 comments ((That is fine. Should I wait then?))

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((Sorry I had to get off. I'll do her now.))

Riven walked just past Kyle and stopped by his desk, pulling up a chair and sitting next to him, acutely aware that her supervisors would not be pleased she was socializing. "Hello." She said in a silky smooth voice that was clearly British. She'd been meaning to talk to him and she just wanted to do it very quickly. "You're Kyle. I'm Riven. I'm assuming you know that though. I have quite a reputation." She smirked and started looking through the reading she had to do that day.

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Dan  | 5143 comments Ben continued working for a few hours until he needed to get a snack.He stood up and walked to the small break room and got a sandwich before heading back to his desk, smiling at Ecka as he walked by.

Kyle was taken aback when Riven started talking to him and got slightly nervous. "I know who you are," he said, biting his lip as he looked at her. She was so beautiful. "What kind of reputation do you have?" he asked, smirking. He also thought her accent was sexy, but he would not tell her that because she might think he was weird.

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Ecka didn't so much as glance up as she waved back and got up to go make her iced chai with almond milk. It was her favorite drink, practically her life, she liked to say. She entered the uncomfortably small, yellow painted walls break room and opened the fridge.

Riven laughed lightly and caught him studying her. He was definitely interested, but she was still making up her mind. A boring job? Riven wanted good company. "Oh, you know." She winked mischeviously. "I have a habit-which some people find dangerously annoying-of trying to avert the patriarchal paradigm." With a shrug she leaned back in the chair, folding her feet and legs under her. "Your turn, darling."

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Dan  | 5143 comments Ben sat down and sighed before working for another few hours. The job was boring but at least it was money. Once again his thoughts wandered back to Ecka.

Ben gave her a blank look when she said she had a habit of some sort. She was beautiful but some of the things she said went way over his head "What did you say, beautiful?" he asked, blushing and biting hi lip when he realized he had called her beautiful. It had just slipped out.

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Ecka walked back to her desk. She worked for two more hours then began working on her novel, leaning back in her chair, seeing as she wasn't on the clock anymore.

Riven raised her eyebrow, but brushed the comment off. "Oh never mind." Someone who could keep up with her would be preferred but she didn't really know him. Now was no time for judgments, she reminded herself as she studied him carefully.

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Dan  | 5143 comments Ben went to get some lunch and saw Ecka writing something. He was curious to see what it was but got his snack first. Once he had got his snack he knocked on her door. "What are you writing?" he asked her. He was on his break so he didn't care if the bosses went by.

Ben looked down after staring at her for a few seconds, blushing slightly because he did not know what to say.

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