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will rose kill dimitri???????

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sadichha i dunno.... she "promised" him she would, but will the carry through with it????????????????

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon nah i dont think she will. i dont think she can. i think she loves him to much but he wont hurt her either because he loved her to much too..

Danni no way, there is going to be 6 books in the series so I think something is going to happen that brings him back.

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Katie Nope. They are going to find some way to turn him "normal" again and everything will be fine....or so I tell myself.

message 5: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon haha i tell myself that too.. its the only way i can sleep at night:)

Danni :P lol

♥Roza♥ I really hope he doesn't die. there are gunna b 6 books so mayb he will survive

Maureen richelle cant kill him off cause hes a main character and if he died without coming back at all pretty much everyone will stop reading the books because the whole thing is about him rose lissa christian and regualar problems so if they killed him off and put adrian in his place it would pretty much reuin everything.

Brandi I think that rose is gonna find dimitri and lisa will find a way to heal him . And anyway why the hell does rachial mead think that she can kill him it just doesn't make any since that she would end a book that way. unless theirs gonna be a big twist in the next book. Or mason could be lying to get rose to leave and their could be a big battle scene. Which that would mean that dimitri could still be ALIVE YAYA.

Brandi Or you all know that victor has outside connections and. as he said in the court room that he knows a lot of people. Maybe victor had a spritit user use compulsion and lure her out of the academy leaving lisa behind all alone, (in theory). And perhaps victor knowing the situation of rose and dimitri had used that as an advantage and had a spirit user make her think that she was seeing mason. Also it could mean that he wants to steal lisa AGAIN and make her use her power to heal victor. I don't know you guys but I can tell you for a fact that theirs probily going to be a huge freek out at the end of blood promise. I cant wait till august 25th thats when its come in out.

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Rose will see him as a strigoi, then she'll probably freeze up. She'll remember the field experence where she "killed" him as a fake strigoi, but will she be able to handle seeing him as a real one? What about dimitri? Will he remember what happened between Rose and him? Will he freeze up at the sight of seeing Rose while he wanted to kill her? Who truly knows? Rose might get killed if she freezes up, or Dimitri might get killed if he freezes up. It's a life or death situation. We have all read about the control Dimitri had. Who knows, he could have brought the control over when that Strigoi rose knew turned him. He could turn Rose to strigoi, therefore destroying any chance she had to go back to Lissa, and breaking the bond. That also destroys Adrian's heart. There are a lot of posssiblities, but any way it goes, somebody is going to die. Face it, we can guess SOMEBODY is going to die in the 4th book. It's just the matter of who is it that dies.

Brandi WoW thats kinda blunt. way to put or hopes down lol:). But your theory is vey interesting i also think that someone will die but who????? guess we'll find out in august can't wait ima dying.

Maureen noone can die except adrian or like tasha or like tatiana it would reuin the entire series.

Brandi yeah lets hope not though

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Nah adrian can't die, cauz he made rose promise to come back for him. I WANNA KNOW WHO THAT TURNS OUT! haha will she break the promise or not? AND thinking about it, my last post waz LOOOOOOOOOOONG

Tressa Hmm... Im kinda hopeing that mabe rose will find some why to bring him... back cause it would ruen the series if they were to kill him.. off! Also if it did come down 2 it I think Rose would kill him if it meant saving him!

Danni Dimitri will have to stay in the series cuz people will lose interest and get depressed if he does die.

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Magen i agree with danni if dimitri is cut out of the series then people will get bored with the series

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Katie Adrian can't die! He's my favorite character! Well, besides Dimitri :)

message 20: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon yea dimirti cant die or else i will be so upset i will ball my eyes out:(

Adelina I think that it is inevitable, someone has to die in book 5, in my opinion i think it will be adrian, he will prob die in the process of helpin rose bring dimitri back to life with his healing powers.They are just going to face tooo much danger on their own for them to all get out of this alive. I really doubt lissa dies bc she is soo important to rose, and the whole story line with victor and also what would happen to christain if she does die.

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Magen Ade1227 you are amazing you just gave me an epiphany!!!! What if they arent alone?????? what if roses mother senses that somethings wrong and goes looking for her and ends up helping rose... i mean her and her mom are finally starting to not hate each other and her mom is actually acting like a mother.?????? i dunno its just a thought

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Brittany Bordignon yea i think that maybe eddy or christin or adrian will die... i hope its none of them but your right someone will die

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CHRISTIAN CAN'T DIE! otherwise that ruins the series 2, cauz he's lissa's boyfriend.
it would just be boring without him cauz when lissa and christian are having their "fun" rose pops into her head. i luv that part cauz she gets really pissed off at that

Brandi Wow well then who's gonna die then this sucks that we have to wait. but i don't think that eddie is going to die cuz he's also gonna be christians or lisa'a gardian so idk. but what if her mother does come and find her and her mom gets killed?

