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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Plot: Whichever one we decide to put here

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Uptight girl and mystery boy?

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) ;) Almost done posting her.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Name: Brandy Anna Hoffman
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: description
Height- 5'8"
Eye color- A blue-gray color
Hair Color- Brunette with blond streaks, like in the picture
Distinct Markings- Muscle tone, and all of the blisters on her feet, that no one ever sees unless she's walking around completely barefoot.

Personality: Oh, boy. Where shall we start? Brandy is dancer, simply put. She does Ballet, tap, hip-hop, line, reggae, irish, anything you can think of. She does it all. This means she spends about forty to fifty hours a week in the dance studio, where she is constantly moving and working out. Because of this, she is a lean, strong girl who can easily be underestimated. Ballet demands extreme amounts of concentration and strength, but does not tone muscles as much as other sports do, and so while she may look like an innocent little girl, don’t overlook her. She has always been able to keep up with the jocks, even beat some of them on a few occasions.

Nothing escapes her eye, which is why she always looks impeccable. After spending an average of two hours on her appearance every morning, it never seems like it. Her outfits always look effortless, and so do all of her movements. Everything she does is controlled, and perfectly choreographed, as you can tell by the way she walks and carries herself. She’s beautiful, and she knows it. Great care is taken to maintain this, and she limits her sugar intake, and eats very little. Some may say she fits the ballet dancer stereotype, but they can go skrew themselves.

In other words, you really don’t want to mess with her. She’s been dancing all of her life, and plans to continue it in college. If anything were to mess that up, oh, she’d be out for blood. She’s seen others get injured, and that is not going to happen to her. Meaning, she is extremely competitive. Whether it’s for the best spot in the performance, or even to have the best clothes or perfume, she’s on top if it. Any money she gets from her parents is split to go her college fund, and then the rest is spent on music, clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories, ect. Stuck up? Of course, but only because it protects her from the rest of the world. She can be a b!tch to just about anyone, which generally includes everyone. There are a select few who she will associate with, but most of the kids at school are sluts anyway, so they’re only good for one thing: Getting what she wants done.

If she does need you to do something for her, she has a smile that could be trademarked, and makes everyone melt. She can sweet-talk her way into just about anything she wants, including her parents. Adults think she’s the sweetest thing ever, and she knows how to network. She has connections everywhere, most of them built by her, not her parents. Yeah…another word of advice, if you value your life, don’t mention them.
~Pop music
~Leg warmers
~Cliff bars
~Body lotion
~ Colorful sports bras,

~Classical music…ugh, sounds like a funeral.
~Anti-social people, blood,
~Her birthday
~Her brother-the spoiled brat

Weakness/Faults: Her stuck-up facade is just that-a facade. Inside she’s screaming for attention from her parents, or anyone really, but that will never come through.

History: Let’s see, where do we begin? Brandy was born in America, while her parents were traveling for work. They were a performing duo, traveling with her older brother, who is exactly thirteen months older than her. To the day. Which would seem cool, except it wasn’t, not with her family. For a while when she was a baby, they lived in America, but it was a little much for her parents. So when Brandy was three, they just dumped her at her aunt’s house, and went back to Europe with her brother. They always favored him, the little dweeb.

So, Brandy grew up with her aunt. Her aunt had always been the black sheep of the family, leaving Europe to move to America and pursue her dream of having a dance studio instead of going into the performing business. And the studio wasn’t even that big, but it had the best teachers her aunt could find. Brandy practically grew up in the studio, literally. Her Aunt’s apartment was located right beneath the studio, and whenever she had free time, Brandy would go up and dance by herself, in the middle of the studio. Her aunt taught her, and pushed her to be the best she could be.

Unfortuantely, this all ended when Brandy entered herself in a dance competition, and won. Her parents renewed their interest in her, and started implicating measures to make her ‘better’. This included hiring a teacher for her, who constantly evaluated her, and reported her progress back to her parents. Her aunt was put under strict orders as to what to allow Brandy to do, and they were both trapped. They were able to continue their love of dance together, but it was more supervised and forced now.

Brandy's aunt continued to foster a healthy love of dance, and instead of studying, Brandy started spending more and more time in the dance studio, in part due to her parents orders. All over the news was a comparison of her and her brother, and she worked harder and harder, to ensure that she was just as good, and made a stronger name for herself than her brother ever would. But that stupid mommy's boy got everything. Heck, he even got a...she preferred not to think about it. She simply lived in the studio, getting there an hour before classes, and staying an hour later. Recording an average of 40 hours in the studio, one would think her confidence would grow. If anything, it only stiffened. She became more and more determined, and nothing was going to stop her.

