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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Name
Main Characters
Description/Main Plot(5 sentences min.)
Time period/Year
Who can join?
Photo of adventure

All adventures must be approved before creation by a moderator. Thank you.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Forest of Darkness
Parson, Jane, Carlos, Maria(All are 18)
You and 3 of your friends went out of town for the weekend before going to college. But, a freak storm causes the driver(Carlos) to crash deep into a forest, destroying the SUV. It is pitch black 24/7 and all your have is a large sack of packaged food, 4 flashlights and a knife. You don't have a map and have no idea where you are. You must work together to escape the forest before a great terror strikes...
Southern Colorado
Anyone(4 people max.)

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Hiruko (demonking) Approved!

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Hiruko (demonking) Name Dragon's Den
Creator Kaito
Main characters Dragons
Minor Characters Supernatural Beings and other Mythical Creatures
Description This adventure takes place with Dragons most of the time. Mythical and Supernatural creatures are setting borders because they keep intruding on territories. Some say there might be a war between the two others think there won't be a war. Will the creatures live in peace once again or will one species be demolished? This is going to be suspenseful and full of adventure.

Setting Forests and Mountains on a huge Island called The Beyond.
Time period early 1300's
Who can join? anyone that has made a mythical or supernatural creature.
Photo of adventure
Genre Fantasy

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Hiruko (demonking) Thanks

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod

Creator: SamooriiAy

Main Characters: You can make your own character. Requirements - ages 16 to 19. Equal amount of boys and girls (2 of each, preferably), different personalities. ((You can use one of the character's you've already made or make a new one.))

Description/Main Plot: Four individuals are on a train. These individuals do not know each other, nor have they ever talked to each other. Each one is to be dropped off at different places. While on the voyage, the train suddenly stops, the lights go out, a blood-curdling scream is heard, and the lights flip on. When the four teenagers go to investigate, they find the conductor with a knife to his back, clearly dead, and a message in his blood on the window: You're next...
((Keep in mind that none of you know how to drive/work a train))

Setting: Somewhere in the United States

Time period/Year: 1950's (no cellphones, no computers)

Who can join: anyone who wants to

Photo of adventure:
Genre: Adventure

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) ((Classic! I love it! Make the folder and make it as you please!))

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OK, thanks!!

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