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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

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Broden entered the little cafe, newspaper in hand. As the beta, he took it upon himself to learn about everything going on in town in a secluded place where he could run over things in his head. The place was practically empty as he took a seat in a comfy cushioned armchair, leaning back and unfolding the newspaper.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) ((I love it, his seriousness ;) ))

Eliza walked in and ordered a latte, she needed to sort her mind, it was bustling with thoughts. Her job was sometimes overwhelming, and she was here to discuss with Broden, the beta male, how to sort it out better, so they knew what was going on. She looked over and saw him, it wasn't hard, they were the only ones here. She sat down across from him, "Broden." She said nodding, in a formal hello.

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((What can I say, he loves his job :p))

At the mention of his name, Broden's head snapped up from the papers. "Eliza." He returned briskly, returning his eyes to the news paper and folded it up. Now that she was here they could get down to business. They needed to discuss their positions with the vampires and casters. His golden eyes followed her as she took a seat opposite him.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) ((Haha, ya... Its a little scary :P))

"Pleasantries mentioned, and now set aside." Eliza started. She felt a little inconfortable sitting in these frotthy seats, she was at least a few inches smaller than him, but it felt like he towered over her. "The werewolves are being rather..... Difficult, they are being rather obnoxious, and acting like they own the place, I reccomened we have a meeting with them?" Eliza said looking at him, with focused eyes, "your thoughts?"

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((Sorry, I made a mistake~ I meant the vamps and casters))

Broden's eyes flickered to hers, an air of authority surrounding him. "The vampires and casters are the worst of our situations right now. We will have to wait and talk to the Alphas before setting any future plans out," He stated, thoughts drifting a little. All he wanted to do was slaughter the darned creatures but the Alpha's order was the Alpha's order. Especially if it came from the werewolves.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) "Yes of course." She looked down, she couldn't meet his eyes, he was higher up then her... But by gender, which to her seemed ridiculous.... To be thinking such thoughts! Shame! She didn't want to go against the alpha... "They are trouble though... So what will we be saying to the alphas?" She asked meekly, even though he wasn't an alpha, she was very subjected to him... Eliza just wanted to know the plans... the darn hellions.

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"Time will tell," He said clearly, raising an eyebrow at Eliza. She seemed quite nervous around him and though he knew he was intimidating to the most strong-willed shifter, she needed to harden up if she wanted to become a successful beta. "How long have you been Beta, Eliza?" He asked, tucking the newspaper in his arm and straightening up.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) She cleared her throat and looked at her watch, " thirteen months, eight days, and seven hours." She said. Time will tell? What was that supposed to mean? "why, exactly?" How did it matter how long she had been beta. She straightened up herself and looked him in the eye, his gold eyes didn't seem so fierce as she once thought.

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((Antonia, I'm making a sexy vampire xD))

Once again, Broden raised an eyebrow attractively. "The Alphas are planning something, and they will choose when and how to tell us." He said, running a hand through his stylishly messy hair. Broden had a golden attraction about him, making him look similar to a greek god due to his tan skin, golden hair and eyes. He cleared his throat, glancing at the counter to see the employee open up the cash register.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) She cocked her head, annoyed, her temper was running short, she gritted her teeth, and smiled flakily, "and we are here today because?" She asked, more than annoyed, was he being cocky? She hated that about guys. Who, not only know they are gorgeous but...l did she Just think that? She cleared her head, by shaking it slightly, she followed his gaze to the cash register. Her eyes narrowed on him, "if all you brought me here today was to tell me the alphas are planning something, thank you, that I already know, and I have a pager, or a cellular device, to would be far more efficient that way than waiting either of our times." She smiled curtly at him, great first impression she thought sarcastically

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"How long have you been an official Beta, Eliza?" Broden's tone changed from serious to outright deadly. His eyes darkened a shade, stature becoming more intimidating than authoritative. He didn't appreciate bad manners or sarcasm, especially coming from the person who he will be working a lot more with in the future. He flexed his fingers, releasing them from their grip on the newspaper.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) "I've already told you Broden, thirteen months, eight days and seven hours." She said back, her eyes darkening. She hated how he used her name like a weapon, she stood up, "are we done here?" She asked cocking her head stiffly to the side, and taking a sip from her latte, who did he think he was? Her tattoo revealed shortly as she took a sip, and brought her hand back down

