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The Jesus Injection (A Buck 98 Adventure, #1)
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Eric Andrews-Katz | 19 comments It's a fun read.

Ulysses Dietz | 1543 comments I need to know more, guys! Is it really gay themed? The reviews are generally silent, leaving me unsure.

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Eric Andrews-Katz | 19 comments Definitely Gay Themed with prominent gay main characters and plotline.

From the back of the book:

After an assassination attempt ruins his vacation, Agent Buck 98 is given a cryptic message by a dying drag queen: 3-1-4. The numbers match the date of Dr. Timothy Shoulwater’s death, the noted scientist rumored to have discovered a potential cure for the AIDS virus before his notes mysteriously disappeared. Buck is paired with his former best friend turned rival Agent 49, the lovely Miss Noxia von Tüssëll, to investigate Dr. Shoulwater’s ex-wife, the religious zealot and growing political advocate Dr. Raven Evangelista, who sponsors a heavily conservative political platform while secretly pursuing more personal and devious ambitions.

But it’s neither an anti-gay political bomber nor the romantic pursuit of Richard, the handsome caterer he just met, that challenges Buck the most. It’s that before the end of the mission, Buck must keep Noxia from discovering his own darkest fear.

From Bold Strokes Books: the largest GLBT publishing house in the US

Ulysses Dietz | 1543 comments Thanks, Eric! I bought it.

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Eric Andrews-Katz | 19 comments Groovy! I hope you enjoy it!

Ulysses Dietz | 1543 comments I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Buck Miller, aka agent 98, his Hitchock-look-alike boss, agent 69 (whom he calls Muffin), and then his frenemy agent 46, whose real name we never learn - only her case-name, Noxia von Tussell (pronounced TOO-sel).

It is a wry, bantering, fast-paced reversal of the James Bond genre, with a clear homage to "Get Smart" (without the absurdist slapstick). Buck and Noxia go up against a right-wing Christian organization out to purge America of moral decay - and we all know what that means. There are some surprisingly dark moments in here, as Buck and Noxia figure out what Dr. Raven Evangelista is up to; and a bit of preaching to the choir on gay rights.

Eric Andrews-Katz is a welcome addition to the world of male writers of fun gay fiction. Not every book needs to be a romance. Presumably there are or will be more in this series, and they'll be just as much fun to read.

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Eric Andrews-Katz | 19 comments Thank you so very much!
I'm really glad you enjoyed the book and yes, I am working on the sequel currently.
I'm glad you enjoyed The Jesus Injection.

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PaperMoon | 664 comments Mod
Sounds interesting ... I'll put it on my TBR list. Ulysses - are there any comparatives to Victor Banis' Jackie Holmes series from your reading?

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Eric Andrews-Katz | 19 comments Here's what people are saying about "The Jesus Injection"

“Fast paced and readable, Eric Andrew-Katz The Jesus Injection is a character-driven mystery with familiar political scenery
and a well put together paranoic’s nightmare of a credible story line.”
Felice Picano - author of Like People In History

“…a hilariously irreverent satire.”
John Rechy – author of City of Night

“I am, however, going to tell you that this is a fun reading experience with characters that are well drawn…”
Review by Amos Lassen

“Meet the hero for the new century…Agent Buck 98″
NY Times Best Selling Author, Alison Arngrim

“And there is lots of action. Andrews-Katz certainly knows his way around a fight scene, and the climax is nicely terse and well done…”
Jerry Wheeler - Out in Print: Review

“Andrews-Katz displays a keen ear for dialogue and a good sense of style and humor. I look forward to more from him”

C.J. Bille – Seattle Gay News

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