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message 1: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Aloha,

I don't like introductions, i feel they are a waste of precious time so i will dive right in. In a word meh life is.......DRAMATIC. I hate it, bleh!! But meh friends create it, meh school creates it, everyone creates it. Theres two kinds of people in this world, the ones that are quiet but deadly, and the outspoken jerks i wanna slap in da face. Anyways ill catch ya up to speed. Meh friend hates meh cuz i don't let her walk all over me this year like i did last year. So she turned into a backstabbing idiot. Meh bestie is moving. Rumors about meh are spread from meh friend, let meh bestie use meh phone on trip, meh friend is insulting meh on meh own phone. And to top it all off the sweetest guy i know and like like wont talk to meh. My theory is the bullies finally got to him. He wont talk to anyone. So there it is my epically awesome dramatic life! Stay tuned!

P.s) screw YOLO


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Lynn (papergalaxies) Bonjour,
Im contemplating on weather to text HIM or not. I don't want to be rejected again, but yet i wont know unless i try. Theres just something holding meh back, I'm not sure what though, some unspoken force. Maybe its the dream. After all, that did freak me out. I KNOW that dream meant something, just don't know what.............

Tootles for now :)

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Okay, so i had already written today.....well im just so confused! I just dont know what to do! I mean, i know i like him, i truly do. But...i dont even know if he would talk to me....something had to of happened...i just dont know what! In the back of my mind im really thinking that he feels useless cuz of bullies, but hes not. Hes much more, hes the light in my day, and its slowly killing me not being able to see or talk to him. I just dont know anymore :(

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Salut,
I feel so dumb. Why didn't i just tell him straight out. Sure i would of been made fun of but now I'm in more pain than if i would of just told him. I mean i started crying during the song moments cuz it matched how i feel. Im so weak. Why does it have to be so complicated. I feel like an idiot. Maybe i need to try texting him again. I just don't know. I just wonder what did happen and why he wont trust me or talk to me....or anyone for that matter. It just makes me feel like I'm the one messed up. Next year i wont even hardly see him, if at all. At times i wish that this never would of happened, but then i know i wouldn't of had so many bright days and wonderful nights. And i wouldn't be who i am today. I took so many risks with him that i never would have otherwise. I let him into my life, he let me into his. But now....everything is crashing down. And i don't know what to do.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) So, its been a while since i last wrote,
Im still thinking about him, a lot of 'i wonders' are running through my mind. I wonder if he knew i liked and still do like him. I wonder if what i told my math teacher caught up to him. I wonder why she thought we were dating. I wonder if its something i did. I wonder if he thinks about me. I wonder what hes doing now. I wonder if he wonders when im ganna text him. I wonder if he ever liked me. I wonder what drove him to this. I wonder if theres anything i can do. I wonder if it was the bullying. I wonder who did it. I wonder what the words were. I wonder how much longer i can take this. I wonder what happened that night. I wonder how im involved. I wonder if hes like this around everyone. I wonder why hes pushing me away. Most of all i wonder why.
Why did this of all things have to happen, everything else in my life is crappy, but i had him to brighten my day. Now my light is gone. My friend is a backstabber, my bestie moved to Michigan, my best friend is over 3,000 miles away and haven't seen her in a year! Not to mention the tight budgets around home and the stress on my family its creating. I just dont know what to do. My life is like a damn TV drama. I cant let any of it show through though, i must smile and hide all the backstabbing, pain and bullying iv gone through like i have for the past six years. I dont need to put more pressure on my parents, they have enough over their heads. So for now, im stuck with this. Stupid. Fake. Smile.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Ello,
I haven't had any free time all day! Iv been very busy the last few days. Im just now finding time to write this. I spent most of my day in the doctors office......it was not fun, sitting there waiting for Grandma to get done with her appointment. It was just boring. Anyway it gave me time to think. To think about everything. About my former life, and the one iv come to live. I thought, and then it hit me, I'm cursed with the rule of three, all things come in three. My first friend ship with Allison lasted for three years, the first year it was great and fun, second year we got separated, she met a new friend but still made time for me. Third year everything started out awkward and ended in a complete fall out with her bullying me. Thats how it exactly was with Hannah, perfect timing and everything, an exact repeat of last time. Its actually quite absurd, but everything's the same. Theres a second friend working on the inside, acting like they are on my side but report all i say and do back to her. And theres the whole thing of her wanting to rise to satisfy her taste for popularity. The talking behind my back and secrecy....it just doesn't end. And not to forget the intentional emotional scars, everything lines up perfectly with the former lines and fall outs. The only thing different, I'm not ganna sit back and take it. Im ganna dive right in and face the battle head on.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Screw openings, I'm tired of them!
Anyways, not much happened today. Everything was as always, cleaning the house, cleaning my room, going outside on occasion. But a few things did happen. For one there was a huge ass raccoon just leisurely strolling through the yard. Im pretty sure that thing has been whats beating up my cat.....its the size of a small dog!!! Then the mail came, my cousins fiancée is having a stupid 'wedding tea' talk about barf central!! I have to wear a stupid dress!!!!!!! Im in raged!! There should be a constitutional amendment outlawing the forcing of wearing stupid dresses!!!!! Anywhooza, im ganna have to try harder to hide my anorexia, i think my moms getting suspicious, i mean, if i didn't force myself then i probably wouldn't eat at all in a day, i just don't get hungry. I just skip breakfast and lunch and im perfectly fine, not a tad hungry at all, but i force myself to eat some at night, or else my mom would really be suspicious..........i dont want her finding out i mean i used to binge, she doesnt even know about that, basically i went from one extreme to another..............

