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Seven Unholy Days
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Jerry (jerryhatchett) | 6 comments Author Name: Jerry Hatchett
Book Name: Seven Unholy Days
Genre: Thriller
Number of free copies being offered: 10
Format of books being offered: EPUB, MOBI

Requesting reviews to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

Short book description...

Here's what international bestselling author James Rollins said after reading it: "A simple glitch in a power grid heralds the beginning of a madman's scheme to bring about a biblical apocalypse. Written in a staccato style that will leave readers breathless and flipping pages long into the night, Hatchett's...novel, SEVEN UNHOLY DAYS, is a thriller not to be missed!"

A Story of Apocalyptic Insanity: Are monsters born or are they created? Is it possible for mortal man to bring about the apocalypse of Armageddon?
Technology and insanity combine to create a very bad week for the United States and the world. In this can't-put-it-down thriller from breakout author Jerry Hatchett, tech celebrity Matt Decker is on top of the world until his flagship creation, the system that runs the U.S. power grid, suffers a crippling cyber attack. The week is all downhill from there, with the United States and eventually the world suffering from escalating disasters that stretch from New York to Israel to the "sulfurous scarps of hell."

Paula | 34 comments Sounds amazing, I'd love to read and review! epub please to

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Jerry (jerryhatchett) | 6 comments Emailed the epub to you, Paula. Thx. :)

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 38 comments OK, you definitely caught my attention. My email is:

My blog, in case you wish to check it out, is:

You can see some of my reviews there!

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Jerry (jerryhatchett) | 6 comments Thx, Leiah. Just emailed you. :)

message 6: by Mad Giles (new)

Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding) (gilesamadding) | 25 comments If you still need reviewers I would be happy to do so. mobi format please.
email is:


So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 38 comments Jerry wrote: "Thx, Leiah. Just emailed you. :)"

Got it!

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Jerry (jerryhatchett) | 6 comments Emailed both titles to you, Melissa. :)


message 9: by Mad Giles (new)

Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding) (gilesamadding) | 25 comments Thanks I got them. Will start reading very soon. :)

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A. Marsh | 1 comments Hi Jerry,

If you're still looking for reviewers, count me in. Please send in .mobi to



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