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How do you Imagine the Characters now?

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Eloise Whittingham I thought Peeta would be taller and better looking and Gale to look kind of unkept when I was reading the books. So I guess my perception of the characters has been changed a little. But oh well, I like Josh and Liam playing the characters anyway.

Helen and Daisy Harris Katniss and Peeta look just like Jennifer and Josh! The other characters, well, the film came out before I read the books, so I guess my visions of them were based on the actors. However, Buttercup would, I think, look like Crookshanks from Harry Potter. Anyone agree?

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Tomas Jimenez I Imagine a feeling of awkwardness between katniss and peeta. peeta was pretty much rejected from katniss, because of this I think peeta feels betrayed by katniss also. But I feel katniss is scared and fearing of what the goverment will do to her, peeta or their families for pretty much cheating the system.

Olivia I still imagine them the way I did before I saw the movie. I guess those images are so ingrained in my brain that they are dominant; I don't know. I think Jennifer Lawrence looks pretty much like the Katniss I imagined, though. I totally agree that Buttercup should have looked different in the movie. I didn't imagine him quite like Crookshanks, but I'm pretty sure that's the color he was supposed to be.

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