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message 1: by Chicki (new)

Chicki Brown (chicki663) | 9 comments Since I wasn't a member of this group last year, I'd like to introduce my "summer book" to everyone. If you enjoyed Why Did I Get Married or The Big Chill, you'll love it! :)

Sun, sand, sex & secrets! Drama at the beach! HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME

Kindle - Nook Kobo - & Smashwords -


Chicki Brown

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian Bigelow (brian_bigelow) Where did Jack the Ripper go after his last murder? This thriller gives an answer of where that may very well be. You'll have to read it to find out.

message 3: by Jams (last edited Jun 08, 2013 02:28AM) (new)

Jams Roses (jamesross) | 1 comments Hi everyone,

If you have, or know anyone who has, fallen victim to the addictive nature of drugs, or were just interested in taking a sneaky peek into this dark world, then "Get Clean" by Jams N. Roses is well worth a read.

The drug side of the story makes a great backdrop for this well received thriller set on the notorious Costa del Sol!

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

message 4: by Vickie (new)

Vickie (vixiejj) | 3 comments Hi! My summer book is Kiwi in Cat City, the first in a six-book series. At the moment it is still on sale at 99c/75p! Furry fun for all ages, it has 25 5* reviews.

Book four in the series, Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle, was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Book Awards 2013.

The books are also available in paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Book trailer:
Thank you,

message 5: by Saul (new)

Saul Tanpepper (undeadwriter) | 2 comments Hi, great to be here (and the Go Indie group on Facebook!). I've got two new releases:

Velveteen by Saul Tanpepper Velveteen: a chilling redux of a classic children's tale.
She was only seven when the Long Island outbreak occurred. Twelve years later, she finally tells her story. VELVETEEN, a new "chilling rework of the classic children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit."
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Barnes and Noble:

#99cents. And a great write up by tech and social media guru at the Siliconcowboy:

Recode T.G.C.A. (The Grayson Cole Affair) by Saul Tanpepper Recode: T.G.C.A.: a high-tech speculative thriller.
“Can a soul be hacked?”
After his brutal murder, Staff Sergeant Grayson Cole reawakens in a Virginia hospital and learns he’s part of a government experiment to transplant memories. But the experiment has failed, and is about to be terminated.
A high-tech psychological and philosophical thriller.
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:


message 6: by Teresa (new)

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Garcia (jennifergarcia) | 2 comments I'll be debuting my first novella on July 2nd. It's a beach read that comes individually or in an anthology with 2 other beach reads.
In My Mother's Footsteps
Summer Heat

message 8: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments Moon Signs was featured by IndiesUnlimited today:

message 9: by L. Allen (new)

L. Allen Stovey (lallenstovey) | 12 comments Great summer reading at new low price. E-Z Money a mystery novel, $2.99.
Razor O'Banick stays sharp in LA. #mystery #thriller

message 10: by Anne (new)

Anne Conley (anneconley) | 6 comments My newest release is available now at all major e-tailers...Hot Mess, and I'm also trying to promote my free novella like crazy, Neighborly Complications. Both are contemporary romances set in a small Texas town. Find love in Serendipity, Texas with the Stories of Serendipity.

message 11: by Jerold (new)

Jerold Last (goodreadscomjerold_last) | 4 comments The Deadly Dog Show. Is anyone up for a canine assistant detective? There’s a new entry in the Roger and Suzanne mystery series. Roger and Bruce are hired to go undercover impersonating the owner and handler of a Champion German Shorthaired Pointer named Juliet. There’s murder and miscellaneous other crimes occurring at California dog shows, and who better to solve them? The reviewers are enthusiastic about this book, which should appeal to mystery readers, dog lovers, and anyone else looking for an entertaining novel for that hot summer day. US: $2.99. Free on Prime.

message 12: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments Assignment Prague just received another five-star review!

message 13: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments Snowbound, my cozy mystery short story, is now available on Amazon for Kindle. It's permanently priced at 99 cents!

message 14: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Kennedy | 3 comments Got Kids? Ever want to read a truly American Harry Potter? LOVED IT!!!

message 15: by Serena (last edited Aug 08, 2013 03:14PM) (new)

Serena Akeroyd (serenaakeroyd) | 1 comments My Summer book is Fall Into Love, an erotica novella! At 0.99 whatever your country, (except Japan and India lol) I hope you enjoy the first part of the Naughty Nookie series! :)

#FallIntoLove on US Kindle
#FallIntoLove on UK Kindle Into Love

message 16: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments The Tower, my cozy mystery novella, has just been published for Kindle and in paperback.

message 17: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments Moon Signs, Book I of my Moon Mystery Series, is free for Kindle today through Saturday!

message 18: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments Moonlight Mayhem, Book II of my Moon Mystery Series, is free for Kindle today through Saturday.

message 19: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments In addition to Amazon, Saving Susie is now available on Smashwords and its affiliates such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. Check it out here:

message 20: by Helen (new)

Helen Haught Fanick (helenhaughtfanick) | 10 comments The clock is ticking - Assignment Prague is available for just 99 cents through Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deals. Check it out here:

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