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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Here we go (,

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Herroh c:
So, do you have any preferences?
I usually like to do plot lines where the main couple already knows each other in someway if that makes sense :P but I'm not opposed to them not knowing each other at first!

message 3: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Oh good I like when they kind of know each other as well. Then they don't have to go through the awkward introduction phase.

message 4: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yes! Someone understands! Haha c:
Plus, the romance just seems to flow more naturally in my opinion.
So then! Ideas! :D
What if we did something along the lines of broken up high school sweet hearts getting back together later in life like college or they meet each other at a job or something like that?
Feel free to say no!

message 5: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Exactly!
That sounds adorable! I like that idea (: So you said you would prefer to be the girl, right?

message 6: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yay! And yes please c:
Lets see, so maybe they were a couple no ever expected to get together?
Maybe they were polar opposites like a sort of bad boy/ good girl thing going on?
How about they dated for three years, but the guy broke it off because of either commitment issues or he thought she deserved better?

message 7: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Sounds good to me (:
Of course! That'll make it more interesting ^^ How about commitment issues? Maybe it was their last year of high school, and he wasn't sure if he could stay loyal with all of the college girls?

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yeah! Maybe he was a complete player and then he was just too freaked out by his feelings for her so he decided to go back into his old ways? Maybe he breaks it off with her by either having her see him cheat her or he just lies that he did?
Then, they could see each other again in college?
How about he's a year older kay? And then he goes office to whatever college before her then the first year of her college experience, she goes abroad but comes back a year later, not knowing she's going to his same college now? Am I making sense? Lol

message 9: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Yes! How about she sees him cheating? That way she's more heartbroken or whatever.
Okay, that sounds good (: And lol, you're making perfect sense! So he's a sophomore and she's a freshman?

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Awesome! Gotta love more drama c:
No, I think he would be a junior and she would be a sophomore since she took the year of college abroad then came back for her second year of college and he's one year older. C:

message 11: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Of course :P I thrive on drama!
Oh that makes sense. Lol, sorry I had a blonde moment.
Shall we start our characters?

message 12: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Haha! No worries c: I was unsure of my own math for a moment there lol
Sure! But right now I can't cause I'm on my phone and my Internet isn't working and bleehhhhhh but it should go on pretty soon! C:
Could you make yours first please?
Gosh! I'm sorry! I normally stray away from asking people to go first D:

message 13: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Lol math is hard, I try to avoid it at all costs.
Yep, I'll make him now (: and haha, I'm the same way! I honestly don't mind though

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Name: Grayson Calder
Nicknames: Only people who know him well call his Gray
Age: 20
Birthdate: December 24
Height: 6'3 ish
Eye Color: Blue/grey depends on what he's wearing
Personality: On first glance Grayson seems like an annoying jerk that just likes to mess around with his friends. While this is true, if given a chance Grayson can actually be a pretty sweet and funny guy. Not a lot of people see that side of him, rather, they see his rude and arrogant side. With this attitude, he often gets in trouble with more than a few of his teachers on a daily basis. He does like to be the center of attention quite a bit, so he does things he shouldn't do. This is his way of rebelling against his mum's marriage. Not even he thought it would get to the point of him drinking and sleeping around, but he hasn't yet tried to change, and he's had these habits for a long time now. Despite the fact Grayson has been with many girls, he hasn't had a girlfriend in a while. When he does have a girlfriend, he can be quite protective, not controlling, just protective. Furthermore, Grayson has the opportunity to be smart, but he would rather be out playing hockey, football, rugby, or partying with his friends than be studying.
History: Grayson was born in England. He lived there until he was 14. When he was 12, his parents got divorced. His mum moved to the States, and Grayson stayed with his dad, who remarried a couple of years after. After many long custody battles, his mum got full custody of Grayson, and he was forced to leave England and move to America. He has been here ever since. A few years ago, Grayson's mum got remarried.
Biological Mum: Anne Noel
Biological Dad: Greg Calder
Younger Sister: Alaina Noel (12)
Step Mum: Cat Calder
Step Dad: John Noel
Relationship Status: Open
Other: plays football for the college team
(view spoiler)

message 15: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments He's wonderful c:
I can't wait to start this! I won't be able to make my character until later tonight though! Sorreh about that!
Question, are you on summer break? C:

message 16: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Thank ya (:
I know this is going to be great! and its no problem, take your time (:
Not yet. But tommorow at 11:45 I will be (:

message 17: by Nommies (last edited Jun 07, 2013 07:44AM) (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Name: Malana Caston
Nickname(s): Lanie ( A very, very old nickname her friends called her in high school )
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Personality: Malana means light and light could be a good way describe her. Something about her is pure and natural. An outside glance at her will tell you she's probably the most innocent girl you'd ever seen. Maybe it's something about the pale complexion and her braided hair that she rarely lets down. Or maybe it's the eyes that look like they've seen little distruction, but in reality, if you chose to look deeper, you'd see something very different. Malana is the type to get those perfect grades and follow the rules perfectly. Everything's just perfect, perfect, perfect. No, secretly, Malana has adventure in her. She wants to travel the world. She wants to get out and experience everything for what it really is instead of being held up and stuck at home. It's almost like she's a princess waiting for her moment to escape from the castle. But of course, she doesn't always admit this internal dream to others for reasons she doesn't like to talk about.

