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message 1: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments How would the anime Akira qualify as cyberpunk when it features psychic powers/telepathy? Wouldn't it fall under under fantasy, or at the most sci-fi fantasy? Also, there is no really sci-fi element in it.

message 2: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments Oh, I wasn't looking for aliens or time-travel, but I thought of it as cyberpunk, like Ghost in the Shell, but I saw that the telepathy powers were not due to a neurological implant or anything that could be explained as an outcome of advanced technology. If the technology portrayed is not new, unprecedented, then it cannot count as SF even if it is set in the future, simply because it is set a hundred or thousand years later.

Crime was there, but not technology, or at least, it was not as dominant as cyberpunk requires it to be... That was my main issue.

message 3: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments Reason is, I'm doing my Ph.D. on comparison of classic cyberpunk and feminist cyberpunk and am hoping to include a discussion of animes and manga for it - I don't think Akira will fit the bill, which is why I need to make sure it is acceptable as a research source.

message 4: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments I got this on a site - what do you say?

"Japanese cyberpunk begins here in an over two thousand page epic that took writer and artist Katsuhiro Ôtomo eight years to serialize. It opens with Tokyo blowing sky high, and the action accelerates from there. Kaneda and Tetsuo are disaffected motorcycle gang members, buddies since childhood. When Tetsuo begins to manifest extreme psychic abilities, he and Kaneda become enmeshed in a battle over a mysterious Power called Akira. Soon everybody wants a piece of them: the military, underground resistance movements, some freaky psychic children. . . .

Akira’s cyberpunk connections aren’t digital, they’re visual. Computers, networks, and A.I.s don’t come into play, but the design of the story world vibrates with cyberpunk imagery. It’s a dark, urban maze populated by the disenfranchised poor and their high-tech oppressors. The pyramidal buildings of Neo-Tokyo in particular evoke Blade Runner’s future Los Angeles."

message 5: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments Among Animes I thought Ghost in the Shell is better as an example of cyberpunk - in movies, I'd reckon the Neo-Seoul story in the movie Cloud Atlas is reminiscent of it. The Matrix trilogy, of course. Blade Runner as well...

I'm looking at other animes as well, and if you have recommendations, do let me know :) I have a small list, and I'll see how they go....

message 6: by Lit Bug (new)

Lit Bug | 15 comments No, haven't heard of it, but since you say so, I'll get it and see it - what movies/animes would you suggest?

message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna (AnnaTheHaibane) Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi. Cyberpunk also covers technology having a negative impact on the future of society- Neo-Tokyo in Akira is a great example of this.

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