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Crown of Vengeance (The Dragon Prophecy, #1)
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Crown of Vengeance Map...

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Stephanie (snl27) Here's a jpg from Tor's website of the map for Crown of Vengeance:

...has ANYONE else noticed that the map IS the Western US? It has the Rio Grande, the Mississippi, the cluster of islands off the coast of LA...everything! This has been driving me crazy, and I can't find anything about it anywhere online!

Lindsey Bolser | 1 comments I have noticed that and it is also bugging me. Also, the lay of the land doesn't quite mesh with the way I had imagined the world map was from previous book descriptions. Besides, I thought the Mystrals were an east-west mountain range (since they kept going north or south over them) but it is depicted as a north-south mountain range on the map? I would love to see a map with all the places of each of the trilogies overlaid, so we can see relative places/distances.

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