Danni Well maybe somebody will die but I don't think it would be good for the series if they killed lissa, Dimitri, christian, or adrian off to early in the story because if lissa dies then what is going to happen next? Rose is suppose to protect her that is pretty much what this series is about other than dimitri's and Rose's love for eachother. If Lissa dies then all the other books were pointless because she has been fighting to protect lissa. If Christian dies then lissa will go more depressed and try to kill herself maybe because she feels it would be her fault. If dimitri dies people will loose interest in teh books and of course cry. And if Adrian dies he would not be able to help lissa out with her powers plus he has something to him, like a secret or something. Something big that will allow him not to get killed. As for Eddy i am not to sure because something in the story may happen where he feels he needs to protect Rose or Lissa and die defending them or something.

Brandi Just like mason tried to defend rose. AHHHHHHHHH this is killin me. I have to know. NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danni lol I am not saying that eddy is going to die for sure lol that is just what I have a feeling might happen :S its killin me to lol

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Eddie can't die either. Without rose, he's the only person who qualifies to be lissa's guardian.
wow this is coming out AWKWARD....god to much stuff

Haley literly

Tressa Why does anyone have 2 die?

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cauz... THERE IS ALWAYS A WAR/INJURY IN THE BOOKS the first book waz christian dying then coming back
second book waz mason dying
third book waz dimitri waz turned strigoi

Danni maybe somebody will die and come back :S I donno lol

Tamara i hope either adrian or lissa discovers away to change dimitri back. i can see rose actually killing him.
she may try to, but she would now what would happen so she'd probably not be able to go through with it.
i WANT dimitri to come back but i have a feeling that rose will kill him. she and him said they would want the other to kill them if that ever happened. i think rose with respect dimitris wishes and kill him.
but then he'll come back somehow, or atl east i hope.

Tressa Hmm.. Intresting theories

message 36: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon yes very interesting... what if dimitri doesnt turn back to dampire but stays strigoi but he remembers rose n everyone so he doesnt kill them n him n rose still be together even though he strigoi.. that would be wierd haha i dont think it would happen though haha

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haha it's dphamir for one thing,
and two...
I could go with rose's mom being killed
she is a bit snobby and a b***h.

Maureen true but like you kinda need janine to find sout the father is i mean its a good chance the mother knows and wont tell. maybe its someone we know about like it ccould of been adrian when he was a teen cause they neveer say how old he is or maybe victor??

Danni Adrian being the father? lol that would be weird

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Katie I believe Rose does love Dimitri VERY MUCH! And if you read the previous books then you know Dimitri wold rather be dead then a Strigoi. If in fact he really is one, then I think Rose would kill him. I just hope he isn't, or if he is there HAS to be a way to change him! Cuz even tho he's just a character in a book, I'm in love with him too =)
I love these books and I can't wait for the 4th book to come out!!! =D I'm siked!

Brandi Hahaha so the theorys continue. bUT i DON'T THINK THAT ADRIAN IS THE FATHER! if you remember in the 3rd book that when rose is called into the queens room and the queen tells her that she needs to break up with adrian and rose says that shes not with him but the queen wont have it. and then she says something like dphamir and mori are never ment to have anything more than a fling and then she says your mother thought that with ________! ( she mentions the fathers name and i think it starts with an I ) so that concludes the whole theory on who the father is. if yu find out who the father is then let us know id look back if i could but i lent my friend the books. :)

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Wow this is going to take a while

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Gabrielle Pech i agree..she can't kill least not in the 4th book, maybe later but not now.
At least thats what i think....i also have to tell myself that to keep myself sane.

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omg who wants to join my vampire academy roleplay? anybody can join
i got adrian lissa and rose already anybody else can be anybody else

Haley well there are 6 books and this is only the 4 so i doubt that rose will kill dimitri! correction it isn't a doubt. SHE CAN NOT KILL DIMITRI. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!

Maureen i totally agree

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exactly, so now the question is WHO WILL DIE? The suspense is killing me. Or....
I GOT IT! We've been saying she won't kill dimitri right? Or that adrian/lissa will find a way to turn him back right? Maybe....rose will kill dimitri but she'll be pissed off at herself for it, then lissa will find out what she did and get adrian to help her bring dimitri back, twice the spirit might bring him back to his dphamir self

Brandi But it could kill them both adrians not strong enough with his powers yet.

Maureen maybe thats where sydney comes in??

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