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Green Leaves for Later Years: The Spiritual Path of Wisdom
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message 1: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob | 81 comments Later years and autumn leaves seem to go together, so the title of this work caught my attention--GREEN leaves for later years? Emilie Griffin writes this reflection on what it means to live wisely into our later years, exploring the spirituality of later life.

One of the first issues she explores is that of chronic pain, as a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis. Those who haven't lived with chronic pain or someone who lives with it, doesn't understand and Griffin explores the annoying suggestions such people give. But there is more, she explores the spirituality of pain, and the learning to live within one's limits.

In subsequent chapters she explores happiness, grief, loss, and anger, friendship, aging, goals, following Christ, and living toward one's own death. Along the way, she tells stories of biblical characters like Abraham and Sarah, historical figures like John Henry Newman, and contemporary figures including Peter Drucker, Avery Dulles, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter to illustrate living well into the later years. A few themes seem to weave through these chapters--contentment and living in the present, that we prepare for our later years in the early years of life--physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, the blessedness of good friendships, and the chance later years afford to try new things.

This is a gentle and wonderful exploration of "finishing well." The author includes a brief personal memoir as a model of writing a memoir of one's life, and a list of other books on aging. Her discussions and recommendations of Erik Erikson's work on the later years makes me eager to read him.

A concluding note: this book was recommended by my wife and this review is written on the 35th anniversary of our wedding day. If I live with "green leaves" into later years, it will no doubt be due significantly to my wonderful companion in life!

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Love this, Bob! Thank you for sharing!

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