message 8: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) I just realized the importance of 3 in my life,
3rd times a charm, right? Yea a bad one. Iv connected the dots. Other than being exact to the lines of my first ended friendship, its all connected to three. Three friends, three years, three fall outs, three major betrayals........am i doomed to have yet another bad friendship? After all, its only been two.....do i have to wait three more years before finding a best friend? Whats with the number 3?

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Awkward..........
Hannah just showed up at my door, a huge ass ham in her hands, a gift from her mother to us. I didn't recognize her at first i was standing there puzzled thinking 'who the hell are you?' Then i remembered *facepalm* it was just awkward, i mean i didn't know what the hell to say its just like, okay you can leave now! And she just keeps standing there expectantly.........

message 10: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Summer is almost over,
I don't want it to be, it means i have to face the hatred, the drama and bullying. I don't want to go back, everything's just going to be worse. Everyone in my class either hates me or is too afraid to be seen with me in public and be down graded. I just don't know anymore. Nothing seems right, nothing seems real. I just want my Brie back, she was there for me unconditionally. I don't want people hanging around me only when its convenient for them. Im tired of being called all these names, I'm tired of just pretending everything is okay and keeping quiet. I don't know what i did to everyone to make them hate me so, isn't it enough of them to shun me and i be friendless. No they cause me endless emotional toll too. This is a bunch of crap, they need to get over themselves, i just wonder what they will think 20 years from now. Will they regret it or will they laugh at the memory. Will it take my own suicide to get the message to them? Their words hurt, i just don't want to carry on. I shove a fake smile and act on so it looks as if everything's okay. Iv been bullied for as long as i can remember.....my parents don't know and no body who knows cares. Its just a silent battle, will i be gone by the time all the smoke clears? Or still be standing in sorrow and grief?

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Got my hair cut today for the first time in a year. I don't know if i like it or not :|
*sigh* i had to get it cut for the wedding though, i cant believe that is so close! It also means my summer is almost over. I don't want to go back to school, especially since ill be a freshman. It will make the drama like 10 times worse. This year is going to be long and drama filled, my Ex best friend has almost the same classes as me. I know she will be out to get me, but oh well. Im not letting her walk all over me anymore, i think she figured that out last year ;)
Anyway, i miss my best friend, i haven't seen her in over a year! Its about to kill me! I just want to see her so bad! Why did her dad have to get a job transfer to Kansas? *sigh*

message 12: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Tomorrow we leave on our yearly family trip to Branson. In other words ill be stuck with my mom, grandparents and cousins for a whole week. *sigh* great. I despise this trip. Oh well, last year we went down there my grandma was yelling at a parked car for 'being out in the middle of the road' ugh. This should be fun....not.

message 13: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Well the Branson trip was fun but tragic. The first night there we got a call saying my cousins dog was hit by a semi truck, that kinda put a damper on things. Anyway, summer is winding down, my cousins wedding is next week, everything is happening so quickly. I wish i was little again and everything could be simple. Sometimes i feel like two different people, fighting over the same body, some days i eat nothing at all, other times i eat everything in sight and then theres the im between, where one part of me wants to eat something and when i pick something up ill just randomly slap myself and put it back down. Anyone reading this will probably think im nuts, but its what happens, i feel like i cant control it, i do good about hiding it around my family, but when im alone.........

