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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) It had been three years since Lynx Balthasar had driven down this street. Three years since that incident happened. Three years since she had packed up and left FallenVale and moved to Colorado. Three years since she had left her Coven and her beloved Twin Sister Legion. But now Lynx was back. And making her grand entrance. Her studded leather boot pushed down the gas pedal to her white audi r8. The windows were down and her dark locks of hair blew around her face and shoulders and her piercing Violet eyes scanned the road ahead of her. She smirked and switched gears and the car shot forward even faster. She looked down at the dashboard and saw she was going 85 mph in a 25 mph street. Oops She thought to herself and shrugged it off.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas was shopping for a gift for his...well little sister more or less, Kat. He chuckled slightly at her nickname, a werewolf named Kat. It was funny, and he teased her about it all the time. She had been having a rough time here lately as he wished to cheer her up. So far? He was having no luck...at all. Why were girls so damn hard to shop for? He had been in three different stores and he couldn't find anything suitable for her, not a single thing! He knew that he should probably address the issue with the suspected perimeter breach, but that was an issue for later. He needed to gather his sub-alpha and sub-beta, since it was their territory that had been breached. Lucas sighed rubbing the back of his neck, he was so distracted with his thoughts that he didn't even noticed the car zooming right at him.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Of course Lynx noticed the guy who stood thirty feet from her fast moving vehicle. she wasn't blind and an idiot. She knew how to drive a car with skill thanks to years of street racing in colorado. With a smirk on her face she switched gears and drove faster towards the man. Her dark sunglasses kept him from seeing the color of her eyes. Without them, she would be easily spotted and recognized. Neither of she wanted. Her violet eyes and full lips were the only resemblance of the girl that left broken three years ago. Since then, her hair was longer and darker, reaching her mid back. She had lost the rest of her unwanted baby fat and had leaned out. Yes she was still short and tiny, but sometimes that worked to her advantage. At the last second she jerked the car to the left and raced down another street. Her laughter filled the air as she drove away. It was a beautiful sound that didn't happen often.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas looked up to see the car finally, his eyes shifted from their normal calm sapphire to their furious shade of silver. What the hell was the driver think? Children crossed this street! He moved out of the way, moments before she jerked her car off her current path. He could tell it was in fact a she because he caught a brief glance of her before her car zipped through the walking path. Lucas was slightly startled, it looked like Legion...the caster First Enchantress. That was odd though, he hadn't realized how reckless she was. Despite the fact that their species...disliked each other, he was going to have to do something about it. Driving like that would only get someone hurt, and as the future mayor he would not allow that.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Right on cue, blue and red flashing lights filled her rearview mirror. Rolling her beautiful eyes she pulled the sports car off to the side after some inner debate on whether she should make a run for it. Lynx tapped her fingers on the wheel as she waited for the man in the uniform to come to her window. Looking in the side mirror she saw that it was Ben Butler, an old childhood friend and play buddy, that had pulled her over. This should be easy... she thought as he tapped on her window. still looking forward, she rolled the window down as he asked,

"License and Registration please." He asked in a voice deeper than she remembered. Sighing Lynx handed the paper work over and heard the audible gasp come from Ben. Smirking she turned her head and removed her dark sunglasses,

"What's wrong Benny Boy?" She asked, "You look like you've seen a ghost." She joked with him, an easy smile now on her face.

"Lynx!?" Ben yelled as he saw a prettier version of the girl he used to know, "You're back? For how long? God it's been quiet around here without you. Does Legion know you're back?" He rambled, still in awe.

"I'm here to stay Ben." Lynx told him honestly. It was going to be hard, but she needed to be here, "And no I planned on surprising Legion and that's why I was speeding. I wanted to beat her home." Lynx lied beautifully. She even may of batted her eye lashes at him some.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas pulled up to see a wonderful seen, Legion had gotten pulled over...good. She needed a ticket after going nearly a hundred in a twenty-five zone. He stopped his truck , got out, and headed over to the cop...Ben, at least that's what Lucas thought. Normally someone wouldn't be able to just walk up to a traffic stop like this, but Lucas wasn't a normal person.

