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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments Here is the winning pic for June:

 photo tumblr_mn9ldq83Q51qkaoj3o1_500_zps61da5baa.jpg

Let the bunnies loose....

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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments *

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Aw, so sweet - I loved that one. Looking forward to reading stories, and to writing one...

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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments Kaje wrote: "Aw, so sweet - I loved that one. Looking forward to reading stories, and to writing one..."

I really liked this one too...

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Riina Y.T. (ibxxxriina) | 469 comments Yay, my favorite made it :)
Are we writing here? Oo

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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments Riina wrote: "Yay, my favorite made it :)
Are we writing here? Oo"

yes we are!!! Can't wait to see what we come up with--this was one of my two favs as well.

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Riina wrote: "Yay, my favorite made it :)
Are we writing here? Oo"

You have two options - post your stories here (I usually put *** by the title, so people know it's a story not a comment) or post on your "my writing" page and put a link here. You have larger comment boxes and just a bit more control over rights to your work if they're posted on your own page, rather than an open thread, so if you're going to put up a long story you might choose that. I always post here in the thread (other than one that was so long it was a pain to split up into smaller boxes.) It's a bit easier for people to find, read and comment here.

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Sammy Goode | 5380 comments WHAT???? No stories for this beautiful picture??? oh dear---need to think up a story!!

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Sammy2006 wrote: "WHAT???? No stories for this beautiful picture??? oh dear---need to think up a story!!"

Me too - well, May's is finally done, so after i get a beta out of the way, this is next... Love the picture.

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Macky (mactut) How did I miss this? I must have missed the notification. I'm going to have a go. Its a lovely picture.

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I'm currently writing a story for this. How long does it have to be?

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Meg wrote: "I'm currently writing a story for this. How long does it have to be?"

No limits - we've had short poems of 20 words, and long stories up to 8,000 words, and everything in between. It's all up to you. Anything is good :)

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Kaje wrote: "Meg wrote: "I'm currently writing a story for this. How long does it have to be?"

No limits - we've had short poems of 20 words, and long stories up to 8,000 words, and everything in between. It's..."

Okay. I'm still used to writing x amount of words or pages. >.>

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments The end of a day
Or perhaps a beginning
Your hand clasped in mine

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Gabby | 166 comments I would love to write something for this...i'm a bit new at writing anything for these...so I'll see how it goes :)

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Gabby wrote: "I would love to write something for this...i'm a bit new at writing anything for these...so I'll see how it goes :)"

No rules, no particular requirements - we'd love to see it.

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Gabby | 166 comments Cool :) I hope to start it soon :)

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments *** Expectations ***

Rick's mother paused, in her bustling around the kitchen, to ask, “Have you been checking the stuff on your list?”

He stuffed the last bite of his toast in his mouth and managed not to snarl.

“Yes, Mother, thank you so much.” The dripping sarcasm was probably not a whole lot better.

She flicked the dish towel at the back of his head. “None of your lip. We'll deal with that chip on your shoulder tomorrow, all right?”

Because today was all about Cheryl. He didn't have a chip, he had a freaking redwood tree. He pushed back his chair. “I'm going running.”

“Oh, no, you're not.” His mother tapped her finger on the laminated list on the table. Yeah, laminated. Although he took a small pleasure in all the Sharpie-marker corrections written over the lamination. “Nine a.m. Wash the car.”

“No one will care what the car looks like,” he muttered.

“I want things to be perfect.” Cheryl was a younger version of Mom, complete with the ash-blond curls and dark-blue eyes. She gave him an imploring look, complete with quivering lower lip. “Please, Ricky, follow the plan.”

“Damn.” Cheryl wasn't a bad sister. He was actually kind of fond of her. It wasn't her fault that the only date in June that the Silverleaf Botanical Gardens had open for a wedding party was the same day as his birthday. His eighteenth birthday.

The suggestion that perhaps she could have her wedding elsewhere on a different day had been met with disbelief. Cheryl had been talking about someday having her wedding at Silverleaf since she was fourteen after all. How could he suggest otherwise? A wedding only happened once in a lifetime.

He had finished making himself unpopular by pointing out the odds were high that she would have more weddings than he would have eighteenth birthdays. Not a good thing to say to two women with visions of roses and lace and happy ever after. His birthday was postponed to Sunday, forthwith.

Rick sighed and stood. “I'll wash the damned car. Wouldn't want Cheryl's pretty dress to get dirty.”