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"I would recommend an attitude adjustment. Bring you here today was to see what kind of beta you would make for us, but unfortunately, I was disappointed." His words sounded like knives being sharpened, harsh and directly to the point. "Next time I do hope you will improve your behaviour." He gave her one last daring look before raising to his 6"3 glory. Though he didn't exactly tower over her, his intimidating demeanor made him seem scarier than the grim reaper. He strode past Eliza, placing a ten dollar bill on the counter as he walked by. With a tinkle of the door bell, he disappeared through the exit and hopped in his Jeep Wrangler, driving out and away.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) Is that what he suggested?! How dare he?! She was shaking with rage, she was being perfectly reasonable, he was the one who needed to improve his behavior... She wondered how awful his life must have been for him to be so bitter, she didn't give a shit what he thought about her, they've all been through hell, and being a dick wouldn't make anything easier. She looked at her watch, great an hour out of her time waisted. She had places to be and people to see, not everyone had time to waist in a day. If they were to fight who would win... snap out of it. Now. this wasn't her, but he made her so angry, screw him, she planned to repay him, you did not get on Eliza's bad side, and when she did, it would be in front of everyone. She walked on out and got on her motorbike, stupid that she wasted any time on this...

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion strolled into the cafe as if she owned the place, it was the only way not to draw attention to herself. She knew she shouldn't be in here...at all, since this was basically a werewolf/shifter establishment only. Sure it was never said out loud but it was understood. Though rules hadn't stopped her and Cady from sneaking on to shifter land and putting dye in their pool. She wondered if anyone had fallen victim to it yet, it would be something to see. Legion just wished that her twin was here to have been apart of it, they used to pull pranks all the time. Their favorite had been pretending to be each other and confusing the hell out of people. She smiled softly to herself, she and her sister had good times back before...before werewolves and shifters ruined her. Legion never forgave them, nor her parents for allowing Lynx to go through that without her. She reached the front of the line and told the barista her order, walking to the side to wait for it. The sooner she could get out of here the better, the last thing she needed was for a shifter or were to notice that she wasn't one of them.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox had sniffed out the caster girl the second she stepped foot in the cafe. He kept a blank face so he wouldn't alarm his other pack members. he knew who the caster ten feet away from his was. It was Legion Balthasar, second most powerful caster in town...or ever. He didn't quite know which, maybe both? From his spot in the corner of the corner booth, he watched her act like she actually belonged there. He scoffed at her confidence. He didn't necessarily hate the casters, he had never had an issue with them. From where he came from, there hadn't been any in the area. He only first met his first one five years ago when he moved to FallenVale.

Deciding to confront the caster, he waltzed over to her. His smoothness and cockiness was apparent as he approached her. "You don't belong here Balthasar." He said as he leaned against the counter next to her.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion turned her bored gaze to the masculine voice beside her, and her violet orbs darkened considerably. Of course, yet another shifter, though this one was the Alpha not the Beta. Remembering what her and her best friend had just done, she hoped that he would fall victim to their prank. Legion gave him a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes, "Well then I guess it's a good thing my order is to-go, isn't it Playboy?" Oh, she had heard all about the shifter alpha and his...escapades. Thinking about how Cady had just found out that she has the mate of a werewolf, Legion allowed herself to feel pity for the poor girl that had the pleasure of being his mate. She wasn't afraid of him, or anyone in this cafe for that matter. They wouldn't be idiotic enough to try anything with her, the rumors about her and her sister's powers weren't rumors all at. Which they would find out if they pushed her.

