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Theresa  (tsorrels) Ok to post spoilers here.

Please remember to uncheck the "Add to my Update Feed" option before submitting your post.

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Theresa  (tsorrels) Is anyone reading this yet? Planning to?

What do you think so far?

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 113 comments I've read it before - and the series is one of my favorites - but I definitely plan to read it again. I may start later this week. I could go on for hours about how awesome Dante and Von are though. ;)

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Nia | 22 comments I'm on page 250 of the book. But I haven't touched it for a week now. It was exciting for the first 100-150 pages, but I keep loosing interest.

The book is not bad, actually I like the authors' writing style. But there is something about the plot, that just doesn't grip me.

And I'm not really into the characters.
Heather lacks personality, while Dante ist surely interesting but he is a bit too much this clichéd beautiful oh-so-tragic hero. I would have loved him when I was 16, but now I'm not too impressed. Which is sad and I hope that will change in the second half of the book, because I really want to like him.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) Gasp!
I don't even know how to respond, Nia! :)
I read this book back in February, and would LOVE to read it again, though I don't know if I'll get to it this month. But I'm excited to join in the conversation.

My guess, Nia, is that if you're not hooked now, you probably won't be. I absolutely could not put this book down, and then immediately went out and bought the sequel.

I love the dark tone. This book is just so beautifully atmospheric. Hearbreakingly so.

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Elena I just finished it. What a ride!
I loved the book. I like the combination of vampires and fallen angels characters. Lots of action.
I don't inmagine Heather as it is shown on the cover of the book (is that suppose to be her?). That had me confused for a while.
I am fairly new to this genres having read only a couple of urban fantasy before (Sunshine, some of Jim Butcher books, and Twightlight), but I find this book a complete different league.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 113 comments Elena, Adrian had no input into the covers, so no, it isn't really Heather. It's a poor representation of the book, IMHO.

Glad to hear that you loved it though. Now you have to run out and find In the Blood. Brilliant!

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Elena Yes, the cover is a bad representation of the book. Thanks for telling the fact that the author had no input on it. I didn't know that could happen.

I already downloaded In The Blood in my Kindle.

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Nia | 22 comments The cover is strange... When I odered the book at our bookstore, my collegue flashed me a very stange glance. *g*

Jamie ~ Bad Boy Inspector (jamie_badboyinspector) | 4 comments I LOVED this book and couldn't put it down!! Dante is such a great character and I laugh my butt off at Von. This was my first Urban Fantasy and I loved the dark nature of the read. It was totally different than anything I have read before. LOVED IT

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Dawn (dawnv) | 367 comments Dante maybe tragic but I love it LOL. I admit that while I thought Heather was interesting Dante did more for me - FBI profiler and a lead detective?? The only down side was not another Creole vampire and I did not know there was a glossary at the end of the book because there were a few lines that I was clueless. Regardless once I looked past that the book really worked for me. I also liked that there was not a lot of sex but sexual tension and the book was kind of dark. I also like the whole fallen angle I think the only other fantasy book I have seen that is in Richelle Mead's Succubus series. The thing I did appreciate about Heather is fact that she did not fully buy into the vampire world all at once she had to struggle with and I also like that she was so torn between how to save Dante yet she knew he could kill her without even meaning too.

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Elena She was also torn between how to save Dante, and knowing that killing him, or turning him in, would be the right thing to do.

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Ebby Wilhelm (ebbunny) | 13 comments Decided to go ahead and get this since it was getting such good reviews. Let's just say my hunny wasn't happy with me cause I didn't pay attention to him until I read the last word. So excited that I can go get the next book in the series. All thought I wish I knew about the glossary before hand cause I felt like I was missing something- like I joined in a conversation that was already started. However, I loved it and will be getting the next one on my next book run.

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Theresa  (tsorrels) Ebby, a friend that read the book said there is a glossary at the back of the second book.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 113 comments They both have glossaries at the book - perfect for those of us who know absolutely no French. ;)

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments I just finished this a week or so ago and I'm a bit torn about it. I like the level of violence and how up close and personal we were to it. I liked the style of the writing, the tone and the world that we were introduced to. The idea of Angels and Vampires, etc. really makes me think and wonder about all the other places that world can go.