Cheryl came around the table to kiss his cheek. “Thanks. I'll make it up to you.”

He scrubbed his jaw with his hand. “Promise never to kiss me again. That'll do it.”

Cheryl laughed, but Mom said, “Speaking of kissing, are you planning to, um, kiss Dominic at the wedding?”

Hah. Rick wanted to say yes. He wanted to lay a big one on his boyfriend right in the middle of the proper churchy-style wedding, or at least the reception. He'd insisted on being allowed to invite Dom, as compensation for the birthday-swallowing wedding. One small catch, though.

“We, um, broke up.” Two months ago. He just hadn't mentioned it, getting a small mean pleasure out of watching Mom and Cheryl trying to negotiate the tricky waters of fitting a visibly out and gay brother of the bride alongside the starchier attending relatives. Dancing together? Sitting at the head table? Family pictures? If big brother Matt's long-time girlfriend was in them, could they ask Rick to keep his boyfriend of three years out of them? Now they wouldn't have to decide.

To her credit, his mother's first words were, “Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.” She gave him a concerned look and Cheryl patted his arm. They really did mean well. The relieved glance they exchanged a minute later was probably something he should just ignore.

“Are you okay?” Cheryl asked. “Are you really sad about it?”

“Nah.” There had been a rough week or two, but he was past that. “It's actually been a while. We just grew apart, y'know. Started liking different stuff.” Like clubs and poppers. Dom had fake ID and loved loud music and flashing lights and the press of sweaty bodies. Rick just wasn't a crowds person. At fifteen they'd been inseparable, but in the last year Dom had changed all out of recognition. They'd hardly spent any time together for weeks before the actual break-up. Rick realized not having to try to be the kind of guy Dominic now wanted had been a relief, once the first painful regret was over.

“If you want to bring another date, you should,” Cheryl said firmly. “Maybe not in all the family pictures but...”

“Don't worry. I don't have one.”

His mother looked sad. “You didn't say anything, honey. You should have told me. You two were together a long time. That's important too.”

“Well, people change.” Just because he couldn't let this get too sappy, he wrinkled his nose at Cheryl and said, “Divorce happens. Birthdays are forever.”

“And yours will be Sunday, grown-up boy. Today you're a car washer and usher and other servile things.”

“Yeah, gotta go wash the car.” He didn't mind the excuse to duck out of the room, away from his mother's eyes.


It was a pretty wedding. Rick even found himself choking up as his sister said her vows, holding Luke's hands under the rose arbor. Her face raised to her new husband's was bright and sure, shining with joy as their lips met. Damn. Rick scrubbed his sleeve across his face quickly. Damned allergies.

The reception was in the backyard of Cheryl's new in-laws. The caterer had food set out on long white-cloth-covered tables. A place-card tumbling gust of wind, and the slowness of the food line, conspired to overset the seating chart. Not a bad thing in Rick's eyes. He filled a plate to heaping with a bit of everything and hunted for a quiet corner to eat.

Not at the head table, where Aunt Janine had planted herself in Rick's seat beside Mom, and was holding forth on all the things the Democrats were doing to ruin the country. Not along the fence, where the grandmothers sat in folding chairs pushed back from their tables, pinching random young cheeks and commenting loudly about everyone's choice of clothing. If he'd had Dom with him, he'd have sat at Uncle Roy and Aunt Amelia's table, just to make them squirm. But on his own, he didn't have the nerve. Besides, unless he broke out in a show-tune or something, they would just ignore him and pretend being gay didn't exist.

Wandering through the tables with his heaping plate, he spotted an abandoned play house at the foot of the garden. Since Luke's siblings were in high school, it had probably been out of use for a while. Well, a little dust and spiders were no big deal. He grabbed a spare napkin off one of the back tables to sit on, and made his way down there.

The little house was wooden, once painted white but now weathered. The door was on the side, about four feet high, and creaked slightly as he opened it. He ducked inside. It was dim in there, shutters closed over the mini-windows. It took a moment before he realized someone else was already there. Eyes glittered at him from the back corner, above a smudge of white shirt.

It took a moment of adjustment to make out short, conservatively cut dark hair, rounded cheekbones and a small cleft chin. “Edmond?”


“Rick, actually.” He hesitated. Edmond had been one of his favorite quasi-cousins once. Whatever it was when your parents were cousins. They'd played and fought and made up and explored the world together all summer for years. Until Uncle Sandy took a job in Ann Arbor and they'd moved away. “God, it's been... years.”

