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Just A Song Before I Go
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'Just A Song Before I Go' - Mainstream Fiction, Romance

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Timothy Bryant (tljbryant) | 5 comments ‘Just A Song Before I Go’ is becoming a reader’s favorite. Dealing with not only age and race differences, it also involves pre-conceived stereotypes. Considered by all to read as a ‘must read’ for all ages.

‘Just A Song Before I Go’ is more than just a love story that travels from the present to the Big Band era of the 1940s, it is if you were to take ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ and ‘The Notebook’ and place the storyline in Chicago.

Makia, a single mother who lives in the project within the South Side of Chicago, is given community service to be spent at a predominately white, upper-class, nursing home across town.

It is there where she meets Joseph Scallettio, a reclusive, retired musician/composer.

Through his stories, Joseph takes Makia back to the time when he was a Big Band composer and musician in the club scene. And it is through these stories where Makia discovers a love that Scallettio still yearned for. A love that he never got over.

Many are considering this a ‘Nicholas Sparks-ish’ type-of-read, that flows well, with plenty of honest emotion. Presently getting 4-5 star ratings on all sites, ‘Just A Song Before I Go’ is quickly becoming a reader’s favorite!

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Lilian (lilianjgardner) | 26 comments I like your comments on 'Just a Song Before I Go', especially since the story covers the 1940 era, when life was so different to what it is today.
If it is considered a 'Nicholas Sparks' type of read, then I'm sure to enjoy it.
Can you please let me know where it is available?
Many thanks,

Timothy Bryant (tljbryant) | 5 comments Lilian, hope you are well and thanks for your interest. 'Just A Song Before I Go' is available via amazon, barnes&noble, iTunes, Smashwords, lulu, createspace, wavecloud, and of course Goodreads.

I hope you get a chance to check it out. And if you do, please feel free to let me know.

Talk to you soon.


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Lilian (lilianjgardner) | 26 comments I just purchased and downloaded your book,'Just A Song Before I Go'. I look forward to reading it when I've finished 'Everwud', which should be by the end of next week.
I hope you're doing well and penning another story for your readers, me included.

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