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The Warded Man (Demon Cycle, #1)
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message 1: by Cole (new)

Cole (spectyr333) | 107 comments Mod
Lets do this!!!

Malaraa | 117 comments 3rd out 3 on waiting list for library kindle-ness for this, might be a couple weeks before I get my hands on it :)

message 3: by Cole (new)

Cole (spectyr333) | 107 comments Mod
That is okay, it is not mandatory to read after all. It is just better to read wig friends is all. Hope you can get it soon!

Bryan | 93 comments I'm about a quarter of the way through, and enjoying it. The first 50 pages weren't grabbing me, but it started to pick up at about that point. Kind of predictable, but that's not a sin, in my mind. We'll see where Brett takes it.

Bryan | 93 comments Okay, finished it today. It was pretty good, although very predictable (but like I said, that's not necessarily a deal-breaker for me). I thought Arlen got too badass too quickly at the end, even with the time-lapse built in to the narrative. I also thought Leesha bounced back from her "ordeal" a little too fast, although maybe Brett plans on making more of it in later novels. The corelings concept was pretty neat, but other than that the world-building felt a little lacking. All in all, an enjoyable, but not world-shattering novel. I am interested in continuing the series.

Malaraa | 117 comments still waiting, progressed to 2nd in line for it! if everyone keeps it for 2 weeks (the max) I might get it by the end of the month :) that's ok though, I'll just have to catch up on it while reading whatever we pick next month!

Malaraa | 117 comments ok! finally starting this one, I'll catch up quick while we're still deciding what's for July!

Malaraa | 117 comments this was definitely enjoyable, I would also have liked at least one more intermediate scene for Arlen where we could see him changing one step more in between. And yeah, more time between shock/horror of the attack and "hi i wanna make babies with you now even though we just met a couple days ago!" woulda been more realistic. I suppose there's a certain extent to which she might still be running on shock and adrenaline though, things might fall out once the emergency is over. Gonna also pick up next book.

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