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God Particle: A Chloe Johansson Thriller
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Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments 16-year-old Chloe Johansson just finished her first year at MIT when she learns that her best friend is pregnant, and her father, Simon, is missing from his lab at CERN's particle accelerator.

Chloe and her mother soon learn that Simon has discovered something that could shatter the very foundations of science, and now someone else wants that power for themselves, and they are not of this world...

Now Chloe must face her deepest fears and darkest demons to help her best friend and save her father, because not only does their fate hang in the balance, but the fate of humanity itself.

My new sci-fi thriller, GOD PARTICLE, is only $2.99 on Amazon,, Smashwords and Crossroad Press.

#1 Amazon bestselling author Roy Huff says, "God Particle is a fast-paced, fun ride!"

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments Check out the latest review on Amazon! "Toby did not disappoint at all. His science was spot on. His fiction was exciting. His characters engaging. He reminded me somewhat of David Gerrold...and I consider that extremely high praise, indeed."

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments A great review from Wistfulskimmie's Book Reviews! http://wistfulskimmiesbookreviews.blo...

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments Another great review on Goodreads! - "YA books rarely deal with real world problems, yet Tate ventures in undeterred. Even as an adult reader this book is captivating, informative, and full of well researched facts."

God Particle: A Chloe Johansson Thriller

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Stephen Seitz | 88 comments Bravo, Toby! Well done.

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments Thanks Stephen!

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments Check out the giveaway of my book here: God Particle: A Chloe Johansson Thriller

Toby Tate (Toby_Tate) | 12 comments Five-star review on Goodreads! -

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