Legion didn't want to start a fight, and that wasn't the reason why she had come in here. However, she wouldn't back down if one was instigated, she couldn't.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox gave her a sarcastic smile, "Oh are we giving each other nicknames already, sweetheart?" He asked her, before running a hand through his perfectly mused dark blonde hair, his tattooed arm straining slightly. He was very amused by her calling him a playboy. Mostly because it was very true. Maddox had quite the history with the ladies. More history than he would like to admit to. Part of him hated the way he treated girls because of Madden. He didn't want to disappoint her.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion burst into laughter, he was funny...for a shifter, that is. It was no secret that the Balthasars had a certain disdain for werewolves and shifters of the like. Legion more so than most. Cutting her gaze to his rather muscular arm, she tried not to be impressed with what she saw, "Careful now darling, endearments are the first signs of attachment." She smirked at him slightly, guys like him were commitment phobic...not that she cared. She frowned, definitely not caring for the direction that her thoughts were going. Him and his...past shouldn't matter to her in the least bit.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "And babe and I think we both know, I don't do attachment." Maddox told her with a crooked smile. Maddox didn't really tend to joke around much with anyone other than Madden and her friend, Brody. He had to put on a tough face around anyone other than them. He didn't like showing his more playful side to people, fearing he would look weak in their eyes.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion rolled her eyes and smiled at him, before mocking him, "Well not attachment in the traditional sense, anyways. Besides that you don't seem to have an issue with...who you do." Her hand flew to her mouth as she feigned innocence, "Oops, I meant what...what you do." She heard the door open and turned her head to see a group of shifters with bright blue skin. She bit her lower lip, hard, trying to contain the laughter that was bubbling up in her throat. It seemed that their prank was a success after all, it was times like this that she really missed her twin. Lynx would have loved this.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) maddox shot around to see what she was looking at. his jaw just about hit the floor when he saw some of his pack walk into the shop. "Why the fuck are you blue?" He snapped at them. All playfulness has left him. By the look on his men's faces, this hadn't been something they had done to themselves. it had been done by some outside of the pack. His golden gaze slid back over to Legion, who couldn't contain her laughter, "You wouldn't happen to know who did this now would you sweetheart?" He gave her a pointed look

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Antonia (adf7793) By this time Legion was nearly doubled over and in tears from laughing so hard, but somehow she managed to calm down and straighten herself up. The looks that she was receiving from everyone in the cafe might have helped just a bit, to say they looked upset would be an understatement. Oddly, Legion wasn't worried. Sure she was out numbered, but they were out gunned...so to speak. She shrugged her shoulders, giving him a noncommittal smile, "Perhaps I do, darling, or maybe I'm just amused that Halloween has seemed to some early this year. Avatar, right?" She winked over at the group of blue shifters, before walking over to the counter to grab her drink.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox sent a glare over to his pack members who had been dumb enough to come into public looking like they did. Shaking his head in disbelief, he followed Legion over to the counter. "You know, I got word that we had a trespassing today. They said that it was two casters." He paused, "I only know three casters who are ballsy enough to actually come onto pack territory and pull a prank. One of them has been missing for quite some time and the other two are always up to no good." He narrowed his eyes are her, "have any idea who I'm talking about?" He challenged her.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion could feel the shifter alpha walking along behind her, she could also sense the annoyance pouring off of him in waves. She paid for her drink, and thanked the barista before turning to meet his, no doubt, stoic gaze. She leaned back causally against the bar, looking him directly in his golden eyes to meet his challenge head on. Her violet orbs darkened at the mention of her twin, Lynx was a subject that most people avoided with her. "That's a serious accusation...perhaps you should be working on tightening your patrols." Setting her drink down, she stepped closer to him crossing her arms, "Nonetheless, I actually happen to know exactly who you're talking about." She gave him a cheeky smirk, before picking up her drink once more.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox smirked at her when he saw that she got upset when the subject of her sister came up, "You know it's okay to talk about Lynx." he told her, "Your entire family avoids the subjects and acts like she's dead instead of just hiding out in colorado." Yeah he knew where Lynx was, he'd had a private investigator and his best trackers find her.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion slammed her drink down and was in his face in a flash, her violet orbs were filled with anger, "Don't.You.Dare..." She spat at him, taking his words as a threat, "She's not hiding! My sister is stronger than you will ever know, and when she comes back you will see that. Until then, you and your kind will leave my sister alone, or so help me..." She was shaking in anger, as did the building, like the starting of an earthquake. Coffee pots began shattering behind her as the liquid within the reached unfathomably heated temperatures. She was starting to lose control. Legion was very protective over those that she loved, but her protectiveness over her twin knew no bounds.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx was about to say something sarcastic about Lucas calling her Harry Potter. But when they entered the shop all train of thought left her. Her purple eyes widened in shock as she took in the sight in front of her, "holy shit, who invited the blue man group to the party?" At this point she was doubled over laughing. Her beautiful laugh filled The space and caught the attention of many males in the shop. Their eyes filled with lust and want at the sight of her natural beauty.

Maddox couldn't help but smile at her demonstration of power. He wasn't scared or worried about being caught in the crossfire of it. He was more in awe of her power

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas frowned, not only at the all the looks that his...Lynx was receiving but also at the group of blue shifters in front of him. He growled a warning to all the idiots blatantly gawking at her, however it was too low for Lynx, herself, to hear. With that settled, Lucas' gaze traveled near the counter where Maddox was talking to...Lynx? No, that must be Legion...they were identical! Obviously, since they were twins, but it was still shocking to him as he had never seen them together.