He snorted as he heard her so blatantly flirting to get out of a ticket, the poor sod was eating it up. "Thank goodness you caught her officer, I'm glad to see someone is doing their job correctly." His voice had an edge to it, as if it was a reminder of who paid his paycheck.

"Going well over sixty miles in a public walking way, it's down right pitiful. I for one am just glad no one got ran over....like I almost was." His eyes were a dangerous silver, though his face was perfectly blank.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Ben shifted uncomfortably between them. Being a werewolf, he had to respect Lucas, even if he did have a history with Lynx. Taking a closer look at the alpha, it was obvious that he didn't know who was in front of them.

"Oh please." Lynx snorted, "It's not like I'm some dumb ass 16 year old girl who just got her license. I know how to drive and if you'd notice, I didn't hit you." She paused, "And I'm kinda regretting it." she mumbled under her breath very quietly. She wasn't scared of the man in front of her. She didn't actually know who the man was. So that put her at a disadvantage. The only thing she knew was that he was a werewolf and held an extreme dominance.

"L..." Ben hissed at his long lost friend. He used her old nickname out of habit. He also figured, she didn't want him to blow her cover.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas could feel the nervousness pouring off of his packmate in waves...good. He looked at him, his eyes shifted to sapphire, he was starting to calm down. Your giving her a ticket. it was a direct order, he couldn't have people driving that recklessly in town. Especially with humans around, they weren't able to protect themselves as well as supernaturals.

When he heard Legion's words he chuckled softly, he didn't know that she was such a spitfire. "Please I know sixteen year old girls with better driving common sense than you. What the hell were you thinking? What if I were a human!" His tone had taken a dangerous tone, he took his responsibilities very seriously.

"LUCAS!" A shrill feminine voice sounded from behind him, causing him to flinch. He turned to see Emma, his wanna-be girl friend stomping towards them. He groaned, sending an annoyed look to Ben. "There she is! Ugh, Legion, what were you thinking? You could have hurt my mate!" Lucas raised his eye brows in disbelief.

I'm not your mate, Emma. He sent to her in a snappy tone.

Emma frowned, tears flooding her eyes, Why do you always say that? I know we are mates...why won't you believe me?

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx winced when the bleach blonde fake looking girl's voice rang through the air, piercing her ears, "damn barbie, Could you tone it down a few octaves?" Lynx whined as she smiled at Ben. Her smile faultered when her ability to over hear werewolf thoughts picked up on the conversion. Groaning she pleaded with Ben, "Ok just give me the ticket so I can leave and not be around to hear Barbie and Ken argue about the size of their Dream-house." Lynx said dramatically as she slumped down in her seat. Her dark brown hair fell around her face in beautiful waves but a hint of the tattoo that was on her shoulder peaked through. She popped her dark sunglasses back down over her face and pursed her lips in distaste when her eyes slid back over to the bottle-blonde.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas just stared at her, how on Earth could Emma be that clueless? She knew how mates worked, every werewolf and shifter knew about mates. He didn't have time for this now, he didn't even understand how she thought that they were mates. He had never been interested in her...ever, and he had made that perfectly clear multiple times. "Emma, I'll see you back at the pack house later." He shot Legion a dirty look, for her assumption that they were together.

Emma gave him a look of hurt and marched off, but not before giving Legion a death glare. Her look clearly said, "This isn't over..."

Lucas sighed in relief, there was only so much of her that he could handle. He glared at Ben wondering why he hadn't written her a ticket yet.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Ben watched as Emma walked away and sighed in relief as she rounded the corner and away from view. He pulled out the ticket pad from his pocket and filled it out, writing Lynx Sophia Balthasar on the name line. He tore it off and handed over to the powerful caster.