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} {Sad song is playing in the background} Hey.... I'm Darkened Warrior. I'm named myself that cause my life feels dark. All this time I feel alone... And sad. I am not the social type in the real world. While I have 87 friends on goodreads... I am very shy in the real world. Meeting new people is hard for me because I'm worried what they're going to say! Why I'm very friendly, joyful, and happy with my friends... I have a hard time being around other people. My brother is social and makes it look easy! It's hard for me! I'm the oddball! I just... I WANT TO BE ALONE IN MY ROOM!!! {Cries sadly}

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Lynn (papergalaxies) School hasn't even started yet and im already sick of it. I dont want to go back there, Bries gone Rachels gone, Hannahs gone, and sure hannah made it complicated and dramatic, but now i have absolutely no one who even remotely cares about my well being. Not to mention we have to have locker buddies, with not two but three people to a damn locker, how am i sapost to keep things private, and all my class hates me so you know they will do shit to my stuff. I just hate it. Theres so much pressure and actual school doesn't start until wednesday! When i went to sign up for a locker i just ended up feeling like crap, i mean the football boys were outside the main door so there was no avoiding them and they joked to eachother yelling, "dude quit checking her out, dont stare at her ass, just go get her number!" While my mom was right next to me, but i just turned around and said, "nice to know you guys havent gained any IQ points over the summer" and that got them to shut up......i dunno everything just feels like its falling apart.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) So, school started, and it sucks. Even though Rachel is gone im still un noticed, the new girls Kayla and Jerylin were there to take her place, and mine. Im not holding them against it or anything.....i know its not their fault, its mine for sticking around Hannah so long. Cuz no matter what, in the end i always get burned. Stupid, foolish...shoulda known. The signs were right there, i shoulda took heed, but i thought this friendship was different, that it wouldn't get engulfed in flames and falling bricks. But i was wrong. Way wrong. Maybe i just get to attached, maybe i trust too much. When it comes down to it the cold hard truth is no one sticks around long when they get to know me....who would want to. Im just another nameless under average person not caught up to societies terms. Either way it doesn't make it hurt any less. Im still a person, i have feelings. No matter how much they think they are better than me. When my own cousins turn on me and join in the mockery, just to fit in the in crowd, it hurts. No one knows this, no one except them. I have no one to confide in, no one to trust. Instead i just put on my best fake smile and play it off like everythings okay. Even though it gets harder and harder each passing day.

message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) School still sucks, i got moved to first lunch shift, do now i eat with Courtney. I still don't get why they call her a slut, she hasn't done anything wrong, sure she had a few boyfriends but come on if we go by that logic half the population is sluts. Anyways, i joined cheerleading, I'm thinking about going back to a diet so i can actually fit into a dam uniform and not look like a ham shoved in a tube sock. I think it would solve more of my problems than just that anyway. I don't know. Its not like anyone cares anyway. Briley sure doesn't, he still wont even talk to me. I just want to know what happened or what i did. Cant he just give me an explanation? It hurts to see him push me away like the others, i really thought that he was different.....but i guess thats what i get for putting all my hope and trust into one person. You would think id learn......

message 18: by Emily (new)

Emily (Solikeimemily) | 1 comments Triseaton3 wrote: "School still sucks, i got moved to first lunch shift, do now i eat with Courtney. I still don't get why they call her a slut, she hasn't done anything wrong, sure she had a few boyfriends but come ..."

what school you go to?

message 19: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Doubt you've ever even heard of it, its pretty small,.....North West, its in Sedalia MO.

message 20: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Its raining outside, finally. I thought i wanted a dim day, but all its doing now is making me think, id much rather be outside, have it extremely hot, blaring music on my phone and running. At least then i wouldn't be thinking everything over. Ive just faded into the back ground, i thought thats what i wanted, but i dunno anymore. I mean, i want to do something, i wanna make a difference. But i dunno how or what to even do. Im just the girl no one cares about or likes. Part of me is glad all the hatefulness and drama has moved away from me for the tine being, but the other part has dealt with it so long i don't know how to react to having a normal daily life. Does it even make sense to say in a twisted way i kinda miss it? At least then i knew where i stood with everyone. Am i just in the middle ground now where they don't know how to react to me, or am i just thrown aside and forgotten about. Or am i just over analyzing the subject because I've come to expect the hate?but nothing in my life has ever been normal, why would it start now.........

