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Fairy or Faerie?
Madeline Madeline Jun 05, 2013 08:47PM
I personally prefer Fairy, Faerie confuses me...

Personally, I prefer the term Faery.

The spelling of 'fairy' can be a little confusing at times because people automatically assume that you're talking about little creatures with wings on their backs e.g. Tinkerbell, the tooth fairy or the flower fairy illustrations. We already have preconceived notions of fairies as being kind, dainty creatures but mythology and folk-tales clearly show that they often have a darker nature.

When I'm talking about the mythological race as a whole, I refer to them as the Fae or faeries. If I'm writing or talking about a specific groups/race, I refer to them as they're commonly known as e.g. the Sidhe or the Seelie and Unseelie Court. If I am talking about small, winged creatures then I call them fairies.
This usually helps to clear up any confusion.

Also, if you're writing a paranormal romance/paranormal erotica which includes a hero who's fae, wouldn't it be cruel to refer to him as a "fairy"?

Isn't faerie the old spelling? If so how did it get changed to fairy?

deleted member Jun 19, 2013 04:44AM   0 votes
Faerie or Faery either one. i dont like the looks of Fairy it just makes me thich of a tiny tinkerbell pixie. although i do like tinerbell i dont like how its spelled and i think there is a total huge difference between the two

I prefer faerie it makes me picture this ancient race of winged creatures. Whereas fairy makes me think of delicate pixies flying to sugarplum castles to help princesses.

I prefer Faerie, it sounds more out of this world in my opinion

I agree with the majority: "Faerie" sounds preferable to "fairy" which I would expect to find in children's books and the sort.

I like Faerie better, Fairy seems almost like a childish term

Faerie just looks weird!

Historically speaking there's a difference between faeries and fairy's. In both culture and legends, as well as old myths.

Faeries are eternal beings adapted to the ways of nature, they are fey beings, like elves. Their immortal but do have an end, and weaknesses.
They put beauty above all else, as truth, on the other hand fairy's put existence and life above all else. Just as their literature can me be mistaken for riddles, for they are known for twisting the lines. The superior race one can visualize it as, though having blood on their hands come only with reason.

A fairy's life span is nearly the same as any mortal, they have a tendency of being cheeky I must say. They are more innocent and fragile, and not ones for blood at any rate.

Definatly Faerie it just looks better outside of a childrens story.

Madeline wrote: "I personally prefer Fairy, Faerie confuses me..."
As you see in my comment, faeries are fey creatures as are fairy's. But each have different ways of life, like faeries like lust and sex, as fairy's like friendship and bonds more.

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Faerie has more of a hard edge to it, which fits with more modern renditions portraying them as dangerous, sometimes malevolent.

I think fairy, however, is more suited to children's books.

deleted member Jun 10, 2013 02:59PM   0 votes
There's a difference...?

Germaine Piccinin Yes, read below to know.
Jul 10, 2013 01:40AM · flag

Faerie is better than fairy because if you say fairy, people automatically assume you're talking about a Tinkerbell look-alike, which IS NOT RIGHT! Faerie however . . . well faerie seems a hell of a lot more mature and it doesn't give you the impression of a pure, goodhearted, sparkly little fairy princess with gossamer wings. Which is good.

B L Jones (last edited Aug 02, 2013 06:41PM ) Aug 02, 2013 06:41PM   0 votes
For me,

Fairy=pretty little bug-like creatures that dance and sit on flowers, the kind i loved as a child and read about in story books.

Faerie=Dark twisted mystical painful beauty mixed with pain and pleasure, evil and clever tricks. The more realistic, in my opinion, type of supernatural creature. x

Faerie its more otherworldly! Fairy just gives me the impression of something like the tooth fairy like its all pure and cute and nice, no twist to anything.

Germaine Piccinin It's not really a twist, just a different version of the same beings of same environment. ...more
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