When the whinny blonde gave Lynx a death glare, she gladly returned the favor. Although her eyes were hidden from view, it was obvious by stiffness of her body what she was doing. Rolling her eyes, she pulled her hair over to her right shoulder, her script tattoo now fully visible. She reached up to grab the ticket from ben and was extra carful to not make physical contact with him. Ever since the accident, she had a severe aversion to touch and contact of any kind.

"Sorry, not the best welcome home gift." Ben said quietly, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Lynx waved him off and turned her attention back to the man she decided to call Ken.

"So, who's bitchy Barbie?" She asked, raising a brow. "She seems like a real keeper"

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas saw the tension...well most of it anyways, leave Ben as Emma left. He could tell from the look on her face that she was going to be waiting for him when he got to the pack house. Since they had turned sixteen she had been nothing but a nightmare, always insisting they were mates. It was more than enough to make him want to find something else to do...for almost a week just to avoid her.

Lucas heard Ben's words and shot him an icy glare, until of course they had sunk in. Ben had said ...welcome home gift. As far as Lucas knew, Legion had never left. However, her twin sister Lynx had...it couldn't be could it? She didn't act like Legion, or at least what he had heard of the First Enchantress...so this had to be Lynx.

Through his mental debate, his face had remained perfectly blank, announcing nothing to the thoughts running through his head, "What's it to you, Lynx?" He replied with an attractive smirk.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx smirked back and the evil wheels started turning in her head, "Oh I've decided in the five minutes that i've know you that i'm deeply in love with you and i'm just so jealous of Barbie that I need to make sure she won't be in my way of your heart and bed." She said dramatically, even clutching her chest for a nice theatrical touch. She kept a straight face as long as should could before winking at him and laughing softly.

Ben choked on the air he was breathing at Lynx's words. Shaking his head and apologizing to his alpha, he quickly excused himself.

"What! Ben don't leave me here alone with it." Lynx pleaded peaking her dark head out of the window, "It might try to maul me or eat me! Or both!" She cried as Ben slowly drove by in his police car, "If I'm found in multiple pieces in the woods tomorrow, it's your fault for leaving me!" She yelled after the car. After he was gone, Lynx's violet eyes slid over to Ken wearily. Even if she was joking, she still held a lot of fear towards Werewolves. She didn't trust the man in front of her and was willing to do anything to protect herself. She wouldn't be the victim again.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas barely acknowledged that Ben had left, he was much to busy contemplating the mysterious Caster in front of him. He wasn't actually all that surprised at her words, she wasn't the quiet shy girl he had remembered, but everyone changed. Lucas knew that better than most people did. "That's not so shocking, most girls feel the same way after meeting me...I guess it's just a normal reaction. However, Barbie isn't the one you should be jealous of, Lynx." He left his words at that, allowing her to come up with her own conclusions.

"It? I do have a name you know, and it's in no relation to a clown." Lucas snorted, watching as Ben tried to get as far away from them as possible...smart man. "I would hardly chop you up into multiple pieces, and leave you out in the woods...tomorrow morning, I like to play with my food first. It's much more interesting that way." Lucas teased her, he could tell she had become nervous, and for some reason that bothered him.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx could care less about his extracurricular with his woman or maybe women. She didn't even know who the guy was, why would she hold any concern or worry towards him, yet alone jealously. Honestly, Lynx didn't know if she even had the capability to be jealous about a guy. She felt no emotion towards then anymore, literally nothing. Her few friends she had made back in colorado used to swoon over the snowboarder guys there, but all Lynx saw was something that took up space. Lynx was truly more innocent than she came across as. She had only had one kiss in her entire life and it had been an awkward wet kiss shared between 13 year olds. Lynx had hated every second of it.

Lynx heard what he said "I like to play with my food first". Lynx automatically paled. Her tan skin turning to a ghostly white and her full lips pulled into a worried frown. She could feel that ball of panic rising in her stomach. Images of what happened at the carnvial three years ago filled her head and her grip on the steering wheel tighten, her knuckles turning white from the hold she had on it.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas could feel her taste for him, he was good at reading emotions, and wondered why he was even still here. He had seen that she was given a ticket for her reckless driving, and that should have been the end of it. Casters and Werewolves weren't exactly on the friendliest of terms...especially after what that rogue had nearly done to the hardened girl in front of him. The Casters' blamed them for letting the rogue not only get away but kill one of their more prominent Coven members in his escape attempt.