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Lynn (papergalaxies) So, things are getting more and more complicated, the people i like are moving to the slot of people i hate and people i hate moving to the slot of people i like. I mean, Hannah, shes dead to me. Elizabeth is slipping away. And on the other hand, Hayley is being super nice and i actually like Alison right now. I mean seriously, when we were getting our cheerleading uniforms and i couldn't fit my ass in the biggest skirt they had i was just like "im too fat for this shit!" And Alison literally tried to calm me down! Its like everything flipped! Im not sure i like it though.......

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Lynn (papergalaxies) I thought i wanted to just blend in, but its different then i thought it would be. The fact is i just don't know how to act with having a normal life, I've been bullied for as long as i can remember, and now its just stopped. I just don't know how in sapost to feel. Sure if feels nice to have no one putting me down, but what do i do with this freedom? Its a contradiction really when i think off all those nights i would cry myself to sleep or pray for the hate to end. Anyways, im still thinking about Briley, i know i should just move on, but i thought we had something, i thought he was different. Especially since we both were in the same predicament. But thats what i get for judging a book by its cover and summary. I just miss Brie, i need her here with me, she could make this so much better and clearer to me, why did her dad have to get a job transfer to Kansas. I know part of growing up is learning to be separated from people, but i think i have already delt with too much of this. I mean how much is just and how much is harming, theres a fine line between these things. Maybe i just think too much, i dunno.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Last nights football game was nuts, for once we actually won! Anyways there was a lot of stuff that happened, (i blame it on friday the 13th) Well first off when we got there all us cheerleaders go to the girls restroom to change, we are talkin and laughing and everything and all the sudden we hear a deep voice from one of the stalls say, "excuse me, is this the ladies room?!" Of course we all glance at each other and burst out laughing before we grab our stuff and run out. Then we get back in planning to change again and we cone to find out Maddison grabbed her sisters skirt and it was WAY to big and Kaitlin forgot her cheer shoes!!! It was a disaster! But at least we won the game!!! On the way back to our school we stopped at McDonalds, of course i didn't eat. So we all go back out to the bus and Dylan smuggled a cheeseburger on board and cant eat it so Aaron gets the bright idea and says, "hey, give it to Caitlyn, she didn't eat." And I'm just sitting there thinking oh gosh, really?! Of course i tried refusing it but then Aaron slides over into the seat next to me and is like, "come on, you gotta eat something, i know you didn't eat lunch or even breakfast for that matter at school,you must be hungry..." I just shook my head and looked out the window. He sighed and continued to try to get me to eat it annoying the crap out of me in the process. Finally he was just like, "okay, tell you what, if you finish the rest of my milkshake then ill leave you alone." I agreed to it, too annoyed to care. Looking back on it now it actually seems kinda sweet.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) So today was pretty boring, math test, cloudy day, no homework YAY!!! And no cheer practice,DOUBLE YAY!!! any ways there was only this one thing that was weird, i was at my locker, getting ready to walk to seminar and Kyle, the guy i used to like be in love with and now hate just walks up and starts talking to me all like, "this is the only time i ever get to see you, in the halls, we dont even have a single class together this is jank." And i was silently thinking thank goodness for that, but all i did was smile and nod and then hes like, why dont you ever talk to me anymore, did you stop liking me, i just shrugged thinking, yea now i just want you to go to hell and leave me alone. Anyways the dude ends up practically walking me to class. I dont know wgat the heck is in his head, and then me being my stupid self starts to wonder if i should give him another chance or if even one part of me never let go of liking him. But thats rainy days for you with a super long bus ride and country music playing in the back ground.......

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Lynn (papergalaxies) The last few days have been pretty interesting, everything has been chaotic. Im about to loose my mind due to the stress of home work, not to mention other things. We just got a call, saying how we almost lost Grandpa, his blood pressure was really high, so high he could of had a stroke at any time. Luckily Clayton's mom came and helped us out, he's at the hospital now, but it was scary. Everything is just so stressful right now, its hard to find a silver lining.....