History: Malana is the way she is for the most part because of her family. Or rather, her parents. She usually tries make her way around the subject, but she's filthy rich. Well, her parents are rich. Walk right into her drive way and it's a good five minute walk to her actual house door. It's overwhelming if you've never known before and most people don't. Her father is usually at work while her mother stays home to basically prep Marlana for perfection and view of their family. Little does her mother know, Malana does everything to keep from talking about her family. They're a bunch of old money that Malana doesn't want to be apart of anymore. So it wasn't a surprise when she decided to hop onto the next plane out of the country to go to France and England for whole semesters for college. Of course, nothing lasts forever like Malana learned in high school through heartbreak. She was heading back home to the States where she registered in a fairly nice college and didn't hesitate to opt for the dorms.

Others: Malana's major in college is anthropology or the study of humankind.

message 18: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yay! :D I got out last Friday! I love when roleplaying partners are on summer break haha

message 19: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I love her! She's great! And same here! Hopefully I'll be able to be on more (:

message 20: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Thank you!!! :D
Okay, how should we start this?
Okay, I was thinking about having them run into each other in class or
maybe Grayson has a roommate that asks Malana to come over for dinner or something like that and she excepts, seeing as it's an opportunity for a friend and then Grayson is there and it's all awkward and yeah haha your choice!

message 21: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I like the second idea with the roommate (:

message 22: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Awesome c: I can go ahead and start it if you like? c:

message 23: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments That would be great, thanks (:

message 24: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (WAIT. Question, can we do first person? If not, that's fine! )

message 25: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((Fine with me (: ))

message 26: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments ( Thanks! :D )

It wouldn't be that awkward would it? Honestly, it was just a small dinner right? I would take the chance to make a friend. Besides, the guy, oh god, what was his name again? I think it was Jake. Yeah, let's go with Jake and if I get it wrong, well, there are a thousand other students at this school I could befriend right? It was kind of hard to have an instant friend since I got a one person dorm room. I would have opted for a three or four person one if I was honest, but nope, that didn't fit the whole, Caston family quality. My mother told me I'd be too easily distracted with a roommate so she payed almost double of what a regular dorm costs. It was ridiculous in my opinion. Heck, everything my mother did was.

Though, it wasn't the time to think about that right now because I was determined to keep a friend. At least, I hoped this guy thought this was a friendly dinner and nothing more. Honestly, I wasn't interested in building any sort of boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. I've had enough of that in high school. Well, one, but that was three years! And to be frank, I don't have much trust in guys after the break up. Yeah, I know, what girl doesn't have that problem after a break up? But not all girls find their significant other in the middle of sleeping with another girl whom they didn't even know. I sucked in a deep breath and shook the negative thoughts away. I was here for a fresh start. I was going to make myself here. I was going to find myself as cliche as that sounded.

Ever so hesitantly, my slender pale fingers curled into a fist before I knocked on the door. Worst came to worst, I could easily escape by having that study excuse or maybe one where I needed to unpack a few more things. Moments of anticipation later, a towering familiar face swung the door open.

"Hey, Malana right?" I heard his voice soothe out. If I admitted it, Jake wasn't that bad looking. He had a fit figure and a height I appreciated in most guys.

"Y-Yeah," I stammered softly. I wasn't that shy about people, but new ones always threw my nerves off a little. Apparently I hadn't made too weird of a greeting because he was gesturing inside and telling me to make myself at home. I muttered a thanks before gliding softly inside. My mother wouldn't exactly approve of being alone in a guys room, but Jake seemed like a sincere guy.

(Sorry this took a while! D: I went out for a walk with my dog c: Oh! Would it be cool if we sort of shared the character, Jake so that the rp flows more smoothly? ))

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((Yep, sharing Jake sounds good ^^))

I walked back to my dorm with a few of my friends, laughing at whatever random things they were saying. We had been “working out”. “Working out” simply meant we sat in one of the guy’s rooms, drank beer, and watched sports. We to keep these erm… get togethers low key, most of us were under aged and the last thing we needed to do was attract more attention to ourselves. It’s quite stupid honestly. In most places in Europe, you could get a drink when you’re eighteen, and in other countries, you can get a beer even younger. Why does America have to be so different from everyone else?

Oh well, my friends and I still find ways to have fun even if they are slightly illegal. Soon I was forced to part from the other guys, they all lived in the same dorm building, for the most part, while I was stuck in dorm building B. Who else has dorm Building B? Jake. Yeah, Jake is a cool guy, sometimes, but he gets so annoyed with me over nothing. Granted, I’m not the neatest person to have ever walked the Earth, and I’ll be the first to admit it. And Jake takes it upon himself to act like my mother in a way. Make your bed, do your laundry, blah blah blah… Sometimes I wish I could just have a single dorm, but my parents can’t afford that. And of course my dad never paid my child support as a kid, so it’s not like I get any money from him. So, I’m stuck with Jake as my roommate.

After going up a flight of stairs, I stood face to face with my dorm room. I fumbled around in my pocket, eventually pulling out my key. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve lost this stupid thing. I shoved it in the lock. Righty tighty, lefty loosey I recited to myself, turning the key left. It proved successful, the lock clicked, and I was able to let myself in. I was frozen in the doorway. Jake had a… girl with him? I gave him a smirk. “Hey, Jake,” I said, throwing my key onto the desk in the corner. Our dorm room wasn’t huge, but it was a decent size. It’s larger than I originally thought when I was only a freshman and it was my first day in the dorm. Jake has been my roommate for my whole college experience. We both played football, so I’m assuming that’s why we were put together. Although we irritate each other, neither of us have asked for a room switch. It’s quite incredible, actually.

