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Outlander greenlighted to series by Starz

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Michael Starz has just announced that they greenlight outlander to series in which the first season will have 16 episodes


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Euraylie Oh god, now that's it's happening, I'm not sure that I want it to be filmed.
And I've had a bad track record with Starz, I wish it was HBO doing it.
That said, I do like Ron Moore's stuff. I guess it's all going to come down to how well they make the budget work for them and who they cast.

Michael Ron moore stated that he has read all the novels,and hes a big fan of them,and has already collaborated with Diana,so I wouldn't worry to much.

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Euraylie I love his Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica work and know that he understands fleshed out characters and sprawling plots, I just fear Starz is going to want to appeal to as broad a base as possible (maybe even compete with HBO's GoT) and have the battle scenes spraying with CGI blood like in Spartacus.
Also, I live in fear of a green screen version of the Highlands.

However, on the other hand, 16 episodes is quite a large order for Starz (which normally has 8-10 ep seasons) so it looks like they are willing to spend quite a big of money on the project and know they have a built-in fan base of millions.

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Michael Yes,but i think that they already confirmed shooting in the highlands.And they do expect it to be a huge hit like game of thrones but the 2 stories are so different I don't think they would go out of their way to make it like got.And the fact that they already ordered 16 episodes is very reassuring.

Euraylie Filming in the Highlands is very good. I'm glad there's confirmation.
It's just so weird. I've been waiting for 17 years to see it being filmed so now I'm all apprehensive.

Ariana Michael wrote: "Starz has just announced that they greenlight outlander to series in which the first season will have 16 episodes


This will be amazing if they can cast it well. I find that I am able to accept other issues if the cast is accurate. If Jaime or Claire is cast wrong and have no chemistry, I am soooooo out. I am not at all concerned about the location or the story line because Gabaldon has been consulted and honestly, they can make a small soundstage look like a Scottish moor on a rainy day within a week's time.

I am not worried but really excited.

Caroline I have been very pleased with Starz. daVinci's Demons rocked! I even got my mom interested in it. I am so very excited by this news! I will share with one and all. Thanks for posting.

Elaine I loved the books but I am apprehensive about a film version of it. I think I would rather not see it and keep my images of the characters in my head. I might consider watching it if: 1. it's filmed in Scotland, 2. unknown actors are used.

Karyn Sallee I hope they do it justice!

Euraylie All excited about Tobias Menzies (of "Rome", "Game of Thrones") playing Frank and Jonathan Randall!

He's a bit older than I'd imagined, but he's a good actor.

Casting is shaping up quite nicely for this show.

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Dee Elaine - its going to be filmed in scotland - I was reading an article on it the other day; and so far the two major roles cast (Jamie and Frank/BJR) have been relatively unknown actors

Angel Willett I'm not sure how I feel about this. STARZ did a bad job with Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. I would hate to be disappointed. I would rather just have my own images.

Mrsbooks Oohhh....I love the character of Frank...that's just as I pictured him too.

It's hard for me to tell if the guy is like Jamie to me. I need to see him with Red hair, and if he's not 6'4 I'm going to be upset lol.

Pictures here:

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Dee Sam is 6'3" i think...so pretty darn close

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Fede Ferrara Awesomely amazing!! I can't even wait!!!!!

Adormina Maria Klingsporn I love the book, so I'm very curious how it will be reflected in the film. From my experience shows that the film is never as good as the book. In spite of all I am really excited and I can't wait.And I'll have to wait longer than you, because I live in Ireland.

gaplan yeah it scares me that I might be disapointed.Books are always better but I don't think I'll be able to not watch it. Guess we will all just have to wait and see.

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