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Well heres the whole thing, now you know.

My story: I don't really remember how it all started, things just started falling into place. One day i was living on top, the next I'm in a lowly state of sadness and hardship, then completely out of the picture. I guess i should really start from the places that i remember, the parts that changed my life forever.
When i look back on it everything started out in Grade school, it was mainly the middle ground for the first tragedy. I was outgoing, didn't know a stranger, didn't judge and didn't care. But to my oblivious note i would later find out that my best friend-Allison-is the little sister of a state football legend.
The other kids started migrating around her, almost as if she was the sun and they were the planets trapped inside its orbit. We still made it work, finding time to talk and play every chance we got. It was only a few years later everything changed.
Perhaps it was the separation of us through our assigned classrooms or possibly the corruption from her newly found friend. Either way everything started to gradually fade from what it had been. I was oblivious to everything, still being in the innocence of grade school.
It was at this point where harmless, child like mockery shifted into something more, something greater. To my dismay they started bullying me, my best friend now the toil of my insecurities. I didn't know what to do, i had no one else. I stuck around them a few years, that is until i found Brie.
She was the quiet girl at the back of the class, none the less we were bound together by our common title of class outcast. For once i felt better, i had someone to rely on again. Someone to trust. Of course my former best friend didn't like my new found friendship, her and her posse of friends tried to make our lives miserable. We didn't let them get to us though.
The next year my long distance friend-Hannah came to our school, no one could touch us we were invincible. Then 7th grade year happened...
We had no classes together, Brie and i stuck together but i cant say as much for the other. We were still friends, trying to make it work. She had to of secretly hated me, for there was so many signs of betrayal that i feel so dumb for not seeing it.
The major sign should of been when she started dating my long term crush and then tried to hide it from me. I found out from Brie, she never had the guts to tell me herself. But yet i gave her another chance, and another, and another. She found out in what ways she could use me and push me. Not to mention the fact that by now all the rest of my class was bullying me. Some of them even going to extensive amounts to push me, calling me hippo and other hurtful things. I would literally just sit in the back with my head down, crying silently, the teachers didn't know. The teachers didn't care.
8th grade year was even worse, Brie's dad got a job transfer and she had moved away that summer, leaving me to fight the never ending battle alone. By now Hannah was full out betraying me, only coming around when she wanted or needed something from me. I was fed up with the things that she was doing and didn't let her push me around anymore, she resented that. I guess she felt power apon being able to hurt someone with only a few simple words, to her i used to be an easy target, a way for her to climb the social ladder. Everything fell apart that year, the bullying continued from everyone, i turned to starving myself and crying myself to sleep every night. Often times music was my only friend.
Im a freshman this year and I'm just kind of faded into the back ground now. I don't even speak to Hannah anymore. Brie and i still keep in touch. And as for Allison shes on a downfall of her own.
I just want you all to realize before you send that text, before you talk behind your best-friends back, the same arms that feel so comforting can cause so much pain. I don't want anyone to have to follow the same path i was forced into. So please think about your actions and the long term effects they could cause, so ask yourself before you act : is the gossip really worth the chance of loosing that person from your life?

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Hannah got damn boots, she cant even walk in the damn things, plus shes wearing cammo now and it makes me sooo pissed, shes a fucking city kid, she hates cammo!!!! What the fuck, shes just trying to get guys. Its fucking pathetic.

Anyways theres better things to talk about. I like Aaron kind of. And i know i like Colton. Oh my gosh how did this happen? Im going to ask Colton if i can wear his away jersey for home comming. I mean come one he's sweet and funny. But yeah....

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Lynn (papergalaxies) This Friday is home coming and i still havent asked Colton to borrow his jersey. *slaps myself.* i need to just push my nervousness aside. Gah, but im so nervous, what if he says no or worse laughs, im sure he wont cuz hes not like that. But that fear is still there. Oh my gosh im such a wimp. I couldn't even find the guts to dance with Dalton last night. I need to just be more outgoing, but thats easier said than done. Anyways, Katy's party was awesome last night. I was the champion at musical chairs, BOO-YA!!! We also played twister, just dance 3 and 4 and this dare game where everyone writes a dare and puts it in the box, then you draw a paper out and do what it says. Dalton kept getting my dares, it was hilarious when he got my 'run around and act like an airplane' dare. And of course when we all did his makeup blind folded. It was fun though, and i wont be forgetting it for a long time, thats for sure....