Legion's eyes snapped to the source of the familiar sound of laughter, her rage from the shifter alpha's comment momentarily forgotten. Disbelief was written all over her face, as she gazed at a silhouette identical to her own. Lynx...her twin. Was she really here? She couldn't be, their aunt would have called them...Lynx would have called her. Yet, that was in fact her twin standing directly in front of her. She walked past Maddox without another thought, placing her drink in his hand as she did so, "I did actually, you know I've always been a huge fan of theirs."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox shrugged and took a drink of the coffee that was just put in his hand. It was a little too sweet compared to his straight black but oh well, it was free coffee. Taking another drink he walked over to where the werewolf alpha was. With his shifter hearing, he had heard the warning growl come off him. "Since when are you a guard dog for some little caster?" Maddox asked, rolling his eyes slightly.

Lynx smiled at her amazing Twin. It had been so long since they'd seen each other or talked to each other. Lynx had stopped called two months after she arrived in Colorado. That had been when she had met her lowest point. It had taken a lot of work to get her to the place that she was today. "Still wrecking havoc in my absence I see." She told her sister, "But you're still sticking to amature pranks sis." With a flick of her wrist, the once blue shifters were now a bright purple, "Wow, you guys look like spokesmen for Welch's Grape juice " She said smirking at the shifters.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas arched a brow at the shifter alpha, Maddox, he was always so...smug. Though that was a common alpha trait as Lucas would know. However Maddox was one to talk, Lucas had caught him drinking Legion's coffee, after she had. He gave his fellow alpha a friendly, well friendly enough, smirk, "Since when do you follow one around like a tamed house cat?" Lucas shot back with ease, he and the other alpha had a...taunting relationship, but they both knew the other would have their back at any time.

Legion grinned, she couldn't believe that Lynx was actually here in front of her. It had been so long, to say that she had missed her other half would be a major understatement. She had written Lynx a letter everyday since she had left...Legion hadn't gotten one back, but she had continued to write them anyways. "Well I couldn't let them get used to the silence, now could I?" She teased lightly, "Well, this was Cady's idea..." Legion knew she didn't have to say anymore, she had a problem with telling her best friend and her twin no. She always had. Giggling at the now purple shifters in front of her, she decided to get in on the fun, with a wave of her hand their skin turned into a green hue, "Careful, sis, they might hulk out on you."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Since I get free Coffee out of it." Maddox responded quickly, holding the cup up. he smirked at he other Alpha before turning to watch his pack turn different colors. He about spit his mouth full of coffee out when he saw his pack turn purple than Green. Shaking his head, he knew he could only stand it watch. He was no match for the super-twims, "They really are something." He thought aloud as he watched them. He gaze traveled down Lynx and Legion's frames. They had similar builds, but Lynx was shorted and had a darker look to her. "Think I can get one of them in my bed?" He wagged his eye brows at Lucas, "Or maybe both." He added.

Lynx smiled as the group of shifters turned green. She was having so much fun. It was just like old times. Legion and her always picked on and teased the shifters and werewolves. They both knew that they wouldn't do anything back to them, which made them easy targets. When Legion warned her about them hulking out, Lynx almost peed her pants at the mental image that she got. "Oh my god, they're the jolly green giant."

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Antonia (adf7793) "Who knew that you were so easy to house train, Maddox. I'm sure there are plenty of girls who wish they could have figured that out sooner." Lucas sighed, he didn't like the fact that they were so easily making fools out of his allies. That didn't mean however, that he didn't find it quite hilarious, because he was trying to hold back his laughter. "Yes, they are. I guess we should just be thankful that they're on the goodside of the force." He didn't quite like the way that the other alpha was eyeing the twins, especially Lynx, his wolf began snarling in his head. He ground his teeth at the shifter's question, "I doubt it they seem to have standards, my friend." His eyes narrowed dangerously as and his voice formed a command, "Besides, Lynx is off limits."

Legion had stopped laughing because she had overheard Maddox's comment, she shot him a dirty look. Her meaning was clear, if he thought he had a chance in hell he was wrong. She looked back at her twin, forcing a smile on her face. She wasn't sure why but his words had really upset her, not in the she wanted to cry sort of way, more in a jealous sort of way. Like the thought of him with anyone else irked her more than words could explain. She brushed the feeling off, Lynx was here and Legion wasn't going to let some man whore ruin that for her. "They kind of remind me of toy solders."

