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How many books have you read?

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message 1: by grantonio (last edited Jan 24, 2008 09:41AM) (new)

grantonio | 24 comments Not that it matters in any significant way, but it's still pretty interesting.

When we were talking about adding books early on, I said that I'd read "thousands" of books, but the more I think about it, that can't be right. I'm guessing it's closer to actually being 1000, probably somewhat less. I basically read constantly until I was 16 or so, when I started devoting most of that extra time to playing guitar. I read pretty much every book in the house in addition to using the school library a lot; I even read the World Book encyclopedia we had at home in entirety! Since that age, I've slowed and probably averaged more like 1-2 books a month, not counting things I read for school. Lately it's been closer to 1/month, but I'm hoping this site will keep me more motivated - so far it's working.

Obviously many of you will have read a lot more; both because of being more devoted readers and because of having some years on me.

message 2: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments God I don't know. I've added pretty much every book I own that I've read, but haven't included lots of textbooks that I read in college or HS that I've forgotten about and/or don't own. Haven't added a great many kid's books. I'm guessing my number would be under 1000 as well, probably 700-800 or so. But it's complicated as I have a lot of anthologies, collections of essays etc that I've read most of but not all; hard to decide whether to "count" such things.

My reading dropped off considerably around 1987-1989, finishing school and getting hard-core into movies is what did it. Don't know if I'll ever get back to where I was as a kid; I didn't have access to all of the time wasters/other hobbies that I do now, then.

message 3: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments Lots but I doubt more than a couple hundred. I read fanatically as a kid but not so much later on. There was a while where I don't think I was reading anything at all, 'cept internets...

message 4: by Jason (new)

Jason | 39 comments Less than the # of beers I have rated but more than the # of books I have rated on this site. This site is great because I have been seeing some books I read a long time ago and completely forgot about.

message 5: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments probably a few hundred...

If you want to count textbooks and the like, who knows. Actually the number probably wouldn't change if you included textbooks.

message 6: by Dodd (new)

Dodd | 127 comments Numbers that people are posting here are lower than I would have expected so I am a little uncertain what an accurate guess would be for me.

I know that my wife and I have close to two thousand books in the house, but that includes her compulsive collection of cookbooks that is over a couple hundred.

We do have duplicates between us.

If Muzzlehatch figures he has read 700 or 800, I wouldn't dare go over that....Unless I get to count most of the Hardy Boys Mystery series that I read in the 1960s.

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