I have to admit, I don't really like Heather all that much. More to the point, I don't feel like I really KNOW her enough to decide if I like her or not. We know the story of her mother, we know bits and pieces about her sister but what do we know about who HEATHER is? She was very reactive, as opposed to taking action and being proactive. It was hard for me to really go along with her when most of what she was doing was simply becoming aware of another character's actions and reacting to that instead of making her own choices.

Dante did have the clichéd bad boy thing going- something that I have never really been attracted to. However, I did like him. There's something very "woobie" about him that I adored and wanted to spend more time with him. I think Adrian Phoenix either has a thing for bondage collars or she wants US to have a thing for them- she mentioned that he wore one about 8 million times.

I did love the fact that he is actually young. I'm tired of the 800 year old vampire or the immortal from ancient Egypt or whatever. This was very refreshing and made a lot Dante's actions and decision make a lot of sense. He doesn't have the kind of world experience that many vampire characters have and it's really cool to watch his reactions and how he changes as he starts to get that experience.

I'm not sure what to think about the sci-fi aspect of the story. This is certainly a different version of our world, if not slightly in the future. The issue with the credit card stick things was one element. One the one hand, I LOVE that she created this world and just ran without, without a whole lot of "and this is this and that is that and this is because of this" that a lot of Urban fantasy seems to think it needs to tell it's story. But there were times where knowing for certain that we were in an AU of this world or in the future or whatever would have helped clarify certain story elements.

I didn't feel like I was in New Orleans. It felt like the author believed that just telling us it was set in New Orleans was enough to paint the picture. Very few locations were given a real descriptive treatment and I found myself forgetting that I was in NO,LA.

I found it distracting that I had to keep flipping to the back to translate what Dante was saying. Every time I had to look in the back, I was pulled right out of the story.

I felt the ending was a bit too quick, a bit too easy and somewhat tacked on. I understand that it's part of a series but I would like to have had a bit more resolution before moving on to the next book.

Also, while I felt the sex between Heather and Dante was very hot and very well written, the way they GOT to bed felt forced to me. Heather wasn't nearly fleshed out enough for me to be a true 3-dimensional character and her decision to have sex with Dante just didn't feel like something that the character we had been presented with at the point would do.

It's like the author knew that she needed to get them in bed and that it was a given that they would sleep together so she didn't work very hard to make it plausible in the text. At least to me.

And I'll admit that I found that scene hot but it held less weight than it should have in my mind because it was not as grounded as it could have or should have been.

I did like the writing style. I did like the author's voice. I have the second book and am looking forward to reading it, with the hope that now that the characters have been introduced, we might get some real character and world building. I want to know more and I hope that she'll give that to us.

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Kieraanne This book was okay. A little darker than I prefer with the torture and such but I still liked it well enough. I wasn't really feeling the chemistry between the main two characters though, especially with the age difference...I'm just not into 23 year olds when the girl is 31...I've never really liked younger guys...I thought Lucien should have been the interest instead. I agree that I probably would have liked Dante a lot more when I was 16, but he just seemed really young to me. I prefer grown men as the love interest. I agree that the sex scene seemed a little forced, there wasn't enough build up between the two characters to make that believable in anything other than a "we've both been through something violent and now I'm kind of horny" way. Hopefully their relationship will get better/more believable in the next book.
I also agree that the New Orleans setting wasn't elaborated/described enough to give it that distinctive flavor most stories set there have. Except for the constant flow of cajun this could have been set anywhere. I was glad that I have taken french before though so I didn't have to keep flipping to the back like Alison said as I agree that is very distracting from the story.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) I was halfway through a very long post responding to Alison's post, and then internet explorer crashed. GRRR!!!!
I lost my oomph and had no desire to retype everything.

