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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer May | 3 comments Wanting to get one was thinking of the Kindle WiFi Paperwhite, is it any good or should i get the cheaper Kindle WiFi 6"? I am so use to reading from a book, how did others find going from a book to a ereader?

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer May | 3 comments well i bought it :D now where is the best and cheapest place to get ebooks?

message 3: by Debs (new)

Debs | 12 comments I have the pearl version it has WiFi and 3g since I got this others have come out. But to be honest I love the one I have I don't think I would go for any other form of e reader i.e. nook, e.readers they don't seem to match up with the size of what the screen I have now. I know what you mean about compared to a book but what I do is read both you cannot beat the smell and hold of a book to me a book should always be around and not disappear for a ebooks,or audio versions. So I do both ebooks and a normal old fashioned book.
Good luck with your decision....

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer May | 3 comments Thank you I got the paperwhite and love it!! I think i will get one for my mum as well for xmas :D

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