Jake looked very annoyed as he looked at me. “Hi, Gray,” he told me, through gritted teeth. So maybe he liked this girl, and I was interrupting something. Too bad, it’s my dorm as well, and I won’t him kick me out.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments My rather old rugged jeans that my mother insisted I got rid rubbed against my skin as I shifted awkwardly in standing positon. RIght, not awkward. I was making a new friend who said to make myself at home right? So, I glanced around and took my time stepping forward to observe his dorm room. God, was I weird? To my surprise, it looked pretty clean. Well, one side did at least and I was beginning to figure or rather, assume Jake was the cleaner looking bed and study area. "You're on the football team?" I asked to try and make some kind of conversation instead of just standing there. I had noticed a football jersey set neatly on the dresser with out school's logo and colors on it.

I saw Jake's arm rub the back of his neck tenderly as he nodded in confirmation. "Yeah, that's probably the only reason I got into this place," he explained and I saw his mouth curve at the thought. "I really love it, ya know?" He continued and then casually started to lean back against an open wall. I could feel his eyes shifting towards me again. He didn't seem all that bad at all. In fact, he was sweet from what I could tell.

"Yeah, it must be nice to have the passion," I replied and glanced back over to him and I thought about bringing up my ex who was also in football, but I decided against it. To this day, Gray was still running circles around my head and it bothered the hell out of me. He really didn't deserve to be in my head at all. I pulled out of my thoughts though because Jake stood up straighter, his eyes on the now opening door. Must have been his roommate. I hadn't looked back quite yet, but the moment I heard the roommate's greeting to Jake, I froze a little. Honestly, I was going to laugh at myself. I was being silly. People had voices that sounded alike right? Yeah, I was just being paranoid until I heard Jake's somewhat annoyed tone reply with a name I could have lived without hearing for the rest of my life.

I was frozen, unable to move. The color in my face was slowly draining little by little while my pulse began to pick up speed. It might have been a wrong move on my part, but I swung around and there, there he was. In all his stupid, heart ripping, betraying glory. For all I knew though, he could have not recognized me. It had been about two or three years.

"Malana, yeah, this is my roommate, Gray and Gray, this is uh Malana and aren't you just ready to I don't know, leave for dinner or whatever," I heard Jake tell me then Gray. I cringed the moment he used my name. I was living on thin hope that Gray wouldn't realize it was me. Okay, maybe I could be another Malana girl? Then again, how people had my name around here? Okay, I would play it clueless, somehow. Of course, knowing Gray, he'd see right through my bullshit.

"Um, hi, uh Gray," I muttered with my best effort to make the name sound foreign on my tongue, but it wasn't it. It was far from foreign to me.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I stared at the girl, slightly startled by her abrupt motion. She looked slightly pale, but other than that she was pretty hot. I was actually quite proud of Jake for managing to find a decent looking girl. That sound mean, I know. But you should see some of the other girls he’s dated. Yeah… There’s not anything nice I can say about their appearances. Luckily, they didn’t last long. Jake wasn’t a player in the slightest, but he’s had a lot of trouble finding a long term girlfriend. I know this because he always vents to me about it. This is why I hate coming to my dorm, Jake always talks to me about his problems. We all have problems, but I think we should just try to keep those problems to ourselves and save everyone from having to listen to us rant about our lives.

I listened as Jake introduced me to whoever this girl is. I was about to cut him off and tell him I didn’t give a crap about who his lady friend is, until he mentioned her name. Malana. It’s not often someone is able to catch me off guard or make me speechless, but Jake managed to do that by just mentioning this girl’s name.

She couldn’t be the Malana from high school. What are the odds of that happening? She said something about going abroad… Didn’t she? I couldn’t remember for sure, that was a few years ago. Something that I did remember, however, was how our relationship ended. It was because of a girl named Ariana. At some point, maybe I did like Malana. Okay, who am I kidding? I really liked Malana. We were, and probably still are, polar opposites, but we made it work. Well, most of the time we did. Being as different as we are, we got into a lot of arguments about pretty much everything you can think of.

Surprisingly, I didn’t cheat on her because of a fight. I cheated on her because she wanted to stay together even though I was leaving for university. Now, honestly, everyone who knows me knows I’m not good with commitment. And college is a whole different thing. There are literally girls everywhere. How am I supposed to stay loyal? So, my way of letting her know that we wouldn’t work, was for her to see me making out with another girl. That other girl was Ariana. I haven’t talked to her since our high school graduation. Her loss, not mine.

Maybe cheating on Malana was a little extreme. But I wasn’t sure how else to break up with her. For me to actually say to her that I didn’t want to be in a relationship would have been too hard. The way I did it was easier. Well, sort of. Seeing her reaction was tough. I wanted to apologize, more than anything. But it was for the better. I felt guilty until I went to my first college party, then I forgot all about her and our break up.

I then realized I was probably staring at her like a freak. “Hey, Malana. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” I asked, giving her my signature smirk. Jake was staring at me now. “You know each other?” I shrugged slightly, and motioned towards Malana. She could tell him if she wanted to, I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him. Jake looked at her expectantly.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments As I stared at Jake, all I could think of was what we were. Were. We were everything people expected a couple shouldn't be in the beginning. Completely polar opposites that just weren't supposed to work one bit, but it did. And heck, it worked well. Well, some people have questioned it because they literally found ways to fight about everything, but that was just who they were. Two stubborn opposites that didn't want to give up on their opinion.

But hey, opposites attracted right? I was starting to think that too until the end of our relationship. It was an abrupt end indeed. Catching him cheating wasn't my proudest moment of my life. If i had the chance, I would have changed my reaction. I would have actually gotten mad, but I remember standing there with cold fit and puffy cheeks. Before he could even speak, I ran off in tears like the little wimp I was. Every part of my heart broke. I was young though and I didn't understand. You can't trust guys. You especially can't trust the ones who you've given your everything too.

What did I expect right? I knew he wasn't a commitment guy and I honestly didn't know why I thought I could trust him. But come on, we were together for three years. That meant something right? Or rather that meant a whole lot of build up for the inevitable heartbreak.