One of the shifters eyed the twins wearily, he was regretting even coming out in public at this time. "As much fun as this has been...I would really like to not be green." He suggested hopefully.

Legion snapped her fingers turning them back to their original color, before they were blue. As much fun as she was having she just felt the need to get away from Maddox before she killed him. "I'm going to head out...I'll see you later." She was upset for a stupid reason she couldn't explain and she didn't want to bring her twin down. She turned to Maddox, "I would say you owe me a coffee, but that would require seeing you again. So let's just call the prank thing even." With that she headed for the door.

Lucas chuckled softly, looking at Maddox with a rather amused look on his face, "Well it seems you still have a way with the ladies. I must say I'm quite impressed, you'll have to show me your techniques one day." He punched him lightly in the shoulder, it was a friendly gesture though, "That way I know what not to do, ladykiller." He walked over to Lynx, not liking that she had ended up so far away from him. He wondered if she would blow off their date to chase after her sister. He hoped not.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx pouted when her sister turned the shifters back to their normal color. "Aww, you're no fun." she grumbled, crossing her arms and turning to her sister, but Her face softened when she saw the distressed look on her face, "What's wrong?" She asked after her as she walked over to Maddox. Lynx's eyes narrowed at Maddox as She watched Legion confront him. Apparently he had said something she had missed and both Legion and Lucas didn't appreciate it. All she could do was watch silently as her sister growled something at the Shifter Alpha and turned away from him and headed toward the door.

"Legion?" She took a step toward her sister when she felt lucas' presence behind her, She turned her head and looked at him, "I'm not leaving, I'll be back in a minute." She promised before walking over to Maddox, "What did you say Smoke?" She demanded. If he was smart, he wouldn't lie to her.

"Oh admit it Legion, you're going to miss me." Maddox called after her. He didn't understand what her problem was. Everyone knew that Maddox was a player and a ladies man. Did she really expect something different from him? As he watched her leave, his panther growled at him to go after her. He'd taken one step when he was cut off by a very angry and small caster. "I just told her how I wanted one of you in my bed soon." Maddox smirked down at her. "And maybe if I was lucky I would get both of you." With his words, Lynx visibly paled. She felt uncomfortable and scared at the idea of being in anyone's bed, yet alone a shifter or were's.

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Antonia (adf7793) "You wish, Playboy," She called back in a snippy tone. Legion had just placed her hand on the door as Maddox's words reached her ears, she spun around catching the look on Lynx's face and lost it. How could he say that to her? He knew that Lynx went to Colorado, so surely he had to know the reason why? Was he really that stupid, or just an insensitive ass? She marched up to Maddox, "You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut do you? Are you always this much of a dick!" She snarled at him, punching Maddox square in the jaw with all the force that she could possibly manage.

Lucas' jaw dropped as he watched Lynx's twin strike the shifter alpha in the face. He had to hand it to her, she had saved him from making a big scene because he had nearly done the same. Lucas didn't want to pull her back because he knew she wouldn't want him to touch her. So he placed himself between Maddox and Lynx, feeling the need to protect her. From what he seen Legion could handle herself, besides he would step in if it was called for. His first priority was keeping Lynx safe, as weird as it sounded, but his wolf agreed wholeheartedly. "Hey are you okay?" He turned and asked her in a quiet voice.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox was as shocked as everyone else when the caster punched him in the jaw. He stayed still for a moment, his head turned slightly to the side. Clenching his jaws, hit spit the blood that was in his mouth on the ground and turned his head back to looked at Legion, "Nice right hook, sweetheart." He told her, wiping some blood off his chin. He chucked about how she called him an ass, "Well everyone has to excel at something." He said just as a group of shifters pushed their way through to back up their alpha.

As the large men pushed through, one particularly large black man who had to be a bear shifter or something pushed past Lynx, his large frame knocking hers off kilter and making her stumble. Lynx was already off balance when another man pushed her.

Lynx first thought when she started falling backward was crap, this is going to hurt my ass, her second thought was This is going to be embarrassing..

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion's body was tingling, she had never felt like this before, she felt...complete. She frowned in confusion, she wasn't sure why she was feeling that way, honestly it just didn't make sense. The look of shock that was written all over his face pulled her from her muddled thoughts and made her focus. "Thank you, darling." Legion crossed her arms, jutting her chin out in pride, she wasn't sorry for punching him. Not in the least bit, he deserved that and probably much more. "I would say that you do much more than excel at it." She scoffed at his words and his laughter. She felt the presence of more shifters behind her, "What's the matter? Can't handle me by yourself?"