“Several, yeah.”

“You're here for the wedding?”


Rick laughed. “Yeah. Pretty obvious.” His eyes were adjusting and he could make out Edmond's shape, shoulders broader than he remembered, but still narrower than his own, in a conservatively-fitted dark jacket. Edmond's tie was a boring plain-grey silk, still tightly knotted, where Rick's was already tugged askew. Edmond's hair was perfectly groomed, where Rick's light brown mop had been well blown by the breeze. “You look good.”

“For a boring stick-in-the-mud?”

“Ouch. Sorry.” He'd been mad that Edmond was moving, and they'd commemorated their separation with a nasty fight. Without the chance to make up in person, that had been that. “I didn't mean it.” They'd been thirteen and fourteen. “It was stupid.”

“Well, I did call you Dick-boy and Dick-head.”

“After I said you had squinty eyes and a stupid face.”

“We probably don't need to relive all that. Want to sit down?”

“Sure.” Rick settled himself beside Edmond against the wall of the little house, and set his plate on his knees.

“Wait.” Edmond stood up, as far as the low roof would let him, and cracked open the shuttered window enough to let some light in. The music and murmur of voices drifted in too. “Now you can see what you're eating.” He sat back down beside Rick.

“Aren't you hungry?”

He pointed to a clean plate in the corner. “I hit the chow line first. Although...” He picked up his fork. “I wouldn't mind one more of those things.” He pointed the fork at a lumpy pale dough-ball on Rick's plate.

“Sure. Take it. What is it anyway? Looks like a play-doh ravioli.”

“A pirogi. Aunt Anya's specialty. She came out from Michigan with us for the wedding. They made the caterer include them, I think. They sure taste like hers anyway. Look like them too. She always makes them lumpy.” Edmond stabbed the pirogi, lifted it off Rick's plate and bit into the corner with obvious enjoyment.

“Good though?”

“Oh yeah. Lots of onions.”

For a while they ate in companionable silence. Edmond's fork snuck out at intervals to steal something off Rick's plate, but he'd taken too much anyway. On the other side of the shutters, the sounds of the wedding rose and fell. After a while there was a lull. Edmond turned toward the window. “They're probably starting toasts and stuff. Shouldn't you be there?”

He probably should, but Rick was reluctant to leave this cozy hideaway. Anyway, he'd declined the chance to do a toast himself. “Nah. I did the usher thing. I did the receiving line. I did the pictures. I think I'm done. There was only one more thing I was lined up for, and that's a bust anyway.”

“What thing?” Edmond asked, around a mouthful of Brie tart.

Rick hesitated. But what the hell, this was supposed to have been his role today, to advance the rights of LGBT people in family gatherings everywhere. Pretty sad if he couldn't come out to his ex-favorite cousin. “My boyfriend and I were going to dance together, right after the bride-and-groom-with-their-parents dance. Shock all the old ladies.”

Edmond laughed until he snorted crumbs. “I'd pay to see that. Where is the boyfriend.”

Rick relaxed at that friendly reaction. Some tense thing inside him unwound and warmed. “Right now?” He made a show of glancing at his watch. “Probably grinding on the dance floor at Cable Ties. Maybe already getting blown in the bathroom.” He waited to see if that would be TMI.

Edmond did make a face, but what he said was, “Not much of a boyfriend.”

“Not any kind of a boyfriend now.”

That got him a quick sideways glance. “Ah.”

“So the little old ladies can continue on their bigoted way unshocked.”

“Not necessarily.”


“You could dance with me.”

“With you?” Rick felt a slow smile spread across his face. “You're...”

“Admitting to a deep appreciation of dick-heads. Yes.”

“Yeah. Wow.” Rick had to do some quick rearranging of his perceptions. “But you look so...” A wave of his hand indicated perfect tie, conservative hair, shiny shoes.

“Buttoned up? Don't you think a guy can be gay and look like a salesman?”

“I didn't...”

“I'm teasing you. I cut my hair for a job interview and my mom picked out the suit.”

“Oh. That's good.”

“So do I look too dorky to dance with?”

“Not a bit.”

“So should we?”

Rick laughed. For the first time, the evening felt like fun. “Definitely.”

“Come on then.” Edmond stood, hair brushing the low roof, took Rick's plate, set it on the playhouse floor and held out his hand. “I hear dance music.”