My eyes blinked after a while and Jake's voice echoed in my ears. It's been a while? That's what he had to say to me? And he was smirking as always. The same smirk he thought would work on me every time we had a fight back in high school. I barely heard what Jake had to say. The sudden anger and frustration was building up and I was given a chance I thought I would never have gotten before. My lips pressed together and I pulled myself away from the nerves.

My feet shuffled a couple of steps toward Jake without a single word and I paused. Then my hand came up in one quick motion to colide hard across his cheek. I only hoped my fresh manicure would scratch. I would say it was a relief, but in reality, it still hurt even as I got this small segment of revenge. "Yeah, we know each other and I've been waiting to do that for a long time," I breathed until I realised that Jake probably thought I was a complete freak now.

I cleared my throat and glanced back to him apologetically. I swallowed dryly, "I mean, um yeah, we know each other. And after that, I should probably go because this probably looks really bad and," I needed to stop myself before going any further.

"Wait," Jake practically stuttered out in confusion. His was a little more than shocked to see my action. "Wh-What exactly happened, I mean, I know Gray isn't um," he coughed a little to stop himself. "What happened?" He pressed again looking at the both of us now.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I watched Malana’s reaction. She didn’t look happy in the slightest. And that was an understatement. I watched as she walked towards me. I wondered what she was going to do. I assumed she would just yell at me. Or maybe she missed me and was about to make out with me. Yeah… Probably the first option. She never really was the type to just randomly make out with someone. Unless she’s different now. I hoped she was different. I wouldn’t mind kissing her again. Something about her innocence was so… Intriguing.

I did get one thing right. She is different now. She never would have slapped me before. I brought my hand up to my cheek, touching it gently. It hurt, but I’ve had worse. The pain subsided not long after and I let my hand fall to my side. “B!tch,” I muttered, but I made sure it was loud enough for her to hear. I glared at her. No matter how much I wanted to at times, I would never raise my hand to a girl. And if for some reason I did and my mum found out, I’d be dead.

My mum always liked Malana. Something about how she was a “good influence”. She was more heartbroken then I was when we broke up. I didn’t tell my mum why we broke up or how I went about breaking up with her, I valued my life too much to tell her that. But after telling her I really couldn’t handle talking about it, she gave up on asking. She hasn’t mentioned Malana for a while now. She used to, only to have me brush it off. I really don’t like talking to my mother about relationship stuff. She shouldn’t concern herself with who I date. It’s not like any relationship I’ve had has been serious. My most serious relationship was probably with Malana, but that was high school. Those never last.

I stepped away from the door, so she would leave like she said she was going to. But Jake managed to disappoint me for like the millionth time by telling her to stay. I wanted to face palm until he said ” I know Gray isn't um”. “I’m not what?” I challenged, stepping towards him. I wasn’t going to hit him, but he didn’t have to know that.

Jake saw through it, however. “Forget it, Grayson,” he told me, sharply. Why am I the bad guy? She slapped me! I raised my eye brow at him. He hardly ever called me Grayson anymore. “No, Jacob, tell me. I’m not what?”

“I don’t know what I was trying to say! Just let it go,” Jake said, running a hand through his hair. He always did that when I was getting close to crossing the line. Do I care, though? No. “Just, someone, tell me what happened,” Jake said, more like pleaded. He was looking at the two of us.

Fine, if she’s too immature to tell him, I will. “Once upon a time, we dated,” I told him simply, with a shrug. “You, dated her?!” Jake asked, pointing at Malana. “Yeah, not my smartest move, I know. But hey, I was like fifteen,” I defended myself. Jake gave me a hard glare, obviously not happy about how I was talking about her.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Hello??

message 33: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments ASDFGHJKL. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorryyyy D: times a million. Okay.
I'm replying now!! It may be shorter though cause I'm on my phone but I'll do my best!!! D: I'm sorry! I don't know why I didn't reply. I'm really excited about this rp! ))

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((It's completely fine (: I'm excited for it too!))

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments That slap felt a lot better than I thought it would. It was so unlike me. Well, at least the me that Grayson knew. It didn't matter if he thought I changed anyways because this thing between us died the second he decided to cheated on me. I was so ready to leave. I was going to be gone until Jake stopped me. I was sure that Gray wanted me out though. I mean, after his choice word he muttered to me.

I could have chose a few more creative words to throw at him, but I'm a lady. And ladies do not talk that way. Plus, I wasn't about to give him the satisfaction that he had gotten to me. Then again, I was the one to slap him. He deserved it, whatever. I pressed my lips together into a thin line as Jake continued on about asking about what happened. I would have liked him to finish his sentence maybe more than Grayson did. I would have guessed, 'not a gentleman,' 'not a good human being,' or maybe, 'not as smooth as he thinks he is.' I was sure I was messing up a first impression with Jake. He seemed like a well rounded guy. I could have used a good friend like him, but it was looking like after this, I was someone he would never want to see again.

Then he said it. Gray said it and I glared at his after comment. "No, I'd say it my worst mistake," I sputtered out and reframed myself from adding an acceptable name for him. "It really doesn't matter now though. Then again, I don't think it matter then to Gray anyways," I said more coldly than I planned to say it. I was digging my grave further and further.

"You know, thanks Jake for inviting me, but I really can't stay here," I excused myself, already heading for the door. I didn't leave him time to ask me to stay if he even thought about it. I just stormed out as quickly as possible. My hand throbbed in the slightest. That had not just happened had it?