Lucas reached out to catch Lynx before she hit the ground, but was beaten to the punch by one of the shifters that had knocked her over in the first place. He locked his jaw, and tightened his hands into fists, Lucas didn't like the male's hands on her...not one bit.

"Sorry, about that...are you alright, miss?" The shifter beamed down at her, helping her to an upright position.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Maddox felt the sparks and automatically scowled. He knew exactly what the shocks were and he couldn't believe that fate would be that cruel to him. He muttered a string of curses under his breath. before grabbing her arm and yanking her out of the cafe and out onto the street. "Well, Babe, looks like you will be getting into my bed" He said running a frustrated hand through his hair, Deciding to just be blunt and beat around the bush he blurted it out, "We're mates, sweet cheeks"

Just as she was about to brace herself for the impact of falling to the hard floor, she felt arms wrap around her and she automatically gasped. It had been so long since she had felt physical contact and it brought back unwanted memories and feelings. She jerked out of his grasp and scurried away as fast as she could. For some reason, her instinct told her to go to Lucas so she ended up standing behind his large frame with tears running down her face.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion furrowed her brows at the sudden change of emotion on Maddox's face, unsure as to why he was cursing quietly. She turned to see if Lynx was alright, but was suddenly jerked by her arm out the door. Once on the side walk her tore her arm from his grasp, not liking the fact that every he touched her she felt shocks throughout her body. Something told her it wasn't a good thing and that she was going to hate the reasoning behind it. All of which was confirmed by his bold claim, and straightforward attitude. "No. Nope. No way, not going to happen! I'm not going to be another notch on your bedpost playboy, you can forget it!" She took a step back from him, wanting to be anywhere but in front of him at the present moment. "Mates or not." She added, her tone was laced with finality. She was sure he didn't want to be with her anymore than she wanted to be with him. It was no secret that he enjoyed girls getting into his bed as he repeatedly mentioned it himself.

It tore at him to see the tears running down her face, and for once in his life Lucas had no clue what to do. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold her as she cried, but he knew his touch would be unwelcome. It had been a terrible idea bringing her to this cafe, they should have just went to Brewed, he could have handled all the damned casters in there. He motioned for her to follow him to a quiet booth in the back, figuring that she would like to be secluded at a moment like this. He nodded at the waitress to bring them some coffee and some pastries. Making sure to give her a whole side of the booth to herself, he sat down pushing the napkin dispenser towards her. Lucas decided not to push her for answers that he was pretty sure he already knew anyways. If she wished to talk he would be more than happy to listen, and if not. Well he would be there until she requested that he left her alone.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx silently followed him back to the booth and sat down across from him. She was so grateful that he allowed her to have her own space. She needed a little bit of breathing room right now. She stayed quiet for a minute before looking up from her lap and meeting his eyes, "You must think I'm a nut case." She told him, chucking lightly as she wiped at her eyes.

Maddox threw his hands up, "You seriously think I want this?" He demanded, "I don't do relationships, yet alone one that is more permanent than marriage?" He questioned. Everyone in his life had left him or died. That was his biggest reason for not wanting or doing relationships. His biggest fear was falling in love only to loose them.

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Antonia (adf7793) "No, I don't." Lucas looked at her, his eyes filled with honesty. He didn't think that she was a nut case, he thought that she had went through something traumatic and was still dealing with it. There was nothing wrong with that, and it didn't make her weak in any way. It made her strong for having the courage to face her problems head on, instead of running away from them. "I think that you are an amazing girl, and anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives. Myself, especially." He gave her a small smile, hoping that he hadn't freaked her out too much. The waitress arrived with their coffee and an assorted tray of baked goods that cafes were so famous for. "I wasn't sure what you liked, so I got a bit of everything..."