Then her parents got even more involved. Out of nowhere, they declared she needed to get a social life, and have the entire high school experience, and they shipped her off to some preppy school for fine arts: (______) They send her all the money she could desire, letting her get whatever, spoiling her like any kid would dream of. But too bad for them, because Brandy never accepted a bribe, and wasn't planning on starting taking them from her parents. But she made sure that whenever she shopped, she didn't look at price tags, just got what she knew was best for her, and that was that.

Her parents
Her brother

Her Aunt and Uncle

Most Embarrassing Moment of High School:

Once at a party, she went to bend over, and her pants ripped straight down the center, leaving her bum completely exposed. And the best part? She was on her period. Luckily, it was with her dance friends, and they all just laughed it off.

She never talks about her parents or her brother.


 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments I love your characters! xD

She's just as great!

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments

[ Full Name/Alias ] Quentin Frédérique Lavalée
[Possible Nickname ] Quin, Q, Fred

[ Age ] Eighteen ( 18 )
[ Date/Place/Time of Birth ]
~September 2

[ Gender ] Male
[ Orientation ] Bi-curious

[ Appearance ]

(view spoiler)
[ Hair Pigmentation ] A copper brown dusted with a honey blonde colour; its appearance is thick and brings a resemblance of silk upon being felt. His usual do is either slicking it back a little and letting the rest do its thing, or simply leaving it in a mess - he prefers not having to wake up and worry about his do.
[ Iris Pigmentation ]
[ Height ] 6'4”

[ Personality ]

Where to start with this fellow man? Right, that's exactly it, Quin is a man, do not dare tell him otherwise for you will surely never wake up the next morning. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration but he wouldn't appreciate it much because he takes great care with the way he presents himself; spine in perfect position seemingly careless walking despite the smoothness in his strides, in other words, he knows who he is and what he's capable of – why not show it?

Despite the way of thinking, Quentin is a very reserved male, preferring to maintain as much distance from the heat of the drama as his crazy long legs will allow him. He's most definitely a lover and not a fighter, preferring to use words instead of fists to beat his enemies down. Mean? Well, give it some thought, how would you react face a situation where the very few words of exchange are but testosterone filled threats? Would much rather kill his opponent with kindness than have to endure the throbbing pain and puffiness of a lost eye.

Cryptical would be yet another wonderful word to describe Quentin. One minute, he'll lead you on path and the next, you'll find yourself you'll find yourself stuck at a dead end, with no map indicating the way back; that's when you know you've lost your chance at infiltrating the many layers of his heart. And he'll show yo it, too, he'll simply act as if he's ever known you and go on with his day, making him seem like quite a valid candidate for Jerk of the Year.

Knowing his gift with his words, he uses it in a subtle way, be it wooing the ladies to his bed for a night they'll never forget or simply offering advice to which he'll never admit he gave. Something to keep in mind, Quin might not make the best first impression, but he's the kind of person you've got to learn how he deals with things, his way of reacting and how he approaches certain subjects; he certainly won't tell you all of this information and so one of the reasons most of his friends are Artists is because they have the eye for it, or musicians – they know how to recognise subtle patterns.

Adding frosting to the cake is how incredibly underestimated he is. More times than not, he'll seem as if he's lost himself in la-la land and the next, he'll turn and reply to whatever it was the person said, or even when writing music, the lyrics usually stay in his head and won't be written down on paper until later at night and if you do catch him with a pencil and paper – he's most likely writing poetry.

In conclusion, Quentin is like a model you have to build and glue together using a set of instructions written in some foreign language; you can't listen to what others tell you because it'll make no sense compared to if you were to simply try make it on your own.

[ History ]

[ To be Noted ]

His history is very...eventful...so I shall head to sleep after having studied and finish him tomorrow.

message 7: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Ohmygosh. I love him already!!! Tall, dark and mysterious.... >:)

And the plotting begins...

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Yay! Glad you love him!
I might leave some pot holes in his history..just to keep the whole mystery thing. ;o
That alright?

message 9: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Sure! The more mystery and secrets, the better!

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Aha, I have a few things up my sleeve...hehehe..

message 11: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Then I think this will be a verrry good roleplay!!

So, do you want to attempt to start? Today and tomorrow will probably be the only days I can post, but we can at least start!

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments It sure will!

Let us begin! How should we start this, do you think? This will probably be the only day for me, considering I have exams coming up and tests to finalise and such.

message 13: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) They'd probably be in the school somewhere, or we could start their first day of school. We can make it up as we go.

And same for me. This upcoming week sis finals week, and then summer will be craaazy.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Alright, first day of school it is.

I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, I missed this entirely.

Would you mind starting? Or would you rather I start?

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Um...could you start? I don't mean to be annoying, but I've got about three to four hours of work to do before I can even begin to start thinking about a post.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments No worries, I need to get better at opening posts anyway; the length won't be as long as they would normally...which seems to be the case with most people.

message 17: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Totally fine! Beginning posts are the hardest. It gets easier as you go, and more stuff comes up to talk about.

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