The second Jake opened his mouth, Malana was gone and he immediately turned back to Gray. "What the hell man?" He snapped and ran his fingers through his hair before inhaling deeply. "What did you do to her?" He finally asked and stared his friend down. "I want the truth. Details. I need truthful details because you just messed up every chance I had with that girl."

message 36: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I rolled my eyes when she said our relationship was her worst mistake. It then dawned on me how much she actually hated me right now. This girl hadn't crossed my mind for months, so I never thought about how much she probably hates me for what happened. But now that we are communicating for the first time in years, its clear how she feels about me now.

I don't hate her, well at least I don't think I do. I'm not very good at identifying feelings for people... Or anything for that matter. Of course she didn't have to know that I don't actually hate her. And I'm pretty good at putting on a fake act. I managed to convince Malana that I actually liked that other girl more than her, after all.

"You're right. It never did matter to me. You never mattered to me," I told her, keeping my tone cool and sounding uninterested. Just to top it all off, I made sure to wear my half smirk. She seemed very done with everything, and she finally seemed to be leaving. I couldn't handle her being in here much longer. "Bye!" I managed to call out to her before the door slammed closed.

Once the door was closed and it was just Jake and me my smirk faded. Putting up with women tired me out. Just as I thought I could finally have some peace and quiet, Jake started talking to me. Why does my misery never end?

I hate when people snap at me. In order to be difficult, I decided to ignore Jake while he used that tone with me. I gently pushed past him and went over to my side of the room, which was the far side. I emptied my pockets of whatever crap I had in them, onto my bedside table.

I could feel Jake staring at me as he asked what I did to her. I turned to face him, but I stayed on my side of the room. "Why are you assuming I did something to her?" I asked, with an obviously fake innocent voice. "Maybe she did something to me," I suggested with a shrug. I knew he wouldn't stop annoying me until I told him, so I decided to save myself the misery and just tell him.

"Whatever. Just shut up about it after I tell you," I started. "So we dated for two, maybe three years? I think I was a sophmore and she was a freshman, so I guess it was about three years." I quickly did the math in my head, and when the numbers proved correct I continued. "It was probably four months before I graduated that I got my football scholarship, and that's when I decided when couldn't stay together," I said, simply. "One thing led to another and I may have cheated on her."

"Oh shut up, I didn't ruin your bloody chance with her. You're probably everything she wants, needs, and sh!t. You'll be fine, she can be your problem now."

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Would it be okay if we skipped? C:
We should have a plan where they have to get together somehow...
What if like, one of Gray's other football friends gets a date with a girl who could be Malana's roommate. Then like the friend gets Gray to go on a double date. The football friend would be with Malana's roommate and Gray with Malana except Gray and Malana don't know who they're double dating with?
Would that work for you? O.O

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments That sounds great (:

message 39: by Nommies (new)

Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Here I was just a couple of weeks after slapping my ex in the face, on a blind double date. Well, technically it was only blind for me. My roommate, Sarah had dragged me along to a small diner near campus for a date she was too nervous to go on alone. I mean, I wasn't about to say no because I didn't want some guy taking advantage of her. Girls had to stick together right? It was going to be okay. Although, I was regretting the idea of this thing actually being a date for me. I didn't even know the guy except that he was on the football team like the guy, Gavin, who Sarah was asked out by.

This meant Gavin knew Gray. Great. There was always the chance that Gavin had an unhealthy hate for Gray right? Or maybe...maybe my date did and we could gain an understanding with each other? Although, I highly doubt that was the case. From my experiences in high school, no one messed or dared to hate on Grayson. And why was my head starting to fill with him? I wasn't doing this. He wasn't going to do this to me like in high school. It didn't work that way.

The date would get my mind as far away from Gray as possible. I was going to enjoy myself and he wasn't going to come up in conversation because Grayson certainly doesn't mean a thing to me except for an old flame that was put a long, long time ago. Pursing my lips into a thin line, I ran my hands through my blonde hair that I had decided to let down today. It was so freaking long when it wasn't in a braid.

"What if he doesn't show up?" Sarah's voice suddenly popped up and y hand rested on her shoulder for reassurance.

"Sarah, I'm sure he's coming okay? I mean, I doubt he would ask you out and blow you off," I informed her and I watched her take in a deep breath. Sarah wasn't a complete worrier or a freak out like I was entirely too much in high school. In fact, Sarah was the type of girl you'd imagine to have all the confidence in the world. Her grades weren't incredible, but she got by pretty well. It seemed rare for her to get all riled up over a guy...unless she really did like him which explained the nerves and why I was here.

My fingers wrapped around my cool glass of ice water before I brought it to my lips to take a refreshing sip. Who knows, maybe I'll find Prince Charming tonight?

(D: I'm sorry I took so longg!!! D: )

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((No problem!))

“Are you almost done?” I groaned. Gavin was still getting ready. He’s acting like a freaking girl. It’s a date, it’s not like he’s getting married. I’m not even sure if this should count as a real date, because he’s too much of a coward to be with girl alone, so now he’s dragging me along. Thanks, Gavin. Thanks a lot. Of course being the amazing friend I am, I agreed. That’s actually a lie. He asked me after I had a few beers about a week ago. I honestly don’t even remember agreeing to this, but apparently I did. Usually I would try to protest more, but Gavin is one of my best mates here, so I guess I can do this for. I mean it’s not like I would rather do anything else than hang out with two girls I don’t know. Ugh, tonight is going to be miserable.

Finally Gavin walks out of the bathroom of his dorm room. It took me all of five minute to get ready, Gavin, on the other hand, decided to take his sweet time. Granted, I didn’t put much effort in. I had taken a very short shower, not even bothering to dry my hair properly. I was wearing a navy t shirt with the red Polo logo on it, paired with some khaki shorts and a pair of Nike trainers. Gavin was wearing a white Abercrombie shirt with a pair of dark jeans. I ran a hair through my damp hair as I asked, “Are you ready?”