Ouch. That hurt. Quite more than Legion actually cared to admit. She looked away from him, trying to gather her thoughts, for as much good as it would do her. "I understand, I must say I'm relieved." She cut her eyes back to him, glad that he didn't know her well enough yet to tell when she was lying. "I'm in a relationship, and you...well you've slept with more girls than I care to know about..." She wasn't in a relationship, but he didn't need to know that, "So I think we can both agree that this," Legion waved her hand between them, "Would never have worked out anyways..."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx shook her head. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. Each day was a struggle for her to get through. She had to plan when she was going to go out in public to avoid big groups of people and she had missed out on a lot in the past couple years. She never went to high school parties or went out with friends. She had tried to do one normal year of high school, but ended up dropping it and started taking online courses. Her days were bad, but nights were the worst. She suffered from night terrors and often feared going to sleep. that was one of the biggest reasons why she loved coffee, it helped her get through the day and stay energized. Her Sleepless nights were starting to take a toll on her body. She was about fifteen pounds underweight and she had dark circles under her eyes constantly. She did a wonderful job of hiding her imperfections though. If anyone looked at her, they would see a pretty girl with an attitude problem and a troubled past. That's probably what Lucas saw.

Her face lightened up as coffee was put down in front of her. She waited for the waitress to walk away before dumping four packets of sugar into it. She had a bit of a sweet tooth so she was happen when she saw all the sweet pastries on the table as well. "Wow, keep this up and I might have to marry you." Of course she was totally joking. why would anyone want to marry or be with someone as messed up as she was. Plus, marrying someone would mean she'd have to be okay with physical contact. So yeah, Lynx had given up on the idea of marriage and children a long time ago.

Maddox sighed, "Look, sorry I've been such an ass to you." He told her honestly, "You don't deserve my wrath or anger." He met his golden gaze with her violet one, "This isn't your fault, it's neither of ours. So we need to make a plan or something." Maddox for once was seriously at a loss. He always had a plan or idea of what to do, but this time he was just going to have to wing it. "We need to stay away from each other and hope that this 'mate' thing fades."

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Antonia (adf7793) "That's if you don't go into a diabetic coma before then, would you like any coffee with your sugar or are you good?" Lucas shook his head at her, having that much sugar was just asking for trouble. He was fairly certain that she would be literally bouncing off the wall in a matter of hours, hell, maybe even minutes. Lynx struck him as the sugar rush kind of girl. Lucas picked up a honey buttered croissant, allowing her to have most of the icing, and sugar loaded items on the tray. Lucas thought she could probably use a pick me up after the day that she had. Which probably starting going bad when he got her a ticket, he chuckled as he recalled their meeting earlier. It was strange how things turned out sometimes. After all what girl would go for coffee with a guy who had just gotten her landed with a citation? He decided he was going to have it tossed out, it's not like she was going to learn a lesson anyways. Besides, this would give him a better shot with her...or so he hoped. Lucas wasn't sure why, but he wanted to be with Lynx. It was like he didn't even care that he had a mate out there waiting for him, he wanted her.

Legion just stared blankly at him, she was honestly at a loss for words. Sure, she hadn't wanted to be his mate, and yes, she did loath the idea. However, they were still soulmates...or so he said, shouldn't they be work on-- She cut her train of thought off, she wouldn't allow herself to go there. She pursed her lips, before taking a deep breath, "No, actually I suppose I do. I did punch you after all, sorry about that by the way. Okay, I'm not actually sorry since you did deserve it." She rolled her eyes at him, "What were you even thinking saying that to my sister? Don't you know what she went through?" Legion sighed not wanting to start another fight with him, "I'll agree to letting the bond fade one condition." Her voice took a serious tone, she wasn't playing around, "You and all of your shifter buddies leave Lynx alone. She's been through so much...and I finally got her back, I can't lose her again." She looked at him, her violet eyes were practically begging him to accept her request.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx snorted at him comment, "It wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to me." She told him casually as she stirred her coffee with a spoon. She reached over and grabbed the small pot of creamer and dumped some of it into her cup. She looked up at him and grinned, "I am a self professed sugar-holic." She told him. She reached for another packet of sugar just to prove her point. She wagged it in his face before dumping it into her coffee with a smile. Lynx was so proud of herself for actually spending time with a man. She normally avoided this kind of situation at all cost. But Something about Lucas made it all seem ok. She felt whole again. That piece of her soul that she had lost that night at the carnival was starting to slowly come back.

Maddox smirked, "Yeah you have quite the right hook." He told her rubbing his bruising jaw. He had to hand it to her, she knew how to take care of herself. At least he wouldn't have to worry about her...What? No, he didn't ever need to worry about her. He didn't want a mate. Seh would find someone special and forget all about him. And maybe a ways down the road, he will do the same. Naw, who was he kidding, he was a play boy at heart. "You won't have to worry about Lynx. She looks like she was adopted by a dog anyway."

