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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Name: Philip
Age: 16
Role: The nerd and one of the teens trapped in the Ellsworth's Mansion.
Brief Description: Dark floppy hair, and deep brown eyes, Philip is as musculer as a twig, and as lean as a knife. He stands at the respectful height of 5'9. Instead of wearing his black thick-rimmed glasses all the time, he uses contacts.

Personality: Philip wears his sense of humour like a suit of armour. His quick wit and keen sense of irony to keep him from falling into the pit of frustration and disappointment. He has a fresh, funny approach to life’s challenges. He has been forced to grow up quickly due to his maturity. He can be extremely annoying and embarrassing to his older sister, but can also be supportive to his family.
In every sense of the word, Philip is a "nerd" of the highest order. He is great at science and maths, very brainy and logical, and loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Big Bang Theory.

Classic Adventure: Ellsworth's Demon.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Approved. Well, I guess I'll always approve my characters.

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Name: Sakura Hillita

Age: 16

Role: Trapped in a house that either means death or a rough escape.


Brief Description of Appearance: Sakura has short and dark brown hair that ends at the tips of her ears. Her eyes are the shade of the deep ocean and her skin is flawless and tan. She's kind of short and stands at 5'6".

Personality: Sakura is very shy and is easily torn apart. Being innocent and harmless, every bully used to pick on her, taking her size as a disadvantage on her side and adding in her shyness and fear to speak, she makes an easy target. But even so, her innocence and kindness usually wins people over and therefore makes her a friend that is dearly protected. Sakura rarely gets mad but when she does, she'd be crying half the time. Used to being kind and gentle, Sakura doesn't know how to be mean.

Classic Adventure: Ellsworth's Demon

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Off you go! Approved.

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jenny (sungkew) Name: Wesley Anne Garnet

Age: 16

Role: One of the seven teenagers stuck inside the old Ellsworth Manor.


Brief Description: Wesley has long, wavy brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. She has a small nose and full lips that are usually coated with a thin layer of lipgloss. Always with a smile on her face, Wesley appears as the picture perfect happy girl. She's also quite short, only coming to a height of five foot three.

Personality: Wesley has a very conflicting personality. On one hand, she is very happy. On the other hand, she is quite depressed. Wesley is also quite passive. She would much rather avoid any confrontation and would never push her problems onto someone else, choosing to bottle it all inside instead.

Classic Adventure: Ellsworth's Demon

message 7: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Of course your approved. :)

message 8: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) Haha, thank you very much! :D

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
Name: Waverly Murray

Age: 17


Personality: Very upbeat and fashionable. She has perfect outfits, and knows how to mix and match. She was voted best dressed at her school. Looks can be deceiving though; she's very tough, and doesn't get scared easily. Balances fashion, good grades, and looks. Always has to look good. Can get a bit cocky if she doesn't like you.She's a leader, not a follower. She takes charge, and sometimes she might come on a little bossy.

History: Little brother that gets on her nerves. She lives with her aunt. Her parents died in an airplane crash when she was seven.

Abilities: She good a mechanics; and by that it means she's the type of person that can unlock a door with anything. She's good at putting stuff together to make them work.

Classic Adventure: Ellsworth's Demon, Escaping to Elsa, THORN

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Sabrine (themadbrine) | 103 comments Mod
Name: Elora Streamm

Age: 16


Personality- Does not really talk. Mysterious and wears long flowy white dresses and wears flowers in her hair everyday. Enjoys being outside in the outdoors. Has pointy ears that she covers with her soft blond hair.

History: Her two parents mysteriously disappeared in a forest and she longs to find them.

Abilities: She loves delicate, intricate things like sewing beautiful dresses and picking flowers.

Classic Adventure: Ellsworth's Demon

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jenny (sungkew) Name: Lucy Colt

Age: 16

Role: One of the people on the run from the THORN after having to be sacrificed and escaping.


Brief Description: Lucy has dark brown hair that is just lower than shoulder length. Her eyes are a chestnut brown and she stands at a height of about five foot five. She only weighs one hundred and twelve pounds so she is a little underweight for her age and height.

Personality: Lucy is a very lively personality. She loves to have fun and really hates serious moments. Lucy can also be very caring when she wants to. She'll protect anyone, taking a bullet for a stranger just so they can live their life. But a lot of the time, she can be somewhat unaware of how people are feeling. She has a problem with realizing when she should stop and just let the sad moment happen.

Classic Adventure: THORN (Probably more too...)

