How A Good Person Can Really Win How A Good Person Can Really Win question

Does one become good after winning?
Anandita Mukherjee Anandita Jun 06, 2013 02:15AM
I think I am a good person and want to be a winner but I also feel that I have streak of a bad person in me :)
I am also looking around me, and I am finding that most people at my station of life are not so good. And it also makes me wonder what are they thinking about I good or bad in their eyes.

I am also wondering that have I achieved whatever I have till now because of this streak of bad in me Or have I become better after my achievement. Lot of wondering is going on im head right now. Any answers??

I think it’s a matter of perception. When we observe someone else and try to judge him/her, we tend to view more bad actions which he might have performed in past or usually does. It is general human tendency. But when we observe ourselves (even if from a third person’s perspective), we always recall our good actions first and are always ready with reasons behind of doing wrong to anybody if at all. Everyone has Good & Bad within themselves. It is the situation and one’s reaction to that situation which establishes the journey to success. And as they say, “Your goodness must have some edge to it - else it is none.”

Your question is very interesting. Every good person has a streak of bad in him and vice versa. The streak of bad gives you a sharpness which may be sometimes required to win in life as long as you use this streak of bad rarely and it doesn't become your predominant mode, it is okay. This is the power of entering evil. You enter to return to goodness.

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