But Alison, I really liked your post. I've been wanting to really get into a good discussion about this book! Kieraanne, I appreciate your post as well. I like to read (substantiated) dissenting opinions about things I like. I enjoy a good natured debate. Hopefully I'll recharge and be able to respond to both of your comments tomorrow.

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments Kieraanne- I think you may have hit the nail on the head, regarding the age difference. While I enjoyed the fact that he was a young vampire, I didn't like that she was older than he was. I think it would have worked better for me if he had been the same age. He was "cool" and all but he still had that young feel to him that made it not quite fit for me.

Lucien and Heather would have been VERY interesting but that would go back to the trope of the older (much, MUCH older) supernatural creature and the relatively younger woman that, as I said before, I am a little tired of.

Nichole- I'm glad you liked it! I really like to talk books and story, debate opinions and such. I hope you find your oomph and make your longer post. :)

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Adrienne Nichole::i'm really looking forward to reading your post::as you may know this is one of my all time favourite books::along with In the Blood::unfort. i have to go to work now so i'm restricted by time as to how much i can post::i am interested to know why people had problems with the age difference::it's only 8 years no big thing::certainly not great enough to be considered sleazy::i think the important thing is that besides Lucien,Von and the *family* Heather is probably the only person who accepts dante and tries to understand why he is the way he is::she uses her training to work thru things::a younger woman::say the same age:: would not have had the experience to do this::and the story line would have therefore not unfolded in the way it did::infact i feel the story would have been impossible with a younger character for Heather::
i would really like towrite more but time dictates::i will try to catch up later this evening::

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments Adrienne- It's interesting that you assumed I'd want Heather to be younger and not for Dante to be older. Huh. Heather did not need to be younger, IMHO. In fact, I wish she had been a bit older and more experienced in the agency. Her position and the length of time she spent on that case doesn't make a whole lot of sense if she's only about 31.

I think it would have been more interesting to ME if Dante had been 30 or so. There is something about men that young that just isn't all that attractive to me. *shrug* There is a level if immaturity in Dante (and in most 23 year old guys that I know/have known) that annoys me rather than turns me on, good looking or not. I think a few years of life would polish off some of that immaturity and really create a character I could get behind completely.

Your point is dead on the money- a younger version of Heather would have been epic fail here. Because Dante is SO broken, I feel (and again, just my opinion here) that having him a bit more seasoned would have made his story more interesting. I mean, he's been away from the project for how long? And he has a record contract. And he has a night club. But it doesn't really seem like he has a lot of real world experience. He's been trapped in a very bizarre reality for his entire life. A Dante who has been on his own, out in the real world for a few years (and by that I mean five or MORE) who has had a few of the rough edges smoothed but is still that broken guy- that Dante is much more appealing. Maybe it's that I've never been the kind of person to fall for the "live fast, die young" kind of guy. I don't know.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the rest of your comments. :)

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 113 comments Oh, I've got to weigh in as well, as I'm in the same camp as Adrienne and Nichole, in that I love this book. I love Dante's character on many levels. Physically, he's basically my ideal (height aside) so that doesn't hurt his appeal. However, what I love is his mix of strength and vulnerability and his devotion to those he cares about. Yes, he is young and there are some things that he does where this is evident, but on the whole I think his life's experience have forced him to grow up and mature to age much more than his physical one. As a result, I have no issue with the age difference between them (we see the reverse all of the time, so I wonder why this on sticks out for some). And as Adrienne pointed out, everyone sees and falls for Dante for what he looks like, never scratching the surface to really get to know him - until Heather (and, of course, his 'family'). Their relationship develops more in In the Blood, but I think this book did a good job of establishing the foundation of their connection and attraction to each other.

Of course I appreciate that different things appeal to different people and I'm a sucker for the dark and tortured souls. So Adrian's world is perfect for me.