Gavin looked really stressed out about all of this, but he nodded anyway. I guess he really did like this girl. I wasn’t used to seeing him like this, usually he was really confident and crazy and loud. Maybe that’s why we got along so well, we are just so alike. When we hang out, however, we usually need someone like Jake to tell us when we’re getting too stupid. Otherwise we get way too stupid, to the point that it’s almost dangerous. Jake has barely said a word to me this past month. He only talks to me when he absolutely has to. I blame Malana. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to us, and I knew he would get over it soon enough. I just had to get through a few more days or weeks of awkward silence.

Gavin finally nodded and grabbed his wallet from his dresser. I unplugged my iPhone from Gavin’s charger. We both had the iPhone 5 so it’s convenient when we need to borrow each other’s chargers. I dropped my phone in some water a few days ago, so its battery life has been even crappier. I called my mum about it, and she told me to call my dad. He didn’t answer. He knows that I only call when I need money.

Finally Gavin and I were on our way to the diner he had agreed to meet them at. It was right across the street from his dorm building, so we could walk there quite easily. Not long after, we walked into the small diner. Gavin looked at the people in there people pointing at a table. “That’s them.”

Even in my drunken state I shouldn’t have agreed to go on a blind date. Of course Malana would be my date. My luck. I started to turn around to leave, I can’t be with her. Gavin is on his own this time. He won’t going to let me get away that easy, though. He grabbed a fistful of my shirt before I managed to leave. After a not so hushed conversation, we were on the way to the table. I hate you Gavin, I hate you Gavin, I hate you Gavin, I kept repeating to myself.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments "There he is!" Sarah pointed out a little too loudly before hushing her tone and gesturing towards the two guys walking into the diner. Lets just say, I nearly choked on my water, but instead, it came spewing out of my mouth. No way in freaking hell was that my blind date. Nope. Nope. Nope. "Malana? Oh my gosh, what's wrong with you?" Sarah gasped at the some how perfect spit take I demonstrated onto the table. My face was pale and I wanted to run as far as I could. I vowed that I wasn't ever going run into Gray after what I did.

"S-Sorry, I... I just, I need to go okay?" I ended up mumbling out desperately to my friend, but she wasn't having it as she quickly tried to mop up the droplets of water on the table. I wiped my mouth and tried to somehow hide my face. Although, I knew Gray had already seen me because seconds after our eyes met in my embarrassing moment, he started to charge out of the diner. Unfortunately, Sarah's date grabbed him. Fantastic.

"Malana, I really need you. It's just one date. Please, I can't do this on my own," She pleaded with me as my eyes peeked through my hair to see her eyes just a little more desperate than mine. The girl that could probably get any guy on campus was relying on me to keep her calm? Obviously she didn't understand that I was in an even bigger mess right now.

Inhaling deeply, I straightened myself up and muttered, "Fine." A smile brightened on Sarah's face instantly and I rolled my eyes. This wasn't really happening was it? From the looks of it, neither I or Gray wanted to be here. We were both forced into this by something that wouldn't let me get rid of him for more than a couple of years. It was so easy for him to get inside my head. Here he was, probably thinking about other girls he could be with and I'm still hung up on one guy from high school. Taking another gulp of water to cool down, I looked up to see Gavin practically dragging Gray along to the table.

"Hey," Gavin spoke up as he arrived at the table, Gray not far behind. His eyes fixated on Sarah for a good moment which caused a flush in her cheeks. Dear god, Sarah could you be anymore obvious? These two were already in la la land and the date hadn't even started. Great. Super great. After a hushed hey from Sarah, Gavin ripped his eyes away from her and looked to me. "Hey, I'm Gavin, Malana right?" He asked with all the confidence a guy would have while trying to win a friend of the significant over.

"Yeah, nice to meet you," I murmured as politely as I could muster with Gray right there.

"This is Gray, one of my buds on the football team," Gavin introduced as he slid into the seat across from Sarah. Reluctantly, I nodded and cringed inwardly as I looked up to see Gray in the same old same old shirt.

"Yeah, we uh, we've met," I informed them. I didn't want to do this thing all over again, god. Sarah nearly bounced though and she found this as an opportunity to get rid of the nerves.

"Really? How?!" Sarah asked with all too much enthusiasm. Okay, you know what? I wasn't going to relive the Jake story.

"Oh you know, he's just roommates of a guy I know and I met him there," I ended up lying through my teeth. I never lied. This was a desperate situation though and I just couldn't take another awkwardness added to tonight.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Gavin finally released my shirt from his hold once we got to the table. I guess he decided once he got me to the table, I would behave myself. And I couldn’t leave now, it would just look childish and stupid. Of course, I usually do things that are childish and stupid so maybe I could get away with leaving right now. I mean, the door is right over there…

I was snapped out of my unrealistic thoughts once Gavin started talking. I glanced at Gavin’s date, I still didn’t know her name, and she was already blushing. Great, they’re going to be all involved with each other, so I’m going to have no one to socialize with aside from Malana. Could tonight get any better? I forced a smile when Gavin introduced me to the table. As if she read my mind, Gavin’s date decided to introduce herself. “I’m Sarah,” she said in a soft voice. “Hey,” I said, flatly, before sitting next to Gavin, and across from Malana. Of course Malana had to mention that we already know each other, but thankfully she covered with a small white lie. We don’t need a repeat of what happened, and it’s honestly annoying how everyone wants to know about it as soon as we mention that we’ve dated before. Why is that such a big deal? People need to concern themselves with what’s going on in their life, not with what’s going on in mine.

