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Black Heart (Colors of the Paranormal, #1)
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message 1: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Dreiss (trekfaerie) | 4 comments Hello, I am Morgan! Let's be friends. ;u;

Author Name: Morgan Dreiss
Book Name: Black Heart
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/LGBT/Thriller
Number of free copies being offered: 20
Format of books being offered: Smashwords coupon, because technology is a cruel mistress to me.

Short book description: Nasira Nassif is a vampire business magnate, living in New York City with her temperamental werewolf girlfriend, Annie Goldstein. All is not well in the city's supernatural world: someone is kidnapping paranormal women, dressing them in fine clothes, and leaving them on the side of the road with a very important part missing-- their hearts. The police don't care much, and neither does Nasira-- until Annie is the one missing.

Joined by Annie's veteran older brother, Nasira scours the city for her beloved, while Annie tries to keep the weird smiling guy from stabbing her to death in his basement.

message 2: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy (katyas-69) O.O I must have this book! However, since I'm very far behind on doing reviews and can't guarantee I'll manage to read it this year, I'll pick it up on my own. Unless you can't find 20 people to accept the offer, then... call me!

message 3: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Dreiss (trekfaerie) | 4 comments Oh wow, that's really flattering. I'm kinda flustered right now; it's super embarrassing, even though I'm just sitting in my room in my pajamas and nobody can actually see me. Thank you for the dopey smile I'm going to be wearing for the next few hours! (I hope you can read it one of these days, and I especially hope you'll think it's worth it!)

message 4: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy (katyas-69) It's so rare to find this sort of book that isn't also a romance in the traditional sense (I have no problem with the main character being in a romantic relationship, but the "two people meet and argue all the time until the end when they're a couple" sort of plotlines don't interest me at all. so, yeah - I love thrillers, and I love paranormal and I am especially excited to have F/F couple as part of the lead. I had put in on my wishlist, but now I've talked myself into just buying it from Smashwords... LOL

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Dreiss (trekfaerie) | 4 comments Yeah, that's made it kind of hard to categorize the book, actually-- everyone assumes that if it's paranormal, it's also romance, to the point where some sites have that as the only option. I'm over here stuck in a weird corner, with paranormal that isn't romantic, queer that isn't issue-centric... Somebody called me niche once, and that's pretty accurate.

message 6: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy (katyas-69) Tell ya what, this is EXACTLY the sort of book I absolutely LOVE! Call it Urban Fantasy; that's how I define the type. Anyway, I noticed "Die my Darlings" was free on Smashwords, so I grabbed it too, and put the other two on my wishlist. I'm so glad I noticed this post!

Paula | 34 comments This book sounds phenomenal~ not matter what genre category you want to label it with. I'd love to read for review :)

message 8: by Ann (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ann (ReadsterQuilts) | 4 comments I would love to read and review. It sounds very interesting to me. Different than the other vampire, wolf stories out there. You have my interest! I look forward to hearing from you if you should allow me the honor!

Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding) (gilesamadding) | 25 comments I would love to read and review this, if there are still copies available.
My email is:


message 10: by Lotta (new)

Lotta Bangs | 23 comments Sounds interesting. I would like to read for review, please. I’m at SW too, so can easily review there as well. PDF is what I want.

message 11: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy (katyas-69) Lotta, what is SW?

Paula | 34 comments Katy wrote: "Lotta, what is SW?"
I think SW is smashwords :)

message 13: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy (katyas-69) Ah, yes, I love Smashwords, but unfortunately you need to have a) purchased the book there or b) the book to be free at the time you want to review it in order to do so. I wish they had a better search feature, and a wishlist feature, but if given the option, I'll always pick up the book there - like I did this one, as a matter of fact!

message 14: by Lotta (new)

Lotta Bangs | 23 comments Sorry, Katy, I have had problems with my inbox since Gmail separated it into three section and trying to keep up with the personal one, I’ve neglected the others.
Yes SW is Smashwords, and you’re right that they expect you to download/purchase a book before you’re allowed to review. We probably should have done this with a coupon.
Mark Coker has recently been updating the site. I’ve noticed a very slight change in the Dashboard color scheme. Perhaps if we petition him or flood him with emails at he will arrange to allow R4Rs to be accepted there, maybe with some special code that gets the reviews through their filters.
I love Smashwords too and recommend it to everyone I know. It’s nice to have the smaller independent distributors around and we should all try to help keep them going, otherwise the Amazon giant will get even more dictatorial to Indies than it already is.

Satarupa (cutesatarupa) I would love to review it, if it's still available. thanks!

Satarupa (cutesatarupa) Is it still available?

Satarupa (cutesatarupa) I really enjoyed the book, thanks for this opportunity.

Here is my review -

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