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Kieraanne I agree with Alison re: Dante's age. I don't think the age difference made the romance at all "sleazy" I just have never been really attracted to guys that much younger than me (again if I had read this when I was 16 then maybe I would have had a different opinion of him). I would not have liked Heather to be younger as then both characters would have been too immature to really capture my interest. I was also surprised by how far she had come in the FBI to have only been 31...for awhile the book implied that she may have only been 28, in which case it would be VERY surprising for her to be the lead investigator on a serial killer case (no matter who her father is), which must be her first real case on the job. So I agree with Alison that it would have been more interesting to ME also had Dante had a few more years under his belt away from his traumatic childhood.

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Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) Okay, I wrote this post out in Word first so if my internet explorer decided to crash I wouldn’t have to kill anyone. :) This turned out really long, so I think I’ll split it into two posts. Hope everybody’s ready!

I’ll start by saying I really, really, really loved this book and wouldn’t change a single thing about it. For me it was perfect. However, I do see most of the points that everyone has made. I agree with some and disagree with others. Alright, here we go.

1. Yes, the setting is vaguely futuristic. In this book, it’s really just those few mentions of credit sticks or whatever. In the next book there are a few more little details to help set it in the future. For example, Heather is looking at an old photo of her parents from before she was even born, and Phoenix mentions their “neo-90’s” haircuts. In another place, someone at the club is wearing a “vintage” TV on the Radio t-shirt. (For those who don’t know, TV on the Radio is a contemporary indie band. I think their first album came out 2 or 3 years ago, so they’re definitely not ‘vintage’ yet.)

I really love the way she set it in the future but wasn’t super obvious about it. I think the fact that the world is just a teeny bit different from ours really adds to the dark and mysterious tone. I really liked that she never comes out and says what year it is, it’s just sort of a vague feeling of ‘other-ness.’ And the way she did it so subtly makes it so it doesn’t detract from the story. I’ve read more than one really good urban fantasy book that could have been great had it not gotten so bogged down in its own world building. (For example, Magic Bites or Working for the Devil.)

2. Alison – I read your opinion of Heather and thought, “Hmm. She’s right.” Heather wasn’t really as developed as she could have been. Normally I really hate poorly developed characters. In this case it didn’t bother me. I don’t know why, but it could have been because there were sooo many other things going on, there just wasn’t really time for that. Also, I think this book is a little bit more about Dante than it is about Heather or even their relationship. It’s not as important to dig into her psyche since we’re getting so much about Dante, though I agree that it would be nice to develop her character a little bit further.

Same with the sex scene. When you mentioned that it seemed like it wouldn’t have realistically happened at that point in the story, you’re totally right. Again, I didn’t notice that while reading, probably because I was so ready for it, lol. But you’re totally right – it was too soon and didn’t quite make sense with the timeline and Heather’s character. However, it really did need to happen at some point, or some of us would have thrown our books across the room, so I can forgive her for that as well. I don’t really know when else she could have done it without having to put it off until a later book.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) My super long post/doctoral thesis, part two:

The age thing. It kind of surprises me that people are so bothered by the age difference. I really liked it. Older men with younger women is so common, I think it’s fun when things are the other way around. And it wasn’t like Heather was 40 and Dante was 18. I’m a little burned out on vampire novels where 1000 year old guys end up with 24 year old women. I really liked that Dante was young. It was new and refreshing.
I also think it was necessary. Seems like everyone agrees that Heather’s character wouldn’t have worked if she were any younger, but I don’t think Dante’s character would have worked if he had been any older. I think his immaturity was the point. He’s young, and he’s drifting and he’s not in control of his life, really. Yeah, he has his band and his club, but he’s been relying on Lucien (and, to some extent, Von) for a lot of that. He’s just been too emotionally scarred to really be able to function normally, and I just don’t know if that would have worked if he’d been Heather’s age. I also don’t know if that would have been realistic, to still be that in the dark about his past at that age. 23 is young, it’s still kind of an age of discovery. I think if he had been any older, we would have expected him to be more in control. I also don’t know that it would have made as much sense with his image, as far as the young, beautiful rock star.

