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Steak Scene
Natalie Natalie Jun 06, 2013 06:22AM
Anyone wanna comment on the steak dinner scene w/Sean where he is invited to dinner by someone who wants to threaten him? Anyone else find it ironic that Sean and Connor are later reunited thru Sean's uninvited appearance at Christie's Humanity Project meal where she wants to help people like him but hasn't invited any?

Good question !

Yes! The ending! What was that? Did that boy really say and do those things or did she just make that up? Opinions, anyone?

The book was pretty crazy, wasn't it, Natalie? So, steak man follows Sean in his car and it sounds like maybe Sean took the wrong road up the mountain and ended up on a logging road or something. Then he veered off the road. So, steak man just went home then? I felt like I missed something there. Later Sean turned up in the "no trespassing" field.

I thought Sean turned up at the meal but Connor didn't realize he was there. It was only when Kristie had the directions and had Connor drive her car to find Sean. Also a bit weird.

I also question the epilogue. What really happened in the bathroom? Did Leanne know the gunman or was that in her head?

Lorrie My friend also read the book. She says that the boy really did do the things and fantasized about her being his girlfriend. She was not. He let her go ...more
Aug 22, 2013 12:04PM

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