I could feel Gavin looking at me, but I chose to ignore it. I had given him a very brief summary of what happened about a month ago. I had left out all the petty details about how we dated for three years in high school, but I had told him about some friend of Jake’s came in and ruined things between us. And of course Gavin chooses this moment to be smart and put things together. But Gavin refused to just leave it at that and decided to ask, “Is she the one that-“

“Nope,” I cut him off, we really don’t need to make this more awkward than it already is. Just in time, a waitress came over to get our drink orders. Thank God for you waitress, you deserve a nice tip. She was kind of pretty, but at the same time she was kind of plain. Nothing about her features really stood out. She had medium length brown hair that went past her shoulders. She also had bangs that were getting a little long and falling into her pale green eyes. I had seen her around before, she’s a senior now. We may have taken a psychology class together. After a moment of searching my brain, I still couldn’t remember her name. She went around the table, scribbling down our drink orders. I decided to be healthy and just get a water. I’m original, I know. Once she had all of our orders, she promised to be back soon with our drinks then she would take our food orders. I haven’t even looked at the menu yet.

Gavin and Sarah were soon engaged in their own conversation. That left Malana and I. I was ticked that Gavin was ignoring me and only paying attention to Sarah. I know she’s his date and everything, but c’mon. He owes me so much for doing this. I glanced at Malana. “So how has this past month been for you?” I asked, making sure to smirk just slightly at her.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments I wanted this to be over right now. I wasn't going to be able to make it through the entire dinner with the two lovers and my...ex-boyfriend. You know, somedays I was considering not even counting him as a relationship I had in high school. That would be a little hard to get around though since everyone had known about us. There were the surprised ones and the ones that said, 'finally' about us. Either way, there was no way I could truly get around the idea of being with him at one time. Of course, if I could keep it from the new people here for as long as possible, I will do just that.

But seriously, couldn't this date have been with anyone else? I would have appreciated any other jerk on the football team, just not Gray. My eyes shifted down as Sarah introduced herself and everyone got seated. Maybe the whole night would go like this? Sarah could lead a conversation and maybe I could keep out of all of it. Then I noticed Gavin start to ask a question that seemed to be directed towards me and I tensed. Come on, who really needed to know? Wait, did this mean that Gray mentioned me to this guy? Please no, please, no, not another person. Not that I'm going to fully assume. I picture Grayson having enough girls to mention to his friends. Luckily, Gray cut Gavin off and for once, I think we may have been on some agreement to not mention our history to people again.

When the waitress came to get our orders for our drinks, I felt a small blast of the past roll through my body. This would have been the first time Gray and I had a dinner together at a restaurant ever since the break-up. Did I really have to go there? Still, as Gray seemed to watch the waitress like he knew her, I wondered just how many waitresses he took the time to check out while I was naively sitting there with him, going on about some topic he wasn't listening to. Yeah, you could say my trust for him was shot down a ton the second I caught him cheating. Ordering myself a water with lemon, I sat back and played with the ends of my menu. I wasn't going to go back down memory lane right now.

I pressed my lips together and glanced over to the couple who were now deep in some conversation. Oh great, now Sarah's suddenly not nervous to speak with him alone? This was so not roommate friend appropriate. Of course, for all Sarah knew, I was supposed to be having a blind date and getting to know the guy, but now that she knew I knew him, she probably thought I was completely fine now. LIke I had anything to say to him! I wanted to sink into a deep hole of darkness and nothingness. A voice that was all too familiar had me straightening myself out. The least I could do is not make it look like this was complete torture for me. But that smirk of his that went along with his question had me itching to walk off right now. "Oh pretty great," I told him before adding, "Except you know, at the very beginning I ran into someone I wanted nothing to do with because he was a complete jerk." It might have been immature of me, but I just couldn't bring myself to fake polite towards him. "Yeah, I actually thought I had gotten far enough away from him, but he seems to turn up in places I don't want to see him most."

Okay, I was being really immature and bitter and horrible. Fortunately, before I went further into this, the waiter brought the drinks and I immediately wrapped my lips around the straw to chug down some water. After I swallowed, I took a breath and asked, "How was your month?"

(I'm sorry for taking FOREVERRR!!!!! D: )

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((Ugh, sorry. I could have sworn I replied, but apparently not. Are you still up for this? If you are, I'll get my reply up as soon as possible (: ))

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments ((Oh yes! C:
Don't even worry~
I lose track all the time Cx
I'd still like to continue this if you still want to! ))

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments ((Working on my post now!!))

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Awesome c:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments It didn’t bother me when she called me a jerk. Is that a bad thing? I’ve been called so many things by so many people, I’m almost numb to it. I think that’s saying something about the people I hang out. But, whatever. I mostly hang out with my teammates and whatever girls are hot enough to join us. As a team we are pretty close, which is nice. There are a few guys that don’t fit in as well, but they are few and far between. I like most of the guys on the team more than I like my actual family. But what can I say? My mum is annoying, my sister is good for nothing, and my dad hates me. It’s just how the Calder family works. I don’t even think I’m going home for Christmas this year. I might be going on a lads holiday with some of the guys on the team. Anything to avoid my family, not that I would see my dad anyway because he’s in England and probably wouldn’t bother getting his sorry arse down here.

“Ah, you know. It was decent, same old same old kinda stuff,” I said, referring to how the past month of my life has been. “I’m sure it would have been better if some bitch hadn’t decided to screw things up between my roommate and me,” I told her, giving her a look. I really don’t care for Jake’s friendship, but we live together, and we’ve been having a lot of awkwardly silent nights. Anyone who knows me to any degree knows I hate silence. I like noise. Whether its music, talking, or even just obnoxious sounds. But there was none of that going on in my dorm at the moment. I’ve been hanging out in Gavin’s dorm more than my own, now. I only go back to my dorm to sleep or if I have homework that I actually have to do. A few nights ago I even crashed on Gavin’s couch. Anything to avoid Jake and his awkwardness at this point.