What Alison said about having an older, more seasoned but still broken Dante… that just would have been a completely different character and one I think we’ve seen multitudes of times before. It would have been Z from Black Dagger, or Zarek from Dark Hunters (or so I hear, I haven’t actually read that) or any number of other 30-something, tortured vamp heroes. (And yes, I realize those examples are not actually in their 30s, they’re more like in their hundreds, but let’s face it. Someone that old would not act like anyone we’ve ever met before. They are essentially and for my purposes in their 30s.) Dante’s youth is what makes him stand out from the crowd, it’s what makes him so vital and so compelling.
I guess a lot of people see him as a stereotypical “bad boy”, the motorcycle riding guy in leather that you don’t take home to mom, and they don’t find that attractive. I don’t really see that. I see a young, confused and vulnerable boy trying to be a man, but he doesn’t have anything to build on. He has basically no memory of where he came from, and he’s struggling to hold his life together with no foundation. I think it’s amazing he got as far as he did, and it would be unrealistic for him to have any semblance of sanity or ability to function in the real world if he were any older, without having had any kind of outside assistance. I think he would have fallen apart by age 30, and the only reason he has a chance now is because of Heather.

Phew! Sorry, guys. I have never written a post any where near that long before. Holy cow.

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Adrienne Nichole::i really enjoyed reading your post/s youv'e covered much of what i think/would like to say ::except far better than i ever could::your second post especially says everything about Dante that i feel::so i'm not going to repeat post::
TBH i hadn't even thought/considered/bothered about , the time in which it was set (normally i need to know where in time/place i am)::the piece about Troy being a WebMaster,( i think she calles him?) was the only time it crossed my mind::guess i was just too eager to move on with the story::
the sex scene for me was fine::i've read so many books where the sex stikes me as being really out of place/wrong place/at the wrong time::and i didn't think *OMG how pathetic , as if they do that there etc etc* which is the case with some books ::i'm glad it wasn't a graphic over the top scene either as i think that may have killed it for me::
i like heather alot altho at first i kept getting images of agent Scully from the ex-files coming to mind::so i had to quickly dispose of her image::with regard t oherbackground etc sometimes i think authors like to take us to a world at a particular time::i guess a little like a snapshot:: you don't know what hapened immeadiately before it was taken::sometimes i find i don't like to know too much about a charater, but that's just me::
i really enjoyed this book::i like Dantes vulnerable and at times, a little niave, character:: i like his tenderness towards heather::i also enjoyed the way in which his history is/was being drip fed to us::so that we learn about him in snippets rather than having the *all to often* usual *i'm going to explain it all in bulk before i run out of steam/forget what i want you to know* type thing::
i genuinly enjoyed this book::and enjoyed In the Bloodeven more::
i appreiciate that everyone has different expectationss from their reading material::and i make no apologies for loving these books:) ::

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Cathy  (cathygreytfriend) | 55 comments I wrote in my review that I was totally happily surprised by this book. I'd had the impression somehow that it was light romance, and boy was I wrong. I enjoyed that the paranormal elements were used in new and unexpected ways (the Elohim and their songs?). The story is some ways is only incidentally about vampires. Yes, Dante was targeted because of his potential power, but the story was more about control and greed and love, etc. Human emotions, just with some not entirely human players. I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded and kept me eager to turn the page. I'm very interested to see where she goes with it next, now that our damaged boy has slipped his chains.

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments Nicole: I totally agree with you re: future setting. I haven't read the next book yet (although I do have it) so I didn't have those little details. There are too many books that get lost in their own worlds and this was refreshingly subtle about it not existing in the same time as our own world.

About Heather's characterization- I wish there had been more character building for her. While I agree that the book is more about Dante, we are still setting up a larger story that is about the two of them. If I don't feel very invested in her, why would I want her around in book two? And if I don't have a clear picture of who she is as a character, why would I want her with Dante?