That's what it was, an attempt. Against the knowledge of the Casters and the Vampires, Lucas' pack had found and killed the rogue. They wouldn't tolerate someone of their species doing what he had tried to, especially a rogue. They hadn't disclosed that information to their rivals because of the interesting things that the rogue had to say before his death. It caused Lucas to question a lot of things, and he had been looking in to them. So far his research pulled up nothing, but he was still trying.

Lucas looked down to catch the horrified look on the Caster's face, and he could have kicked himself. He hadn't taken her assault into account at all before he made his comment. "I didn't mean it like that...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it all." He sighed rubbing the back of his neck, "Look, I'm just going to go..." He wasn't stupid enough to try and comfort a caster as powerful as her...especially given her disdain for those of the werewolf persuasion like himself. No matter how much he seemed to want to.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) With Lynx's shift in mood, the skies above them clouded and turned grey, casting dark shadows down on the landscape. Lighting and thunder cracked and filled the now energy filled air. The keys that sat in the cup holder beside Lynx started to rattle around, along with the other random crap she kept in her car. Anyone who stood in FallenVale could see and feel the pure power that was Lynx.

Gasping, Lynx released her hold on the steering Wheel and clutched her head, "Dammit!" She cried. she had spent hours upon hours trying to learn how to control her powers when her emotions got the best of her. Her aunt had helped her as best she could, but Lynx's emotions always ran to high, especially when they had to do with what the rouge did.

With shaky and jerking movements, she pushed the car door open. She needed to get out of the inclosed space. she was starting to feel trapped and needed some breathing room. She swung her legs out of the car and quickly stood. Her flowy black top moved slightly in the now powerful wind along with her dark hair. On accident, Lynx brushed past Lucas as she made her way to the curb. Her right arm had lightly brushed his side as she passed.

Lynx sat on the curb and pulled her knees up to her chest. she couldn't believe this was happening right now. She had been doing so good, having been six months since her last freak out. coming back was a mistake... She thought to herself as she slowly started to count back in her head. ten... she took another calming breath in nine She slowly started to unclench her fists Eight... The powerful wind started to die down seven.. The thunder stopped six.. a ray of sun shone down on only her, like a spot light. Five...

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas just watched her as she lost control, all he could think is how bad it would be if she couldn't get herself under control. He hadn't realized that the twins were that powerful...it made them a threat, a much bigger one that he liked. As an alpha all he could think was that something needed to be done about them, but his wolf howled in pain at the thought. Lucas frowned wondering why his wolf would be willing to put this caster above his own pack. It just didn't make since...at all.

Lucas moved back as Lynx stumbled out of her car, the had barely missed colliding with each other. Lucas doubted it would be a good idea for him to be anywhere near her at the moment. As he was the thing she hated most in the world, a werewolf. Lucas was at war with himself, should he stay or should he leave. It's not like she would actually want him there, no he would be better of making his getaway before the powerful caster used him as target practice.

Lucas started to quickly sneak away, but when his eye caught her looking so broken sitting on the curb...he couldn't. Scowling himself he slowly walked up to her, raking his had through his hair as he thought of something to say. Which he couldn't what would he say...it will be okay?" Obviously it wasn't.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Four... Lynx's eyes flew open when she felt movement in front of her. Her eyes flew like purple fire when she made eye contact with Lucas. Her beautiful dark hair blew around her face, giving her a powerful haunting look. Keeping eye contact the entire time, she finished her count down, three, two, one.... Taking a large breath in, the clouds above, dispersed and a beautiful blue sky appeared. She slowly unclenched her fists and looked sheepishly up at him, "Umm, Sorry about that?" She pushed to her feet and shifted back on her heels.