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Lynn (papergalaxies) A lot has happened, for one thing we had to put our dog down and that was incredibly sad. But theres also been a lot of school stuff, at the homecoming game, we won, but our coach was being a witch about everything, yelling at us that we aren't good cheerleaders and we didn't do enough for spirit week. This last week she kinda calmed down though. Last weekend was Elizabeths bon fire, it was kinda boring, until the idiots who just wanted to sit around and sneak beer in left, and Colton showed up. After that it was crazy with some insane games of truth or dare and the fire game/ rock roulette. Not to mention just dance. Oh and guess what, Colton literally just gave me his jersey without me asking! I was like freaking out. But i guess thats kind of over now that he's dating a 8th grader. *sigh* i want him to be happy but im also on the verge of okay when will they break up, cuz this girl has had 6 boy friends in the last two months. I dont know, i dont want him hurt, i just want someone to be there to jokingly yell 'pass the weed' while im on the phone with my mom...

message 30: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) My baby is hurt, and by my baby i mean Colton, he tore his ACL, MCL and broke his tibula, needless to say hes out of sports for the rest of the season and needs surgery! I just feel so bad for him, sports is his life, he will be confined from that for a while, and it will forever effect his abilities. Why does this stuff happen to the good guys? I just like him so much, i hate to see him like this :(

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Im seriously falling hard for Colton, iv known that i like him ever since i had that dream where him and i were on my grandmas living room floor and we kissed....i just don't know where i stand with him. Hes like super nice to me and all, but hes nice to almost everyone, he does friendly tease me some...especially about this "weed" *rolls eyes*
But i know i like him, theres not a lot of girls in my class...im really hoping later this year he will ask me to prom. If he does it will be perfect!
Im worried about his surgery though, i know its routine but theres always risks with surgery. I guess its just the fact that his basketball/ football days very well might be over that scares me.
I know sports is his life and i want him to be happy in what he does!

message 32: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Okay, do its been a long time since i last wrote. With that being said theres been a lot thats happened. First off lets start with the things that influenced our small town. On thanksgiving night we had a huge gas explosion, like, it made national news. It was really crazy. Then Trevor's mother died. And then lat night a trailer caught on fire and burned to the ground. Its all crazy. Okay, now heres the things that effected me. Down at the McQueen side of the family at our thanksgiving celebration the whole family was pretty well in a feud against one of my uncles and aunt. The problem is he spends too much time on the crooked ideas his church are putting into their minds. School has been a problem all on its own. First off Rosendale is getting like in tolerable, last week i thought for sure i would punch the little jack ass right in the face. But thats a story that could go on and on and on. In other news, its good to see the guys in my class have a total of 2 combined, working brain cells. In my 7th hour while the teacher was out of the room they found a lighter. What did they do? They set each-others hair on fire! And then found a spray can of cleaner and used that for the fire trick, almost setting one guys pants on fire! Yeah, they are not the smartest people in the world....at all. And anyways, the most dramatic news of all. I like my ex best friends boyfriend. So yeah, just a normal, chaotic month for me. I wonder what will all happen with the rest of this month. I guess theres only one way to find out.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Okay, i was seriously about to loose it. I have had it with Jonathan and Clayton! I dont care if you mess with me a couple times, but dont due it over the same subject the whole bus ride! It just makes me want to punch them in the face. I thought i would too. Anyway jonathan was sitting there saying 'clayton go sit with your girlfriend.' And clayton would say shit but i would pretend not to hear so anyways i turn and stare out the window and pull my hood up knowing if i didnt i would blow up for sure. And then they have the nerve to say 'oh my gosh i think shes crying.' I just wanted to scream seriously why would i cry over your ugly ass not liking me, thank goodness it was my stop or i probably would of punched them....

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Lynn (papergalaxies) So its been a week since I've had to deal with the stress of school. Thank goodness. But when i go back next week its going to suck! Ah story of my life is playing, maybe i should just not worry about it for a moment and enjoy the song.

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