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The Room

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Leon RE Maybe he hadn't gotten to that room yet, and no one had opened it which was why it was locked, I dunno, unless anyone has a better explanation.

Jeni I got the feeling that Sirius was very loathe to do anything with the house and Molly was the one that was cleaning it up. Not to mention Kreacher trying to keep anything his Mistress or Master Regulus owned.

If Molly was the one doing the cleaning, she probably started with the kitchen, parlor, and a few bedrooms. If Regulus's room was locked, she probably just moved on to the next one.

I assumed Kreacher kept the rooms of folks he loved locked up against the tornado of clean that Molly had become.

If Snape had snooped (say that three times fast!) in Regulus's room and found it locked when he arrived, he would re-lock it when leaving.

That's what my mind has worked out, anyway.

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