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message 1: by Jan (last edited Jun 06, 2013 08:32AM) (new)

Jan (janmerry) | 69 comments Hi all you Aussie Book lovers. I'd like to introduce you to my book of short stories in Kindle with a total of 72 pages.The stories are all based around one family as they move around Victoria during a time of upheaval for them and Australia. I hope you enjoy them and any feedback would be great.My Amazon author page is:

I'm still working my way around the Goodreads site, so any pointers?

message 2: by Mish (new)

Mish | 3495 comments Place of Many Birds by Jan Merry

Here's the link to your book on Goodreads.

message 3: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 67677 comments Mod
Here's the link to your book on Amazon Jan...congratulations:)

message 4: by Jan (new)

Jan (janmerry) | 69 comments Brenda wrote: "Here's the link to your book on Amazon Jan...congratulations:)"

Thank you for your help Mish and Brenda.

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