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Have you ever seen a skinwalker?
Dave Dave Jun 05, 2013 10:59PM
I haven't. Though I read about them in the Skinwalker Ranch book, based here in Utah, and heard about them years ago from a friend of Native Americans. Apparently the Utes avoid this ranch because the Navajo cursed their land for attacking them, and the skinwalkers (former witch doctors) are the result. I never took werewolves seriously before this book; I'm amazed there's so many news and police reports of this phenomena, and now I believe these are more likely skinwalkers (spiritual hybrid apparitions) than some long-lost species or government or alien experimentation. I've never seen one, but I'll keep my eye open!

I haven't seen anything similar either, whether it be a Native American skinwalker or some other form of wolfman. West Virginia only has one wolfman-like sighting that I know of, which is kind of surprising to me. According to the book, we have the right environment...lots of water, plenty of untouched wilderness, lots of Native burial mounds and other sacred sites, and even military installations. I guess since we have Mothman, Sheepsquatch, the Braxton County Monster and a few others, it wouldn't be fair to be known for our wolfmen as well!

I've also read the Hunt for the Skinwalker book about the Utah ranch and its a fascinating case study in isolated high strangeness.

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Dave Sheepsquatch?!
Feb 10, 2014 07:37AM

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