I don't want Heather to feel like the "love'em and leave'em" type of girl. The kind of character that shows up in James Bond movies that he sleeps with one and then we never see again. She's supposed to come back so I need to WANT her to come back and to be with our boy Dante. And for me, a lot of what happened with her in this story felt forced- the author needs Heather to be here or to do that and even if it doesn't fit into the story as well as it could or should, the author does it anyway. The saving grace here is that the plot is so engaging that I wouldn't have put it down for anything, weak character work or not.

I want to make it clear that I liked this book. A lot of my complaints were details that I saw but they weren't enough to either make me put the book down OR keep me from reading the next book. I also gave my copy to a friend to read.

I also agree with Nicole- I am tired of the 1000 y.o. vamp or whatever with the 20-something chick. It's been done and it's now been overdone and I'd like it to stop.

Your comment about his immaturity being the point is a good one- it makes a lot of sense, regarding his actions or inactions, as the case might be. As I said above, I like that he was actually young. I just didn't think that pairing him with Heather was the right choice there- it didn't feel right to me. Not sleazy or weird, just not right, if that makes any sense.

Very interesting re: your POV about the older vamps all being in their 30's. I think I'm with you in terms of seeing them all in that age range, no matter how old they really are. I think that might be a side-effect of watching Highlander as a teenager and making all immortal heroes Duncan in my head. *snerk*

Adrienne- Holy crap, you too? I totally saw her as Scully in my head. When Phoenix described her long hair, I thought to myself "no, she has short hair- oh, wait..." I am glad I'm not alone. :)

Never apologize for what you love. I think that applies for what you don't love as well.

Catherine- You are dead on the money- greed, control, power- that's what they wanted from the project and they were willing to do whatever they had to do to get it. Dante was a kid and they didn't care, which to me is terrifying, much more so than of the threat of vampires.

I was glad Phoenix didn't dwell too much on the vampirism (it's a bit overdone) but I'm glad that she didn't make him a vampire in name only (like some other unnamed books). I really enjoyed Phoenix's take on vampires and I find myself wanting to know a lot more about the people with the tattoos, about Von and his role in this world- I haven't seen this before and it's so cool.

I am really enjoying this conversation. This is the first time I've joined in on any goodreads discussions and am really having a great time! You are all awesome and I wanted to thank you for letting me come and play in the sandbox with you all!

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments DarkHeart- I don’t know if I agree that Heather knows who he really is. I think that she WANTS to know and that might be the truly important aspect of her character. She doesn’t want the rock star or the biker guy or even the vampire part- she’s drawn to the vulnerable, sensual part of Dante, who he is as a person. The fact that he isn’t able to open up to anyone is really a roadblock for her re: reaching her goal and I think you’ve helped me figure out why the placement sex scene felt so forced to me.

I think that Heather sees what other people see/want from Dante and she doesn’t want to be those people- focusing on the physical with no real regard for the spiritual/psychological. But when she has sex with Dante, she doesn’t know much more about him then when she started, not in the sense that she knows him as a person. So her desire to know him has not been fulfilled and it seems like she is acting on her lust for his physical form more than she is acting on her attraction to Dante as an individual being. She’s becoming the person that she DID not want to be when this all started and yet this is not seen as a bad thing.

Her action to have sex with Dante would go against that character aspect without anything really backing up that change of heart within the story, other than sheer lust.

Later in the novel, she does work very hard to find out more, although due to story constraints a lot of her discovery is away from Dante and is mostly historical fact in nature. But she is still seeking out who he is as opposed to just accepting who he wants people to think he is. Intriguing.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 113 comments Yeah, I probably didn't express that very well. You're right, in the short time she's known him, she doesn't know him all that well - but she sees beyond the physical side of him (although of course still sees that). But I don't think the fact that she's attracted to him makes her the equivalent of everyone else. It is part of who he is, and she's attracted to the whole package. Yes, it may have resulted in her falling into bed with him sooner than she would have normally, but I still think they saw something in each other which made it different than any old one night stand. They both have a need to save and protect people, which I think also plays heavily into their initial attraction to each other.

