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 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments WHAT SHALL WE DO THIS TIME AROUND?!?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Well... And feel free to say no. But I read this one fanfiction and it had a cute plot.
So there is like this big shot male athlete. He's labelled as a womanizer. He goes out a lot, drinks, parties, and occasionally get in trouble with the police. The press are all over him, and they always point out the bad about him. His manager is trying to clean up his reputation.
Then there's a female singer. Her career hasn't really taken off yet, and her manager is anxious for her to have her big break.
Somehow their managers come into contact with each other, and they arrange for these two to start dating. Of course they aren't actually dating, its a fake relationship for the press. She benefits from his Stardom and he benefits from her good girl image.
As time goes on, they eventually fall in love and all of that cheesy stuff (:

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Sounds like a fun idea!

Who would you like to play?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Since you're playing the guy in our other roleplay, I'll be the guy in this one

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments So, that means you want to play the girl? Since you didn't answer my question, lol. If you meant it, then i'll play the girl.

I can play the guy, it's no problem if you want to play the girl.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Lol i actually want to play the guy (: I've got a guy ready

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Oh, haha, okay. I just feel bad when others feel the need to play a certain character they might not want to.

Alright, I shall get to work; how old do we want them?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I know so do I. Oh, I forgot to ask, do you want to be the girl?

Early 20's?

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments I, personally do not mind, so sure, I'll be the girl.

Sounds good to me!

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I'll put up my character in a bit (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Full Name: Harry James Tommo
Nickname(s): Haz, Hazza, Tommo, Toms, but most people just call him Harry

Age: 22
D.O.B: July 23
City of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
City of Current Residency: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Professional Hockey Player for Tampa Bay Lightning

Personality: On first glance Harry seems like an annoying jerk that just likes to mess around with his friends. While this is true, if Harry is given a chance, he's actually a pretty sweet and funny guy. Not a lot of people see that side of him, rather, they see his rude and arrogant side. He does like to be the center of attention quite a bit, he is known as the "it-boy" of hockey at the moment. He's let this "it boy" image go to his head, so he does things he shouldn't do, almost thinking he's untouchable. This includes going to a lot of parties, getting in some trouble with authorities (mostly for bar fights), and showing up late for practices and such. Not only is he the face of the NHL at the moment, the press also know him as a womanizer. Harry doesn't like to consider himself that, but with the way he's been acting lately, it's a pretty accurate description. Despite the fact Harry has been with many girls, he hasn't had a girlfriend in a while. When he does have a girlfriend, he can be quite protective, not controlling, just protective. Harry can be loving. For example, he loves his family, for the most part. He loves his team, he appreciates that they put up with him even when he's being difficult, which is most of the time. Overall, Harry isn't a bad guy. He just got famous too quick and he doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. But something that hasn't changed is his passion for hockey.

Harry is quite an attractive guy. And no one can deny that Harry is quite tall at about 6’3. Since he’s still fairly young, he’s still got some filling out left to do, but he does have somewhat of a build. Thanks to his Irish heritage, he’s got quite a pale complexion, although his cheeks usually have a rosy tint to them. He also burns very easily, no matter how much sun lotion he puts on. So after a long day in the sun, he will be a glowing red. Even after the painful experience of getting burned, his skin still refuses to tan as much as Harry would like. His blue, sometimes grey, eyes stand out nicely against his light complexion. The color of his eyes ranges from dark blue to a light grey, depending on what he’s wearing. Also contrasting with his pale skin is his dark brown hair. He usually lets it grown into his eyes before he gets it cut, so it’ll get long, but never too long.

History: Harry was born in Ireland to Anne and James Tommo. When he was about five, his parents got a divorce. It was a messy divorce, which included a lot of custody battles for their only son. Harry's dad ended up getting custody of Harry for about two years. During those two years, his dad did remarry, and things were going pretty well. His mother ended up moving to Canada, in hope of starting over. She did find another man not long after, and they married. Anne came back for Harry, and this time she won the custody battle. Seven year old Harry was flown out to live full time with his mum and step dad. Like almost every other child in Canada, Harry learned to play hockey, and he's been playing ever since. He didn't bother with college after he graduated high school. He was the number one draft pick, and he went to the Tampa Bay Lighting, the team he still plays for now.

Biological Mum: Anne Simpson
Step Dad: James Simpson
Step Brother: Bradley Simpson (16)
Biological Dad: Greg Tommo
Step Mum: Rosie Tommo
Dog: Jesse

Other: His manager is really pushing this "fake girlfriend" thing to help out Harry's image. He doesn't want everyone thinking his client is a womanizer, and he thinks if Harry is seen with the same girl, it will help get rid of that image.
Lost a bet a few years ago and got this tattoo: (view spoiler)

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Holy macaroni I haven't seen this!
He's really good!