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Rick took the offered boost. Edmond's hand was warm, and stronger than he'd have guessed. They ducked out the little door one after the other, and stood up, mirroring each other as they stretched. Rick was surprised to find that for all his lean unassuming build, Edmond was an inch taller than his own six feet. “You grew.”

“You too, string bean.” Edmond didn't let go of his hand. “Almost time.”

On the open space in front of the DJ, Cheryl was dancing with Dad, and Luke with his mother. Rick let Edmond tug him over that way, pushing past some of the guests until they were close to the makeshift dance floor. They stopped, listening to the music. Luke and his mom were twirling easily, while Dad managed the box step Mom had spent the last two weeks teaching him for this purpose.

Edmond whispered in Rick's ear. “I hope you dance better than Uncle Joe.”

Rick murmured back, “Count on it.”

The dance ended, and as the next tune began, Luke and Cheryl met with a smile. Both sets of parents took the floor, although Dad looked more like a man on the rack than someone about to enjoy a dance. Mom patted his arm. Uncle Cory whirled Aunt Samantha out beside them with speed and style.

“Ready?” Edmond gently tugged Rick's tie straight and looked down at him.

It was just a dumb dance, with a cousin, to shock the stuffier guests. That look shouldn't have made it hard for Rick to breathe. “Yes.”

Edmond clasped their fingers together, slid an arm behind him, and swung Rick out onto the floor.

It was good. Nice. Hell, it was wonderful. Edmond could really dance, not just grind their hips together to a deafening beat. He held Rick firmly, bodies moving easily close together, gliding through the dance. He didn't get silly or sexy, but he also wasn't tentative. He danced like Rick was his chosen partner and they were meant to be there.

He did lead, but that was all right with Rick. Relaxing into Edmond's firm lead felt oddly like coming home. They danced the first dance at least partly for their audience, aware of the occasional whisper or sharp-sounding remark behind them. But when the first song was done, they headed over to a quieter space near the empty food tables, and danced the next one for themselves.

As a a slow song came on, Edmond eased his steps, but didn't let go. He leaned closer to Rick. “So, what now? More dancing? Or should we really shock them with a birthday kiss? Or eighteen of them? A spanking might be too much.”

Rick laughed, feeling joy welling up inside him. “You remembered.”

“Your birthday? Of course I did. The anniversary of the day you rubbed a hot-dog in my hair. You were six then. Oh, and the day you poured lemonade down my shirt. I think that was twelve.”

“I'm sure you deserved it.”

“I'm sure I did.” They danced more slowly, just turning softly in place. Edmond's fingers clasped Rick's, his hips brushed the front of Rick's suit pants, his breath was close enough to ruffle Rick's hair. “What do I deserve now?”

“A date?” Rick's heart pounded, waiting for the answer.

“At least one. I think that dance was worth two dates, at least.”

“How long are you in town?” This feeling was so sweet, so right, but Rick wasn't about to get hung up on his disappearing quasi-cousin again.

“That job interview? I got the job and it's here in town. I'm moving in ten miles away. What about you? Off to college in the fall?”

Rick shifted his arm and swirled them around, taking the lead. Edmond followed easily, without fighting him for it.

“Community college here for two years. After that, I don't know.”

“Hm. Might have time for three dates.”


Edmond smiled at him, a private smile that was familiar from years of shared secrets, and yet new as Rick's adulthood tonight. “We'll have to find out.”

Rick stopped dancing. For a moment just stopped, to see that smile. Edmond leaned forward and rested his forehead on Rick's. Their noses brushed, breath mingled. Edmond said, “Happy birthday, all-grown-up not-really-cousin. Wanna show me your, um.”

“Don't say it.”

“Dick, Rick?”

“Such a romantic.” Rick knew he was smiling.

“I'll feed you wedding cake first. Does that count as romantic?”

“Works for me.”

Behind Rick, the music changed to something up-tempo. Someone laughed, someone complained. His sister and her new husband would be leaving in a flurry of goodbyes soon. Oh yeah, after the cake. And the bouquet and all the other crap on Mom's laminated list. Rick kind of thought there was something else on that list with his name next to it, but he couldn't make himself care. He swayed against Edmond, slow dancing despite the fast song.

“You look happy,” Edmond murmured. “You look good. Edible.”

“Cake first,” Rick told him.

Sister's wedding, distracted parents, lack of gifts and all – it didn't matter. Best. Birthday. Ever.