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well it still wouldn't be very pleasant. I'm sure going into a sugar coma isn't as wonderful as it sounds." Lucas gave her a stern look which turned into a scowl when she started shaking the packet in front of his face. He was half tempted to playfully nip at her hand, but figured it would be best not to. Until she became more comfortable with him anyways. Which he hoped that she would, they were doing very well at the moment and all of the other supernaturals in the cafe were keeping their distance. Which was wise of them, for some reason or another, Lucas was feeling extremely protective over the petite caster in front of him. He couldn't explain why, and honestly it was starting to irk him. Why...no how could she of all people make him feel like this? He took a sip of his coffee, getting lost in his thoughts.

Legion couldn't stop her grin at his compliment, "Thanks," her voice was full of pride. At least until she saw the bruising, then she felt rather horrible for being the one to cause it. She started to reach of his face to heal his injury but stopped midway, her hand hanging awkwardly in the air until she jerked it back to her side. Considering they were trying to forgo the mating bond, touching him wasn't going to help at all. "What?" Legion's brow scrunched in confusion as his words about her sister sunk in, suddenly she wasn't so sorry she had punched him. Actually she wanted to do it again, they were twins! They looked the same, if that's what he thought about Lynx, surely he had to feel the same way about her. "You're such a jackass." She seethed, turning to walk away from him.

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Lynx shrugged, "Well at least in coma I will be able to sleep." She said as she picked at a sweet honeybun. She brought one of her honey covered fingers up to her mouth and innocently licked it off. To any male looking on, this would of been a very suggestive act, but Lynx's mind didn't work that way. After draining half out her coffee cup, the caffeine started to become obvious. Her leg bounced lightly under the table and her eyes and facial feature became more lively. "So, you know way too much about me. So tell me about yourself, Fluffy Butt." She sent him a carefree smile, something that was damn near impossible to get out of her.

Maddox narrowed her eyes at her, "Darlin', I think you're slightly confused on what I meant." He paused, "I said not to worry about her. Nothing is going to happen to her when she has a werewolf as a body guard. And when the body guard just so happens to be the alpha, no one is getting to Lynx without getting through Lucas." He looked through the glass windows into the shop, "That's the weirdest couple I've ever seen." He mumbled as he watched Lucas get a smile out of the caster.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Hey, do you not want to Rp anymore? It's totally fine if you don't :) ))

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"You have problems sleeping?" Lucas asked her without thinking, it was just a question that popped into his head that he asked. That was him, no filter. He always ended up with his foot in his mouth one way or another. Looking down at his coffee he rubbed his temples, today hadn't gone like he planned. Not that he was complaining, oddly he liked spending time with Lynx. But. There was always a but, werewolves and casters hated each other. Lucas had never really agreed with the feud, but he couldn't help what wonder how her parents would feel about them hanging out. "Fluffy Butt? Again? I'm never going to be free of that horrid nickname am I?" He chuckled, "What would you like to know?"

Legion's face turned a bright shade of scarlet and she cleared her throat...well this was awkward, leave it to her to get mad over nothing. No. This was his fault, he just irked the crap out of her. The way he treated women...sure he had cleaned up his act, somewhat, in the last few years but he was still an ass. "Lynx is a big girl, she can take care of herself, she doesn't need a guard dog." Legion knew her sister, and she could sense that her powers had grown. Much like her own, but she was right Lynx could and would handle her own problems, she always had.

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Lynx pursed her lips and chose to ignore his question about her sleeping habits. He already knows and witnessed enough of her problems, he didn't need to know about this also. Lynx silently scolded herself for allowed that to slip. She needed to be more quiet around him, he was a werewolf after all, her greatest enemy. He wasn't supposed to be a friend she told everything too. But yet, she found herself becoming more and more comfortable with him and more relaxed. Her iron walls were slowly starting to fall because of him. Lynx laughed and shrugged, "Well you are the one who sprouts fur," She reminded him, "I want to know everything that you are willing to tell me." She said. She wasn't going to be pushy and pry for information from him, that just wasn't her style. If he wanted to tell her something, than he would.

Maddox couldn't help the smirk that formed on his face as he watched the blush cover Legion's face. It was cute in a way. Cute?, crap he was going to have to stop that. He needed this mate bond to go away, so he couldn't go around thinking that caster girl was cute. "Well by the little display you gave me earlier, I can only assume that she is strong." He reasoned. "And if you hadn't noticed, there is some serious Caster power in the air." He could feel the electricity of the remnants of lynx's little melt down a while ago. "Some serious shit went down out here."

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