And...isn't that Harry's tattoo? >.>

Not...not that I would know..psht...

message 14: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Thanks (:

And indeed it is! Lol. A lot of people don't like it, but I think it's kind of... pretty. Haha

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments

[ Full Name/Alias ] Eleanora Judy McFadden
[Possible Nickname ] Ellie, Nora, Ells-bells, Poppy, whatever else

[ Age ] Seventeen ( 17 )
[ Date/Place/Time of Birth ]
~ May 11
~ Verona
~ 3.14

[ Gender ] Female
[ Orientation ] Straight as a ruler

[ Appearance ]

[ Hair Pigmentation ] A rather plain brown colour highlighted with various blondes that cascades down her back and nears the indents of her curves; she usually wears it down with some kind of braid intertwined within the strands. She tends to consider it as her mane, it pretty much expresses her mood, really. When she's stressed, it's up and kept away from her face, when she's happy, it's down and flowing with her every move.
[ Iris Pigmentation ] A simple hazel, not seeming to be able to choose between green or brown and so it varies from her clothing to her mood. Mostly it's when she's upset, will they turn more brown than anything.
[Height ] 5'7”

[ Personality ]

First thing's first, there isn't much that can set Ellie off, she's quite the laid back and reasonable person; everything has a reason and everyone has their stories, there isn't much to judge from there if the truth is given. Truth. There's nothing better in another human being than honesty; what friendship beginning with a lie stays strong until the end? None. For the blonde, lying is the absolute worst sin someone can commit.

Moving on to lighter things, aside from her peculiar beliefs, Eleanora is a tremendously sweet girl, always willing to lend a hand wherever it's needed, not expecting anything in return. Being a social creature by nature, she likes getting to know those around her without actually pressing into the personal details of their lives. Do be aware that she tends to be rather pushy, becoming quite the defiant little one when things don't go as she had planned. On top of that, jealousy is no stranger to Ellie, not that she expresses it through words but her actions speak much louder than whatever leaks past her lips.

When it comes to stressful events, Nora handles those sort of situations like a champ; she remains level-headed and finds a way not to drive those she loves haywire by simply maintaining her presence. Perhaps it's because she doesn't enjoy imposing her problems on others, in fear that she'll be judged or others will step out of their way in order to help her; she knows she doesn't have much money to begin with and when it comes to repaying someone (which she feels obliged to do), it leaves her quite worried it won't be enough, whatever she does.

As cool as a cucumber, Ellie's most natural state is one of pure smiles and awaiting laughs. She's naturally the type of girl that always has a smile plastered on their face, a carefree aura radiating from every part of her heart. Being a chicken, her options are limited when it comes to having fun. Heights? Over her dead body. Roller-coasters? Not unless you strap her down in it.

[ History ]

Born and raised with the help of two, very loving parents, it's safe to assume that little Ellie's childhood worked out for the better. Elementary school flew by with hardly no problems, she made lots of friends and it was during those years that she had come to realise that she would never be able to be alone, she depended on her friends to keep her in their heart, never to let her go.

Unfortunately, it was just that. She tried too hard to be liked by everyone, it only backfired at the start of junior high. The lot of her friends had gone off on trips during the summer of sixth grade meanwhile Eleanora had stayed back with her parents and little brother. She spent the entire summer managing a small lemonade stand and volunteering at an animal shelter, where she was sure she had discovered her passion.

Upon starting the first junior year, not much had changed with her, but it seemed as if everyone else had; Tracey's lashes suddenly had grown longer, an interesting purple rested on her lids and her rosy cheeks replaced her usual blanched ones. Lots of her friends had done the same, their own variations added. As for Ellie, she stayed with her plaid shirt and usual braids, blue eyes still held whatever they did back in elementary. She had approached her peer and took notice that there were strangers amongst them, and one look at Eleanora and it had been the end of that. Her friends turned their girls shoulders, leaving the girl lying in the dust.

Having spent the rest of her Junior years partly alone (there was the occasional friend that never lasted), Poppy decided that high school would change everything. She picked up her act, bought feminine appliances and threw her wardrobe away, only to replace it with skirts and dresses. Her attitude had gone from caring and humble, to bitchy and insensitive.

Such phase didn't last long.

Late at night, a few years later, she had been singing in this karaoke place and it just so happened that some sort of producer was there and little had she knows – eyes were on her that night. She had gotten lucky and the local people – her friends and at time lover mostly – had demanded an encore, which only proved her to be worth a shot. After the uncalled performance, Ben, the producer, had approached her with a proposition of a lifetime.

Within a few weeks, she was up and gone and it was unfortunate to bear the loss of her significant one but it had been for the better...or so that is what he had claimed, anyway. No matter, as of right now, it's a hard road for Eleanora and her manager but they're doing their best and if doing their best includes getting involved in a press relationship, then so be it. It's a good thing the relationship is mutual and only for the cameras; she's staying focused on writing and recording music all the while doing her best to play her part in an engagement that'll only last as long as it's needed for her to gain more fame and for his image to die down a little.

Simple enough.

[ Family ]
Elisa McFadden ~ Mother
Philip Smith ~ Father
Carl Smith ~ Little Brother

[ To be Noted ]

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments She's great (:

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Awesome! He's also really great!

Shoh...where to begin?

message 18: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Thank youu (:

Maybe their managers could be telling them about this fake relationship idea, then they have the two of them meet?

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