Just like every time she lost control, a large pounding headache started behind her eyes and temples. Right on cue, the horrible dizzy feeling started and she swayed slightly to the left. Planting her feet to regain balance, she pressed her fingers to her temples to relieve some of the pain. Stumbling over to her car, she pulled extra strong pain medicine out of her purse and downed three without the help of water.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas was frozen by her violet eyes, they were ensnaring, he couldn't look away if he wanted to. He could see that she was actually making an attempt to get herself under control, that impressed him. Especially since she had done it so effectively, he knew of plenty of other less powerful casters who couldn't accomplish what she had just done. Lucas gave her a weak smile, "It's okay, no harm done." He wasn't going to give her crap over this, she had handled herself well. He respected that...he respected her.

"Hey are you okay?" He wasn't sure why he was so concerned with her well being but he was. He wanted to brush the hair that had fallen in her face out of the way, but he knew she wouldn't want him to. He wasn't sure what he should do, he didn't want to leave her alone in this condition. However, he didn't want to stay if he wasn't welcomed. He glanced at her, hoping she would tell him what she wanted him to do. Because he didn't have the will to leave.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx sat in her car with head between her legs, desperately trying to regain equilibrium in her body. The world was still spinning fast around her but she felt Like she was moving in slow motion. Where everything seemed calm around where she sat, if you were to get closer to her, you would feel the crackling of her power. It was like a shield around her, warding anyone off from getting to close to her.

Lynx could still feel The werewolf's presence and she didn't understand why he had stayed around. Did he worry that she was a threat to his pack? Slowly raising her head, she gave him a confused look, " Aren't you going to call in your furry troops to take care of the little problem?" By problem she meant herself. Casters and werewolves were rivals. If he were to get rid of her now, he would no longer have to worry about the casters. His packs problems would be solved. When he asked if she was okay, that really stumped her, "why would you be worried about a caster?"

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas snorted at her words, however it was in amusement, not in annoyance, "Furry troops? What makes you think I have that authority? Besides, I would hardly call you a little problem. A little problem would be a rogue, one of the most powerful casters...the most power caster known? That would be more than a little problem." Lucas realized it sounded as if he was intending to actually call in his...furry troops. So he rephrased his words, "As long as you can control yourself, you don't have to worry about anything." His words weren't a threat or full of malice, he was actually trying to comfort her...oddly.

Besides, he didn't want to have to deal with her twin or her Coven. If Lynx was anything to go by, Legion would be nearly as bad, better to deal with the issue if it ever came up. Until then he wasn't going to kill a helpless...well innocent girl. She hadn't done anything wrong, and Lucas wasn't going to throw her to the wolves, if you will. "I don't care that you're a Caster, if you are hurt then you need help. Regardless of your species, or the feud." Lucas meant his words, he just hoped that she would do the same in his place.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx snorted, "Oh, I can tell when a werewolf or shifter has dominance. And honey, it's radiating off you so much its pretty much choking me." She told him, "So I'm guessing you're either a beta or the alpha." She rested her elbows on her knees and looked up at him. "You know who I am but I don't know who you are. That puts me at quite the disadvantage don't you think?"

Lynx rolled here eyes when the topic of the feud came up, "Ugh, I don't understand the feud. I was so happy in Colorado when I didn't have to worry about running into some fluffy-butt were or shifter."

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Antonia (adf7793) "Hmmm, maybe I like it that way. Someone having you at a disadvantage doesn't happen much does it?" Lucas grinned at her, liking the way their conversation was going. For some reason he was highly attracted to the powerful enchantress in front of him. Her violet gaze was addictive, and he couldn't help but want to be around her. He wondered how she would react to him asking her on a date, somehow he figured it would be bad...but he thought why not?

