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Book stores and libraries > Does anyone have any info about the membership at the Anna Library ?? And Lending books over there ??

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message 1: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Enoch (failedhumanity) | 11 comments Would love some info.

message 2: by Jey (new)

Jey | 2 comments I have been nagging the people at the library ever since they started allowing the public in (over 2 and a half years ago). I've always been fobbed off with excuses, cataloging, fees decision and stuff. The last time I went the staff threw up their hands in despair and said they had no clue what was holding it up.
I was VERY disappointed. I think it's been stonewalled on purpose.

message 3: by Jey (new)

Jey | 2 comments And btw, you can only read books in the library. No taking 'em home. :/

message 4: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Enoch (failedhumanity) | 11 comments Yes I went a couple days ago and they said its not happening :|

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