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Beta reader for erotic literary fiction

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message 1: by Self (new)

Self Realized (selfrealized) | 5 comments Who are you? Is God, Satan, hell, heaven, death, twin flames, soul mates, psychic powers, aliens and much more real? Are we in heaven, hell, dimension school, prison, purgatory, or is this all the same, but worded differently?.. I would like a beta reader to read and be apart of this soon world best seller. Will you be able to say I was the beta reader for that book o my god.....

message 2: by Nic (new)

Nic (nicbookpanda) | 4 comments Hi, I'm sort of intrigued by your post, I'd love to beta read your book. My email is :)

message 3: by Self (new)

Self Realized (selfrealized) | 5 comments Hi Nicole. I sent a email to you. My email is

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