"Fluffy-butt? I'm starting to think that maybe you are a sixteen year old girl." Lucas teased her, "Look...how about we make a deal? I'll tell you who I am, if you agree to go on a date with me?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) 'Umm yeah, you werewolves have serious furry problems...like everywhere." Lynx grinned at him. It was the first real smile she had directed at him since they met. Yes she was still very conscious about being around a were. Her past experiences with them had pretty much ruined everyone of them in her eyes. For once she was actually enjoying herself around a guy AND a werewolf. The combination its self should of been sending her into a full on panic attack.

Her beautiful smile faultered when he asked her out. "You do know my past experience with your kind right?" She asked him. She gave her props for actually asking her out. She'd had many guys chasing after her in Breckenridge but she had ignored.everyone of them. After giving it some thought she nodded, "Fine...but I have some rules. No touching and please no carnivals."she told him, 'you know your pack and my coven aren't going to like this.' She dug the tip of her toe into the pavement. "And how do I I know you aren't just using me to take down the casters?'

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Antonia (adf7793) "I assure you, not all of us have furry problems everywhere, as you so politely put it." Lucas grinned back at her, enjoying the fact that she had actually smiled, and that is wasn't a sarcastic one. He could see the underlying distress in her eyes, and he hoped that she wouldn't turn him down. His wolf whimpered at that thought, which was strange...maybe his wolf liked her as much as Lucas did. Though wolves only tend to get involved when their mate is revealed.

He simply nodded when she asked him if he knew of her past, not wanting to bring it up anymore than she did. It angered him beyond words what had happened to her, not to mention that it colored her Coven's opinion of his kind in a bad light. "Deal. No touching, and no carnivals...got it, no problem." Lucas agreed hastily, "Would it bother you if the alpha was against our date?" He asked her randomly, he wanted to know what she thought about him without knowing that he was the alpha. "Well honestly, you don't. I can't really prove that my intentions are pure until our date, so...you'll just have to trust me?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Oh well that's one of my many fucked up problems. I trust no one." Lynx stood up from the driver's seat and moved so she was leaned against the car. Even standing a few feet away, she could tell that Lucas was a good foot and a half taller than her. All werewolves made her feel tiny in comparison, but Lucas did an excellent job at making her feel small. It wasn't just a matter of his size, but his confidence and dominance shrunk her. She silently wondered if he did that to everyone. If everyone looked and felt minuscule around him. She remembered how Emma hadn't feared him at all, she had just come up to him and wrapped herself around him like a second skin. The though of Emma made her think of something, "Won't bitchy barbie be upset about you asking me out?" She raised a dark brow at him.

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Antonia (adf7793) "No one?" Lucas asked her with a raised brow, "I find it hard to believe that you trust no one, Lynx." He cocked his head to the side as she began to seemingly size him up, a smile forming on his lips. Crossing his arms he waited for her to tell him what was on her mind, figuring that she would do so eventually. At her question his jaw nearly dropped...Emma, she had been thinking of Emma? He mulled it over for a moment before answering her, "I suppose she might, but nothing has ever happened between us, and nothing will ever happen between us. Emma just doesn't seem to understand that, no matter how many times I tell her." Lucas shrugged, he was telling her the truth, he had no reason to lie to her.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx shrugged, "I'm damaged goods." She said simply. It was best that he knew this know before he tried to pursue anything with her. Lynx had issues and baggage that was like a dark mist around her. Anyone who wasn't blind could see that there was darkness and sadness that followed her around everywhere she went. When he explained about his history or lack of history with Emma she narrowed her eyes slightly, "And what exactly do you want to happen with me, Lucas? Where do you see this going?" She honestly was confused on why he even asked her out, "I'm a caster and you're a wolf. Aren't you supposed to like hate my guts or something? Why risk asking me out when everyone would be against it?"

