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As book people we all hit the book stores, both new and used, and book sales every chance we get. This thread is where you can drop in and brag about that "special" book you found, that great deal you got....

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this is one i got in the mail yesterday...a NESFA Press book, one of the series they do for their Boscone con...every year the Guest of Honor gets a small book printed in their honor, normaly a short print run, a few signed and numbered, and the book is sold at the con to raise cash to help pay the cost of the con.

I ordered one of these last week, Viewpoint by Ben Bova. Cost me $2 (it was used) plus shipping. I was expecting a beat-up book with no dust jacket, likely a 3ed or 4th print. What i got in the mail yesterday was a NICE looking book, sharp dust jacket, 1st print, SIGNED by Bova AND numbered #338 out of $2 i spent this year. :)

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 2064 comments That's a WOW, Spooky. Someone didn't know or care what they had. Glad the book got a good home.

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another day, another used book in the mail...this one is special to me, but not because it is rare or anything...i got Strange Horizons by Sam Moskowitz...i like reading Moskowitz for his histories of SF and early fandom. He's a real old-timer, there in the early Gernsback days. I had thought Strange Horizons was a short story collection. Not so!! After thumbing thru it i see it is yet another volume were Sam has his say about all things SF. he is always a fun read, even if i disagree with him sometimes. Total worth my 1 cent plus postage. :)

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the othe book in the mail today...$1 plus postage....The Creation of Tomorrow by Paul A. Carter...yet another book with yet another author looking to "have their say" about SF....i love this sort of thing, even if far too many times books of this sort go flying at the nearest wall followed rapidly by a shout of "he missed the damn point!" Then the landlord gets mad about damage to his wall, my doctor gets uptight about my blood pressure, and i am driven to drink. FUN!!!

we old folk are a bit mad.....

message 6: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Bermea (beirutwedding) | 412 comments Spooky1947 wrote: "the othe book in the mail today...$1 plus postage....The Creation of Tomorrow by Paul A. Carter...yet another book with yet another author looking to "have their say" about SF....i love this sort o..."

Sooo... are you saying "No" to Creation of Tomorrow? Skip it?

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i like that sort of stuff. :)

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Bobby Bermea (beirutwedding) | 412 comments I'm curious about books by authors looking to have their say about science fiction. You mean authors who don't normally venture into the field taking a stab at it or authors writing books about the genre and its purpose/meaning?

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i tend to like that sort of thing from them that knows what they are talkin about...meaning either fans or SF authors...i have maybe 15 feet of book shelf of SF history, refrence, and lit-crit...even more on my kindle. :)

message 10: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Bermea (beirutwedding) | 412 comments A history of science fiction? Sounds like a lot of fun. Got a favorite?

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you want a history of SF or SF fandom?

for SF, the standard one book history is usually considered to be The Billion Year Spree by Brian Aldiss, updated as The Trillion Year Spree...I enjoy Sam Moskowitz many histories, I have maybe 6 or 7 of his books...some are all history, some (like Under the Moons of Mars) are anthologies with a very long essay on the time in question. Mike Ashley has a very good 3 volume history of SF pulp magazines....

message 12: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (khardman) | 20 comments Whenever I see them, I'll usually buy the "Advanced Copy: Not for Sale" edition of any book I come across. Not that they're necessaruly worth anything (unless the author is famous), but it's become a nice little side hobby.

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i was able to go book-hunting today...3 extra neat finds....Doctor Dolittle's Caravan (hardback no less) and Doctor Dolittle: A Treasury...i was a huge Doctor Dolittle fan as a little kid, so i was super-happy to find these...the third cool find was The Blade of Conan, ed. by L. Sprague de Camp...not fiction, this is a bunch of articals from the fan magazines about Conan, his world, and all things Robert E. Howard...a good week-end's work. :D

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