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Adrienne i have always felt that heather has never been attracted to Dante in the way that everyone else is:: at one point in the book she seems quite surprised and somewhat puzzled by the aura and charisma surrounding him::and why people want to get up close and personal with him:: i think it has something to do with the fact that besides Lucien only heather has the ability to silence/make calm Dantes mind::

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Amanda Hill (peanutty_hillgirl) | 3 comments I was like holy crap! at the end and rushed to the computer to see if it was a series cause it just couldn't end there. happily enough, there is more! Loved the book! felt a bit slow in the beginning though.

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Al (wanderingalpaca) I just finished this book last night and I'm also one of the ones that is kind of torn on what to think.

To start out I was honestly afraid that it was going to be heavily romanced so the level of violence and fantasy was definitely a plus for me.

I loved, *loved* Lucien (once I got over his name...and Dante's...I always feel bad that I get really turned off by cliche character names but it makes me lose a little trust in the author. The fact that Heather made a wisecrack about the naming convention still isn't sitting that well with me either..but that's a whole other discussion). I think Lucien and Trey were my favorite characters. I liked that the background characters didn't seem to be made out of cardboard. In fact I wish that I'd been able to see more of Trey.
I don't like Heather. I tried. I'm hoping that it was a case of not having her developed enough like most of you pointed out. Her reactions to finding out that the CCK had been in the same room as her were a complete let down for me. You have a guy that you're tracking for three years that you're devoting your career to and you find out that you were standing right over him with no true breakdown? It was an emotional letdown for me and that's the way I often felt with Heather. She was there but not engaging. I could feel Dante's pain and Lucien's hurt but I could never really tap into Heather's emotions. I felt like I was always getting a surface read from her with no true oofmph behind it (if that makes sense).
That being said I'm going to pick up the next one because I am still curious. There are enough characters that I have a vested interest in that I want to know more.

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments Adrienne- Do you think that Heather's confusion about Dante's attractiveness is connected to the fact that things go quiet when she's around? That maybe whatever vibe he's sending out or whatever signal he gives off, she's immune to it, at least in the way that other people are affected by it? If she doesn't pick up what he's sending out, then she is actually able to see him for what/who he is rather than the image that is projected.

Maybe this effect is something that the vampire element of Dante's DNA uses to draw in prey for feeding, whether Dante takes advantage of it or not. If so, the fact that Heather is immune to it makes me wonder about HER genetic background- is she more than she knows? Is there a reason that she doesn't fall for the predator's trap and if so, what could that reason be?

This could make for a very interesting story line connected to the research element from the first book- what was the ultimate goal of the research on Dante and was there some other element to it that was not apparent on the disks or in the research that Heather read? Is there perhaps someone higher up that was pulling the strings that we have not met yet with a grander agenda?

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments Allegory- I agree about the cliché names- that was one of the first things that hit me about this book. I feel the same way about names with weird spellings too.

I liked Trey a lot as well- oddly enough, I feel that he almost had more character than Heather. How he became a vampire and his relationship with his sister was really interesting and I would love to know more about him.

I think you hit the nail on the head re: Heather- she was very surface, which was really obvious when you set her next to Dante. There was so much internal work with Dante and Lucien that Heather's lack of depth was amplified.

I wonder what Heather's real role was in the book for the author? Was she simply a device to get us close to Dante? To get him into bed and vicariously know what it would be like to have sex with him? She seemed a bit like a puppet- the person that we are supposed to insert ourselves into the story as but because of that, she lacked the depth that other characters seemed to have.

I don't think she's an author's self-insertion character or a Mary Sue but she does have that hint of "this is supposed to be you, dear reader".

I, too, will be reading the next book because I'd like to know what happens next. I'm curious to see if the author tightens the world and the writing- some second and third books are as good or better than the first.

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Alison Diem (miriad79) | 15 comments DarkHeart- Okay, I see where you're coming from re: need to save people. Excellent point.

The crime scene where he covers Gina's body with the coat seemed to really affect Heather to the point of her standing up for him with the NOPD. His behavior there really made Heather think about who he really was vs. who she was led to believe he was.

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