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Gabby | 166 comments Aww, that was so cute :) Are they distant-cousins or first cousins?

message 21: by Gabby (new)

Gabby | 166 comments Here's my story. I had the idea in my head for a while, but it didn't come on paper quite how i'd like it... :/ Oh, well, here it is anyway:

~Our Dance~

“Who’s wedding is this anyway?” I asked nervously.
Jaeden chuckled at how nervous I looked, “My Aunts’, and stop worrying about it, they’ll love you.” Yeah, I had my doubts about that. Apparently they had a freak when Jaeden came out as gay, how were they going to react to an actual boyfriend. I had a right to worry.
He tightened up my tie, and I make choking noises at him. He smiled. I hated suits.
“We have to leave soon, Rhys.” He sighed, checking his watch.
“Nooo.” I whined. I really didn’t want to go. All his relatives would hate me. The stupid, timid gay boy their nephew happened to be dating.
“Yes, come on. We’re going in Jess’s car.” I sighed and followed him downstairs, folding my arms and frowning.

The ceremony went quickly, only an hour and a half, but the whole time I was looking around me nervously, as though the people around me would automatically know I was gay and Jaeden’s boyfriend.
At one point Jaeden pat me on the shoulder; I almost jumped a meter in the air. He asked me if I was okay. I’d shrugged and turned back to the bride and groom at the front, my face red from embarrassment at my paranoia.
He could tell that I was nervous about other people’s opinions of us so he suggested we didn’t hang around and went straight to the reception to help set up. Unfortunetly, it would only postpone what I was dreading; meeting Jaeden’s family.

Only Jaeden’s younger cousin, Emily and Aunt were at the house when we arrived, the others obviously lingering at the church, chatting and taking photos. He introduced me to Emily first, who unexpectedly brightened up when he mentioned I was his boyfriend. She pulled me into a hug and squealed- I think. She excused herself when her mother called her from the other room and I was left, dumbfounded and really confused.
“Okay, what was that about?” I asked.
He smiled, “I told you they’d love you.” I gave him a look showing I still didn’t understand and he continued. “She supports us and her dream job is to help homeless LGBT kids left on the street, like start a charity organisation or something.”
“Wow.” This is obviously not what I expected from today. “That’s…wow.”
“Yeah, I think she was secretly praying for Ben to be gay.”
“Her younger brother. He’s eight.” He said.
The front door opened and a couple more people entered the house and the introductions started all over again.
This happened for the first couple of hours, until more of the people had arrived. Some of Jaeden’s relatives were okay with that fact that I was his boyfriend, and others put on a fake smile and tried to end the conversation as fast as they could. But in general, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.
“Told you.” Jaeden whispered to me as though he could hear what I was thinking. I jumped, causing him to chuckle again. “Come on, I think I can hear music.”
He leads me outside, and we see the bride and groom dancing on the grass. Everyone has their eyes on them and I smile at how happy they look. Having most of Jaeden’s family liking me brings me one step closer to a happy ending like theirs.
“Come on, let’s dance.” I hear him whisper in my ear once the more important dances have finished.
“What? No. I can’t dance.” It’s a stupid thing to say, because he knows I can dance, I just don’t want to.
“Yeah, right.” He pulls me over to the edge of the dance floor despite my protests and I sigh as we start dancing (awkwardly) to the soft music. Someone squeals and points at us as soon as they see us.
“Emily.” Jaedyn sighs.
“Great, we’re going to have an audience.” I mutter.
“Yeah, probably.”
“Great.” He chuckles at the look on my face, and despite all the people watching us I have to smile too.

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Gabby wrote: "Aww, that was so cute :) Are they distant-cousins or first cousins?"

Extended cousins - I fixed it to be clearer. Glad you liked it.

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Gabby wrote: "Here's my story. I had the idea in my head for a while, but it didn't come on paper quite how i'd like it... :/ Oh, well, here it is anyway:

~Our Dance~


Very sweet - I love it. Yay for supportive family.

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Gabby | 166 comments Kaje wrote: "Gabby wrote: "Here's my story. I had the idea in my head for a while, but it didn't come on paper quite how i'd like it... :/ Oh, well, here it is anyway:

~Our Dance~


Very sweet - I love it..."

Thanks :)

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Riina Y.T. (ibxxxriina) | 469 comments LOVE the story @Kaje !
best line: “You're here for the wedding?” :)
actually there were a lot of really nice lines!

oh and, aw aw, sweet story @Gabby !


