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message 1: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Talk about games here! <3

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) I love fable!

message 3: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Fable(?) Hehe ^^ What is it? I've never played it before.

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) OMIGAWD! NEVER PLAYED FABLE!!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD?!? Its hard to explain but its really kewl!

message 5: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Lol! XD Well, I shall play it... some day haha :3. I'll look it up.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) FABLE IS SUCH AN AWESOME GAME!! OH MY LORD!!!


message 7: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Lol! I love AC <333333 hehe!

message 8: by คгเค (new)

คгเค  (fanfiction-green) The Legend of Zelda games have always been my favourite and I've been playing them ever since I was little.

message 9: by Audrey (new)

Audrey ~AudgPaudg~ (audgpaudg) | 3 comments KINGDOM HEARTS!

message 10: by FantasyFan J (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 3 comments My favorite game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

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