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message 1: by Trudie (new)

Trudie (trudieb) Thought I might start I little area for book campaigning and promotion - in anticipation of our next book club selections. Perhaps we could present our two book choices here early in this section - so that we can have a good long time to mull the suggestions over ;) Thus making a fully informed one has to reveal which way they are going to vote of course or even reveal their selections but I do love a good election campaign ;)

message 2: by Trudie (new)

Trudie (trudieb) So...I will reveal my hand...I have so many contemporary novels I would love to pick but I am going to leave those for others to present ..I would like to offer a slightly challenging and classic read - so my selections are " An disturbingly comedic (or comically disturbing?) satire of the inevitability of war....: Slaughterhouse-Five

and a book I have read by a classic author I love

Burmese Days

message 3: by Kathie (new)

Kathie Tutty | 2 comments Oh wow..interesting choice Trudy. These are books I never would have thought to read, but they both piqued my curiosity :-) I think it is a great idea to put our two books on here for everyone to mull over.

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