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas snorted, choking on laughter, "Well I'm supposed to hate the guts of vampires...that's in my DNA." His tone was amused, and full of a playful edge, "However, I think Casters are up for debate. So far, I would say I don't hate your guts." He flashed her a quick smile, "I don't care what anyone else thinks...being alpha has some privileges you know." He wondered what her reaction would be to the news that he had just given her. "Look, why don't we grab some coffee and talk it over. Sort of like a pre-date, and if it's awkward or you're not interested we can call it a night. So to speak."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx jumped up and down and pointed at him, "Ah! Ha!" She shouted, "I knew it!" She had been guessing all along if he was the alpha or not. Of course her inner instinct was correct. Maybe she should listen to that more often. Like right now. It was telling her that she was safe to be around Lucas and she shouldn't be worried about him doing something like the rouge did to her three years ago. She felt safe with him. Lynx did a small victory dance before smiling bright at him at the idea of Coffee, "Well Caffeine is the quickest way to earn my trust." She was sort of a addict when it came to anything with caffeine.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas chuckled and shook his head, leave it to Lynx to get so excited about knowing something she should have known in the first place. "Did you now, is it my irresistible smile that clued you in? Or the fact that I ordered Ben around like it was nothing?" It wasn't until then that he had remembered that she had gotten a ticket on his order. He ground his teeth, as much a he hated that he had done that, he also was weary that she would do it again. He couldn't exactly explain to her why he was so protective of this town and all of its inhabitants, because he didn't quite understand it himself. "How about we discuss your ticket over coffee while we're at it?" He smiled as he waved his arm out in front of him as a sign for her to follow him. He was careful not to touch her, as per her request, he didn't want her bolting on him.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "No it was your arrogance and bossiness that gave you away, furball." Lynx told him as she followed him towards a cafe up the street. She didn't walk too far away from him, not wanting to look like some antisocial freak with a fear of coodies or something. But she also didn't want to stand too close, fearing they may accidentally brush up against each other and that couldn't end well. She she stood somewhere in the middle, in her comfort zone. Lynx had momentarily forgotten about her ticket, she pushed her bottom lip out and pouted as they walked. "That wasn't exactly my first ticket you know, so if you think you're going to teach me a lesson or something, you're kinda S.O.L"

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well, I am an Alpha. Arrogance and bossiness are sort of our trademarks." Lucas flashed her a grin, looking behind him to make sure she was keeping up. "So are you afraid that I actually do bite, or are you waiting for a chance to make a break for it?" He was relieved when she moved closer, for some reason he didn't like when she was further away from him. "Yeah, well, as future major one can only hope..." He muttered quietly, trying not to laugh at her pouting. As they got closer to the cafe he stopped, turning to look at her, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" He didn't come right out and say it because they both knew that this place would be full of his kind. "We could go somewhere else?" The thought of her being upset really bothered him...what was with him today?

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "You really confuse me, Lucas..." Lynx mumbled when he asked her if she was going to be ok. "I really don't understand why you care." She elaborated some. Weren't they supposed to be in a feud over power and hating each other? Lynx decided that she was physically incapable of hating the man in front of her. She just couldn't. "I should be fine, keep them away from me or I might have to go all bad ass caster on them." It was a well know fact that Lynx could do some crazy stuff with her powers. Like use the water element and move a person's blood around in their body, which is a lot more painful then you would think. Or use air and suffocate someone. Or use earth and just chuck a rock at someone's head. Or maybe create a werewolf bonfire with the fire element. Yeah she had a whole bag full of fun tricks.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas was taken aback by her comment, because the truth was he wasn't sure why he cared, he just knew that he did. He had this weird urge to protect her...a caster of all people, and his biggest rival. It felt right...this...them together, and Lucas was left just as baffled as her about it. It didn't make sense to him, but for some reason he just didn't want to question it. Lucas rolled his eyes as he chuckled softly, "Whoa, whoa, easy there Harry Potter." He put his hands out in front of him as if he was scared, after flashing her a dazzling smile, his voice took a serious tone, "No one will bother you when you're with me, Lynx." Lucas was surprised with just how much he actually meant those words, it was like he would willingly give his life for hers. That thought actually kind of frighten him, he scowled himself, he was an alpha. Alphas shouldn't fear anything, yet, something told him his biggest fear could standing right in front of him. It wasn't the person, no, it was the thought of losing her.

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