“Thanks for asking though,” I told her, forcing myself to keep my tone light, so Gavin and Sarah wouldn’t suspect anything. Not that they were paying attention, they were being all disgusting with each other. How could he stand to even think about being in a relationship? Having freedom to bang whoever you want is so much better. We’re only twenty, commitment should come later in life. I’m not ready to even begin to think about settling down. That just sounds boring.

I wasn’t going to admit it to Malana, but the three years we dated I actually didn’t really think about other girls, which is strange for someone like me. It was hard for me to think about any girl other than her. Even during our constant fighting, I never considered breaking it off. I just knew we’d get through the fighting and continue on with our relationship, and we always did. Until I took matters into my own hands and cheated on her. I don’t even know if you consider it cheating… Scratch that, I definitely cheated on her. I haven’t thought about it recently, hell I had almost forgotten about it, but now that she seems to be back in my life, it’s going to be harder to forget. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t cheated on her. I know we wouldn’t still be together, but it’s still strange to think about. As I looked at her right now, I decided no girl was worth giving up my freedom. Maybe back then she was worth it, but not now. I’m a different person now, and she seems to be as well.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments My fingers fidgeted together on my lap. I was ready to take back my 'jerk' comment. Jerk wasn't good enough for Gray. It didn't begin to describe the things he put me through. I was sure he hadn't had a care in the world. Nothing seemed to bother him. It was like I never mattered and instead, I was some chick he screwed over.

I didn't want to flinch as he called me a 'bitch,' so my teeth dug into my tongue to reframe from my usual nose scrunch. I remember the fights so vividly that ended with a soft scrunch of my nose. It usually signaled that things were getting to far. God, had I really gotten this sensitive? It used to take more than a name calling to get the urge for my nose to scrunch. Maybe I'd become softer since I hadn't had to deal with Gray for such a lengthy period of time.

A cool breath collided against my upper lip from my nostrils. I wanted nothing more than to ignore him. I wanted to pretend this was all fine for Sarah. Frustrating was beginning to get the best of me though. So, I slid a piece of loose blonde hair behind my ear as my eyes fixated on Gray. It almost made my laugh when I noticed his relaxed tone in the end. He was obviously trying not to ruin Gavin's date. And the thought of Gray caring for someone besides himself was disgustingly hilarious.

"My pleasure," I practically whispered in reply. Seconds later, the drinks came and were placed in front of each of us. My lips pressed together and my fingers itched because I knew I wasn't going to make it. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself I could pretend, I wanted to get the hell out way more. My eyes narrowed in on Gray as Sarah and Gavin got comfortable. "Actually, you know, I heard about that 'bitch' you were talking about and I whole heartedly think that's what she is. I mean, really, you don't know what she'll do next," I played and stepped up onto my feet, grabbed my water and let the liquid drain onto Gray's lap.

A small gasp escaped Sarah and I turned with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Sarah, I really have to go," I told her honestly before grabbing my purse and walked, no, sped out the restaurant doors. I heard a concerned voice the second I turned my back to the table from Sarah. I was such a horrible roommate, but I couldn't go on like that. Wow, I really gotten sensitive.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I watched as her nose scrunched, just slightly. And that small gesture was all to familiar to me. Whenever I would say something that really struck a nerve, she would do that, a gesture I never really understood but one that I never questioned either. I don't even know why she is reacting like that. She should be used to a lot worse by now, or maybe because I haven't been around she's gone a little soft on me.

I looked up as the waitress returned with our drinks. My water was set in front of me, and then she left. I really wasn't too thirsty, so I pushed the drink a few inches to the side. Malana was acting kind of strange so I looked at her, slightly confused. What the hell she was talking about? So she is agreeing that she is a bitch? Seems a little odd... I didn't know why she was standing up either. I took my eyes off of her for a moment, just a moment, to see if everyone was staring at us because she just had to stand up and draw attention to herself. An involuntary hissing sound escaped my lips as cold liquid suddenly made contact with my shorts. I looked up at Malana, not completely processing what was going on.

Did she just...? I looked down at my soaking lap. Did she honestly just pour water on me? By the time I looked in her direction again, she was gone. Her roommate, whatever the hell her name is, was calling after her. Gavin, on the other hand, was staring at me, his mouth slightly open. At that very moment, I was embarrassed. Everyone was staring at our table, well they were mostly staring at me because it now looks like I have freaking wet myself.

Most normal people, when they get embarrassed, they're faces turn red. But I don't have many normal qualities and when I get embarrassed, by ears turn red. I could feel my ears heating up and I just say there, dumbfounded. "What the hell?" Gavin asked, slowly, trying to guess what my reaction would be. I glanced around the restaurant again, people seemed to be minding their own business again, thank God for that. Now was the time to make my escape while not everyone's attention was on me.

I pushed my chair away from the table, got up, and shoved my chair back towards the table. Forget embarrassed, I was beyond pissed at this point, and started towards the exit.

"Don't kill anyone! I'm not bailing you out!" Gavin called, from the table. I simply have him the middle finger, not even bothering to turn around. Once outside, I gripped at my hair, and paced. I was so mad I didn't know what to do with myself. Find her. That's what I had to do.

She hadn't gotten too far, and with me being 6'3 and having a naturally long stride, and caught up to her without too much effort. I grabbed her wrist, firmly, and pulled her so she was facing me. "What the hell was that?" I asked. It look every fiber of my being not to cuss her out or do something worse like hit her.

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