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On the Lips of Children
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Novel featuring tattoos, and a tattoo artist

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Mark Matthews (xmarkm) | 4 comments Just released: "On the Lips of Children" The title comes from the main character's tattoo of the saying "Mother is the Name of God on the Lips of All Children." She used to be a cutter as a teen, and then falls in love with both the humm of the tattoo needle and the tattoo artist himself. He fathers her second child, but during a trip to San Diego, they are taken hostage in a San Diego to Tijuana drug tunnel. Here, the cutting continues.

Published by Books of the Dead Press. Check it out.

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Mark Carver (markcarverbooks) | 10 comments Mod
Sounds awesome!

Mark Matthews (xmarkm) | 4 comments Mark wrote: "Sounds awesome!"

Thanks Mark! I feel pretty darn confident that it is.

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