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Name: Tove Selika

Age: Looks 17 but is actually 517 years old. (500 years being vampire, 17 being human.)

Role: THORN agent, sent to assist Ace.


Brief Description: He stands at 6'3 and is pretty pale. His eyes are cold and pale blue but sometimes are seen as silver, which give him the cold and cruel vampire look.

Personality: Yes, Tove could look evil and mean at first glance and also is when you have your first conversations with him. He tends to make everyone feel on edge with his smirks and coldness at first. But, if you prove to him that you're worth his time-this happens a lot, so not much to worry about-he'll become more relaxed and talks more instead of smirking at you and giving you the exasperated talk. When Tove is relaxed and comfortable with you, he's funnier and warmer, and doesn't make you want to run away. So knowing that, it's easy to find out if something is bothering him pretty badly. All you need to do is just snap at him, look angry and talk angry. If he answers in the cool and collective manner, there's nothing wrong. If he gets angry at you in return, there's something wrong-mostly, it's either his blood lust is getting out of control or his instincts are buzzing and screaming at him that there's something bad coming.

Classic Adventure: THORN

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace is going to be pissed when she finds out that a seventeen year old is sent to help her. It’ll be priceless… Wait, is he still a vampire while going into THORN?

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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Name: Roco Markias
Age: 23
Role: Love interest of Ace
Brief Description: Roco is hard. He gets in lots of trouble but is rarely caught in the act. He never runs from a fight, but when he hears of a rebel group, he can't resist to join them.
Personality: Rude, snobbish, likes to smoke(can often be seen with a lit electronic cigar), enjoys torturing wimps and adults.
Classic Adventure: THORN

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) That man is quite attractive... *drools*
Sorry - Approved.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Helen wrote: "That man is quite attractive... *drools*
Sorry - Approved."

I'm a mod. I am automatically approved. And yes, he's quite a hotty.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Sorry, that guy's face is just so distracting... I forgot...

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) "Distracting" is a very light term. His face is more like "Godworthy".

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Oh and then you see this photo, right below that one:
I prefer this photo. It really makes him smolder.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Actually, you might want to put him in one of the character folders...

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jenny (sungkew) Name: Tyler James West

Role: One of the people on board train 815. The funny, slightly arrogant one of the group.

Age: 17 years old


Brief Description: Ty has brown hair that he likes to keep very short so that he doesn't have to do much to keep it orderly. He has dark blue eyes and often wears normal clothing for the time period. He does however like to dress sharply, really liking to wear tuxes and blazers and such.

Personality: Ty is not a serious person at all. He loves to have fun, whether it be by dancing, going to a party, or just making random faces for no particular reason at all. He'll do anything to make anyone smile, even going as far as dancing or singing in public just to make them feel good. He's a total jokester and would do anything for a laugh even if it is detrimental to himself.

Classic Adventure: Mystery on Train 815

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
Name: Archer Lumm
Age: 18
Role: one of the castaways in Kidnapped in the Caribbean

Brief Description: Curly brown hair. He has narrow slits for eyes. Brown eyes. Has a bit of a mustache and beardish thing? (Haha, I don't really know how to describe it.) Tall, at 5'10". Great figure.
Personality: Very brave and noble. He's willing to risk anything for the people that he cares about. He is loyal, and polite to people he doesn't know, or to people that are higher than him. He is very trustworthy.
Classic Adventure: Kidnapped in the Caribbean

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Name: Ara Seer

Age: 12

Role: One of the pirates who captured the 'castaways'.


She is skinny but tall for most her age, she stands at 5'3. She eyes are bright and clear blue and her skin is pale.

Personality: Ara is bold and is very talkative, nobody can stop her. Or almost. She is friendly when she's happy but mean when mad. Ara loves the sea and swimming in it. Mostly, she's a pirate.

Classic Adventure: Kidnapped in the Caribbean

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) All above approved

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Name: April Ride
Age: 18
Role: One of the people on board Train 815.
April is a tall, thin but muscular girl with dark solemn skin. Her eyes are dark, she has a straight nose, and her hair is dirty blond. It all fits in with her travelling and hitchhiking lifestyle.

Personality: Logical, straightforward, tough, and takes no bull from anyone. April is a girl you don’t want to mess with, because her bite is just as bad as her bark. Also; she is possibly the most deranged human being walking on two legs, especially when she consumes anything made out of coca. Coffee, chocolate - it’s all out of the question (unless you want a crazy chick near you).

Classic Adventure: Mystery on Train 815.

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