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message 1: by Brendan (last edited Jun 06, 2013 10:58PM) (new)

Brendan Spratt (brendanspratt) | 5 comments Title: Special Nobody

Special Nobody by Brendan Spratt Special NobodySpecial Nobody

Number of copies available: 15

Formats available: PDF. Kindle gifts.

Word count or pages: 90,000 words

Blurb: At 22, Jason L’Estrange should have the world at his feet.
Instead, he wakes on a dismal hospital ward to discover he’s a broken foot and a multitude of other injuries.
Learning he plunged down the stairs of Dublin’s seediest nightclub, Jason has no recollection if he fell or was pushed and the hospital psychiatrist is questioning if he may have had any reason to jump?
Lonely but filled with hope, Jason wants to take you on his journey.
The invisible boy who sits in the corner of every class, Jason dreams of a future where he doesn’t have to fight to survive.
Struggling with a past littered with unanswered questions and fighting to make his desired destiny a reality, Jason reflects on how the desolate teen that fought to prove he had potential has ended up in a dire situation.

Any content warnings: The book is aimed at older teens 16+ and Young Adults. There are sex scenes but they are not explicit and there is also drug taking and alcohol abuse.

Please post requests below. I will PM you on Goodreads - DO NOT POST your EMAILS here.

No restrictions different from those in the general instructions.
Amazon reviews would be really appreciated.

Looking forward to connecting with y'all in the future,

message 2: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16356 comments Sounds good, and thanks for the 16+ warning.

Anna Kļaviņa (annamatsuyama) | 89 comments May I've a copy?

message 4: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 171 comments Sounds awesome. When I get my review in I will get back to you. Only one book at a time DARN!! LOL

message 5: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Spratt (brendanspratt) | 5 comments Teresa wrote: "Sounds awesome. When I get my review in I will get back to you. Only one book at a time DARN!! LOL"

Great Teresa.
Speak soon :)

Harry (harrykmalone) Brendan, are you still offering copies for review? I'd love to do it. And I'm speedy!

message 7: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Eick | 3 comments Brendan,

If the book is still available, do you want me to review it for you?


Trisha Harrington (trishaharrington) | 101 comments Brenda, I'd love to read and review it for you! :)

message 9: by Lindie (new)

Lindie (lindiedb) | 5 comments I'd love to read it if you still have copies available. My reviews are crossposted on Goodreads, Amazon and my blog.

message 10: by Mark (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mark Pino | 2 comments If you have any more copies, I would be happy to read and review this book. I tend to put my reviews on goodreads.com, my blog, tumblr, and twitter. I'm looking forward to reading it if there are copies still available! Thanks

message 11: by Lolita (new) - added it

Lolita | 32 comments could i have a copy, or is it too late?

i would love to read and review.

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