.. I did not finish a story for this myself :(
Where did this month go? (I'm pretty upset since it was my favorite picture... )

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Gabi Garcia | 20 comments I really liked both stories ^^ Wedding dances can be awkward times but with sweet in love boys like this its really the best! ^^

thanks for writing and sharing @gabby and @Kaje

message 27: by Kaje (last edited Jul 02, 2013 07:29AM) (new)

Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Thanks :)

@ Riina - You can still write for this if you want - we sometimes get stories through the next month. Or see if July's picture inspires you.

message 28: by Gabby (new)

Gabby | 166 comments Thanks Riina and Gabi :)

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K-lee Klein | 40 comments I'd like to start trying these if that's okay. I'll have to go check out what the "rules" are I guess. I can still write on this one if something hits me though?

PS Great stories Kaje and Gabby. ;)

Oh and a question - is Happy Anniversary the theme or...

message 30: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16356 comments K-lee wrote: "I'd like to start trying these if that's okay. I'll have to go check out what the "rules" are I guess. I can still write on this one if something hits me though?

PS Great stories Kaje and Gabby. ;..."

That would be excellent! This one had a suggestion to have a birthday/anniversary theme (interesting that Gabby and I both set it at a wedding as well.) There are almost no rules - keep it YA appropriate. That's about it. Any length (I did 17-word haiku and a 3000 word short), any content as long as it's LGBTQAIP somewhere.

You can write for any older prompt, although if you go more than a month back it may not get read much. You can certainly do this one (I loved the picture.) This month (July) is a group round robin story, which is fun too (you can see the last example with our May story.) Have fun - we'd love to see what you come up with.

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Gabby | 166 comments It was between a 21st or a wedding, but the last two 21st's I went to; no one really dressed like that lol :)

I really liked the picture, had fun coming up with something :)

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Yeah, the clothes said wedding to me too.

message 33: by Riina (new)

Riina Y.T. (ibxxxriina) | 469 comments Sorry if I butt in, but what do you guys mean by "anniversary" ? or "21st"?

If you mean a 21st Birthday celebration, at those we don't dress up like that in Germany. Not that I know of at least. I have also not experienced that in the US during my 1 year stay... :/

The only thing that comes to mind, in Germany, if you're Catholic, you have your confirmation at around 14-15. Thought it was the same in the USA etc. ?! and something similar if you are protestant.

From what I know of, we only celebrate Wedding Anniversaries in Germany =D
I feel like those two in the picture look too old for a confirmation and too young to be getting married!?

I am also not familiar with other coming of age ceremonies where you are 21 ...are there any in the US for example? I am only aware of a coming of age day/ceremony in Japan (for all at the age of 20) ...

I really LIKE that photograph but somehow I am confused about the theme/setting and what would be used best. My first thought was a wedding as well. The boys as guests ... but if I do another one of those it'll be quite boring for everyone =D

Anyways, I'm curious about that "Anniversary" and how it could be used.... :/

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments You can use your imagination - there are no rules and even the "Anniversary" theme is just a suggestion, because June was the group's anniversary month.

These days in the US, a wedding has become almost the only time we dress up like that, hence the two at-a-wedding stories, but it could be something else - a prestigious award for an older sibling or parent, or even one of these guys perhaps (young genius?), a confirmation for a younger one, a Bar Mitzvah for a 13-year-old brother, a chance to play one guy's music at a major symphony concert with the after-party at home to celebrate... really, anything that fits. Even alternate universe where ties are normal daily wear, or time travel to the 1950's or whatever. There could be a birthday/anniversary for an MC in there, but doesn't have to be. Let your imagination have fun.

message 35: by Gabby (new)

Gabby | 166 comments It's not a 21st ceremony...just a party that some people do around here...not really sure what it's celebrating...since you can basically do everything over here once you're 18. Oh, and I live in Australia so that's where all this information is coming from.
And the most time we dress up like that here is mainly weddings, funerals, REALLY fancy birthday parties...yeah...
And the Catholics in Germany are much different to ones in Australia, I'm like 15-14 now and I can't even remember my Reconciliation/Communion/Conformation ceremony because I had my ceremony at about 8-9 years old. If I had a choice back then, I would not be catholic now...but that's not the point, lol.

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Riina Y.T. (ibxxxriina) | 469 comments Those are really good inspirations ! I especially like the Time Travel idea :)

Thank you both for your answers! :)
I think I might have something I could pull off..

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Kaje Harper | 16356 comments I'll be interested to read it if you do :)

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