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T.G. Davis (jackiebluenovel) | 5 comments The Ringling Brothers on crack – that’s how I think of The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA . A freak show for the masses. But, I wasn’t there on Friday afternoon for any show. No, Darryl Monroe was the reason for my being at Third Street and Santa Monica Boulevard at 1:30pm under the blazing sun.
“I don’t like this,” I told Hugh as we stood on the corner scanning the crowd. “Something ain’t right here…this guy reaches out to me through his super connected dad and can’t make the time for us for five days? You got your gun?”
Hugh wasn’t with me on Tuesday, when Darryl and I were supposed to meet, but my gut told me to ask him to come along for the Friday meeting.
“Of course I do…now just relax,” Hugh replied. “This guy’ll show…something terrible could’ve totally come up…happens all the time.”
“Uh huh…wait, is that him?” I pointed somewhat wildly across the street. “He said he’d be wearing a red shirt and that shirt’s pretty red.”
Hugh looked where I was pointing and grunted.

“Darryl!” I yelled out with a kind of mad wave of my right arm.

The red shirted man spotted us and began to cross the street. He was carrying a brown folder. He stood maybe 6’1, had full dark hair and a slim build. The nose looked like it had been broken in the past. About halfway across Third Street, he quickly looked around, nearly completing a full spin. This guy was on edge.
“Jackie?” Darryl asked with an awkward smile.
I nodded and crossed my arms. Hugh had told me on the way over here to demand the $1,200 payment right away.
“Hi, Darryl,” I replied. “It’s nice to meet you. This is my associate, Hugh.”
They shook hands quickly. Darryl reached into his folder and pulled out an envelope.
“Before we begin, here’s the $1,200 bucks in cash,” Darryl said. “This covers three days of work, right?”
“Yup.” I took the envelope from his mildly shaking hand and put it in my front shorts pocket. “Thanks,” I continued. “Now, tell us what you know.”
“Well, I work for Izod Capital, which is a money manager, and the founder of the firm, Peter Jones, runs the place himself . This good ‘ole Californian has a lot of friends with a lot of money. In this folder, I have bank account numbers that clearly sho…
I’d never seen anyone get shot in the head before, but there’s a first time for everything; the bullet entered and exited Darryl’s skull before my brain could even register the event. Darryl dropped like a stone.

Hugh pulled the folder from Darryl’s fingers and grabbed my arm. “We gotta go!”
With my head still spinning, Hugh and I crossed Third Street in the same direction Darryl came from. I looked back and saw folks running frantically away from the body. We nearly got trampled but Hugh raced us through the mob scene.

My name is Jackie Blue and I live east of East LA. I’m no Saint, but I’d do anything for my kid sister who is only a third of the way through college. That means my loveable trailer at Sunshine Trailer Park at 9563 East Garvey Avenue in South El Monte, CA is going to be my pad for a while.

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T.G. Davis (jackiebluenovel) | 5 comments Jackie Blue is a private investigator in LA who wants to move up in the PI world. Jackie investigates a Hollywood money manager and comes face to face with a Mexican drug cartel and its money laundering scheme. Jackie and ex-beau/bounty hunter Hugh Barclay end up protecting the head of the Hollywood firm but who’s protecting who here? Through a bizarre circumstance at the outset of the story, Jackie holds key customer account information which all sides of the splintering cartel are chasing.

Reviews from Readers Favorite; Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers Favorite
Hot Laundry, the second mystery in the Jackie Blue series, offers the reader wild twists, turns and surprises. TG Davis has created an interesting female investigator. Fans of Stephanie Plum will find themselves loving Jackie Blue just as much. She is witty, daring and very likable. TG Davis captures your attention from the start and pulls you right into the fast paced story. It is impossible not to cheer Jackie, Rocky and Hugh as they solve the case. You cannot help but wait anxiously for her next investigation. If you are a mystery/sleuth fan, young or old, man or woman, you will want to check out Hot Laundry.

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